Chu Zhaonan can no longer hold back, double palm together, to Ling Weifeng. Ling Weifeng shrugged his shoulders and gently dodged; Chu Zhaonan rushed forward and split his palms like a whirlwind, but Ling Weifeng still did not pick them up. With a sideways rush, he was like a giant eagle, drilling straight out from the bottom of Chu Zhaonan's palm. With a loud shout, Chu Zhaonan turned over and grabbed it with both hands; Ling Weifeng jumped up more than ten feet high, like a swallow's wings slanting, and fell sideways. Chu Zhaonan shouted, "Where are you going?"? Catch up again. Ling Weifeng stood still with his powerful eyes and said in a loud voice, "Wait a minute. I respect you as a senior fellow apprentice. I'll give you three moves. If you don't know how to advance or retreat again, I'll have to fight it out with you.". If I lose, I will go back to Tianshan Mountain. What if you lose? "Take the sarira with you," said Chu Zhaonan. "All right," said Ling Weifeng, "make a move." Chu Zhaonan stepped on the Hongmen Gate and hit Ling Weifeng in the chest with the strong wind in his palms! Ling Weifeng opened his hand, and the two men fought like lightning. I saw that the place where the palm rose was full of strong wind, and the dust accumulated in the grottoes for many years was blown around by the wind, like black fog, and the grottoes were overcast, which made the wind even more miserable and shocking. There was a fire burning on the passage, and the light of the fire was flickering in the smoke of the wind, and it seemed to be bright and extinguished. The people next to it were holding their breath, and their hearts seemed to be pressed by heavy objects, and they could not breathe. The two men fought for a while and then suddenly stepped back. When they were surprised, they saw the two men staring at each other like fighting cocks. Chu Zhaonan gave a loud shout, and a few paces away, he split out with one hand. Ling Weifeng clasped his palms together, and also released them from afar. The two men fought back and forth, always a few paces apart. The edge of their palms didn't even touch their clothes, and the more they fought, the slower they fought. It was really like the two brothers were practicing their moves there. Liu Yufang and Han Zhibang are experts, early to see two people every move, all hidden a few changes,hot tub wholesale, although separated by a few steps, every move, are also all with defense and attack, to deal with each other. This kind of best palm method, if which side has a slight omission, the other side as long as the body moves slightly, can stand to kill. Two people dismantled more than a hundred strokes, are a little touch that go, still can not distinguish between high and low. When the people next to him were dazzled, he heard Ling Weifeng shout loudly. Chu Zhaonan retreated fiercely. Ling Weifeng's body was as fast as it was floating wildly. He deceived himself and went straight forward. With a backhand, Chu Zhaonan suddenly jumped down like a giant eagle, from the top to the bottom, and pressed down his palms towards Ling Weifeng's Tianlinggai. Ling Weifeng forced his palms up, and the four palms intersected, "Peng!"! Peng! Two, two people unexpectedly to fall ten feet away. It turned out that Chu Zhaonan had been practicing martial arts for a longer time than Ling Weifeng, but Ling Weifeng had been practicing Tongzi Kung Fu and had laid a good foundation since he was a child, endless swimming pool ,Whirlpool bathtub, while Chu Zhaonan had gone whoring and drinking crazily when he was a teenager, and his skill was better than that of others. In addition, Chu Zhaonan had been complacent in recent years, so he practiced sparsely and suddenly met a strong enemy. Although his skill was roughly the same, he had to be restrained. Ling Weifeng had already won a move just now and was about to continue to kill him, but Chu Zhaonan jumped on the finger of the Buddha statue. If he hit him with this palm, he would destroy the Buddha statue. Ling Wei did not dare to damage the treasures in the Yungang Grottoes, so he had to withdraw his palm in a hurry. Chu Zhaonan took advantage of the situation and took advantage of it, so the two seemed to be tied on the surface. Chu Zhaonan knew in his heart that this younger martial brother, whom he had never met, was indeed more skilled than himself, and he was anxious and angry. But Li Lu fumigated his heart and refused to stop. As soon as he got up from the ground, the "Dragon Sword" whizzed out with a slight whistle. This sword cuts iron like mud. It is one of the two swords handed down by the Tianshan Sect (the other is a short sword, which was acquired by Yang Yunluo and returned to Yi Lanzhu after Yang's death). Chu Zhaonan was the most accomplished in swordsmanship, and he had a sword in his hand, so although he lost, he was still arrogant and wanted to compete with Ling Weifeng. Chu Zhaonan drew his sword and waved it slightly, only to see a ray of cold light and a flash of lightning. Liu Yufang shouted in horror, "This is a sword!" Ling Weifeng totally ignored it. He lifted his left foot, inverted the green front, deceived his body and went straight forward. He cut off the sword with one sword. The front of the sword rolled up from the bottom and cut the right arm of Chu Zhaonan. This is an extremely dangerous move in Tianshan swordsmanship. It is called "Extreme Eye Cangbo". Chu Zhaonan naturally knew, relying on the sharp sword, also used a dangerous move, Huodi collapsed, "Malone swept the floor", brush! Brush! Brush! Three swords in a row, sweep straight to Ling Weifeng's lower plate. Ling Weifeng was so dexterous that he jumped like an ape and fell together. Chu Zhaonan's sword swept over the soles of his feet, but he didn't touch it. As soon as Chu Zhaonan grew up, he was changing his tactics. Ling Weifeng attacked five swords in a row in an instant. Chu Zhaonan was caught off guard and retreated again and again. He had no time to cut his blade. But Chu Zhaonan has been immersed in swordsmanship for decades, which is no small matter. As soon as he looked at Ling Weifeng's swordsmanship, he knew that he was using fast to slow, using the fastest swords to force himself to defend, so that he could not take advantage of the sword's strengths. With a sneer, he suddenly stood still, his sword spread out in all directions, and a circle of silver rainbow gushed out of the dark grottoes, dancing in circles. Ling Weifeng's sword is an ordinary blade, which will be cut off by him as soon as it is touched, so it can't be handed in at all. But he was watching in the silver rainbow, looking for Ling Weifeng's flaw in his spare time. In the sound of fighting, Ling Weifeng drew back his sword. Chu Zhaonan shouted loudly and stabbed out his sword. The light of the sword was like practice, poking Ling Weifeng behind his back. Ling Weifeng suddenly turned to the courtier and raised his sword like lightning, only to hear a clanging sound and a collision with Chu Zhaonan's sword. Liu Yufang gave a cry of surprise, thinking that Ling Weifeng would not be spared. Unexpectedly, after the sound, it was suddenly very quiet. There was no sound of gold and iron, not even the sound of footsteps. It turned out that Ling Weifeng turned around with a sword and took Chu Zhaonan's sword ridge, but the blade did not touch it. Chu Zhaonan pulled hard, only to feel that his sword seemed to be stuck, and could not be pulled out! Originally, Huiming Zen Master collected the advantages of various swordsmanship and created Tianshan Swordsmanship, which is the "sticky" formula in Taiji Swordsmanship. Chu Zhaonan is an expert. He knows that if he wants to draw a sword, Ling Weifeng must be attached to him like a shadow. He has no choice but to fight with him! This kind of sword fighting is really rare in Wulin. The grottoes were so quiet that you could hear an embroidery needle falling on the ground. After a moment, only to hear Chu Zhaonan issued a slight gasp, the forehead began to ooze sweat,whirlpool hot tub spa, it seems that the two brothers, will be sentenced to life and death, can not be saved.