Tian Rong, who had real power in the state of Qi but failed to gain fame, was furious when he heard that Xiang Yu had made Tian the king of Qi. What is Tian Du? A little Qi will, can also be king? So Tian Rong prepared carefully in Qi for several months, and when the king of Qi, Tian Du, went to the country, he led his troops to fight with Tian Du. Tian is a man from far away, exhausted, and Tian Rong is his old master, the heart is hard to avoid with three points of timidity, a few battles down, was beaten to throw away the armor, a man fled back to Peng Cheng. And Tian Rong's nephew Tian Shi afraid of Xiang Yu revenge, not only dare not help his uncle, but while Tian Rong led soldiers south, escaped overnight, want to hurry to their fief Jiaodong to do a Taiping Wang Ye. Tian Rong now even more fire, he worked hard to fight for whom, not for this nephew, who knows it is a thing that can not be helped up. Since Tian Shi doesn't want the position of the king of Qi, he will do it himself, so Tian Rong gritted his teeth and sent his generals to kill Tian Shi all the way, and finally killed Tian Shi in Jimo. At this point, three qi king has died two. The rest of the Jibei Wang Tian An is not Qi people, it is estimated that it is difficult to stand in Qi, sooner or later is the fate of being killed by Tian Rong. The first fire in Qi is already burning,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, and it is obvious that it will become more and more popular. I looked at these sent information, doubt in the heart, qi to today's situation, even with my knowledge, when in Xianyang is almost predictable, so why should Xiang Yu do such enfeoffment. Hesitated for a long time, a slight movement in the heart, I'm afraid Qi must be such a mess, Xiang Yu can be famous. Otherwise,ceramic welding tape, with his identity as an overlord, want to swallow others one by one, I'm afraid it's not so righteous, after all, those are the old descendants of the six countries, are the alliance to destroy the Qin Dynasty, from the moral point of view also embarrassed to start directly. If I didn't guess wrong, this should be a Bureau since the Xianyang enfeoffment, a big plan to gradually annex other forces, a big strategy to let Xiang Yu real king. Enfeoffed the eighteen way king, so that all countries are in a state of chaos, the old and new forces constantly internal friction, so that Xiang Yu can calmly choose the target of their own devour. And by inference, Xiang Yu gave up the Guanzhong, and on Peng Cheng, is undoubtedly to be able to strike in the shortest possible time to the people he wanted to strike, at least, from Peng Cheng to qi, or Zhao, ceramic bobbin heater ,7g Ozone Generator, Yan, Korea, are much closer than starting from Xianyang. Think of here, in the heart can not help but rise a chill, suddenly feel that Xiang Yu's mind is not as simple as I thought before, of course, perhaps this may be Fan Zeng's stratagem, but at least Xiang Yu is identified and personally in the operation. He, at least, was a conspirator. Qi is the first to be in chaos, so Qi will undoubtedly be the first target that Xiang Yu will attack. I frowned. There is no perfect stratagem in the world, let alone a stratagem that involves the whole world. So where is the flaw in the overall situation of Xiang Yu and Fan Zeng? 16K Fiction Network Computer Access: Xianyang Bashu chapter 151 conspiracy According to my guess carefully, Xiang Yu enfeoffment of the eighteen way vassal real machine, each is not just because of a reason to exist, but interlocking, each other to maintain a delicate and fragile balance. How on earth can such a well-planned big layout be broken? I pondered for a long time and finally shook my head. I still didn't have the wisdom of a top counsellor. Although I had seen that it was a game, I couldn't find a way to break it. With a slight sigh, he continued to look at the following information. The second one was about Sima Xin, the king of Sai. A few days ago, I asked Qingniao to check the background of Sima Xin, and it must have been a result. Sure enough, there was something written in the information of the bluebird that surprised me a little-Sima Xin and the Xiang family turned out to be old acquaintances and old friends. Sima Xin, the king of the Great Wall, was originally a petty official in the Qin Dynasty. He served as a prison officer in Yang County and managed the prison in Yang County. At the beginning of the Qin Dynasty's destruction of the Six Kingdoms, there was a large-scale search for the descendants of the nobles of the Six Kingdoms. As a result, Xiang Liang was accidentally arrested and put in prison in Yangxian County. With Xiang Liang's identity, his fate is to wait for death. In order to rescue Xiang Liang, the Xiang family asked people everywhere, and finally found Cao Gui, who was also a prisoner, to send Sima Xin a large sum of money. In private, he used an impostor from a death row prisoner to fish Xiang Liang out of prison. When Xiang Liang got rid of this difficulty, he immediately rushed to Wuzhong to hide his name and settled down under the protection of the Xiang clan. Only this matter, Sima Xin can be said to have a great kindness to the Xiang family, and from then on, he had a relationship with the Xiang family, with the support of money in the secret. Also promoted all the way, by the time of the battle of Julu, he was already in the position of long history and became a trusted follower of Zhang Di. More than ten years have passed since this incident, and if it hadn't been for Bluebird's deliberate investigation, I'm afraid it wouldn't have been possible to dig out this secret. Qingniao later reported that in the battle of Julu, there were rumors that Sima Xin had exchanged letters with the Chu army at that time, but this has not yet been confirmed. See here. My heart can not help but slightly move, remember that when I learned that Sima Xin was ordered by Zhang to go to Xianyang to report, the result was that I didn't see him for three days, and finally fled back to Julu from the path. The doubt that flashed through my heart. If Zhao Gaoruo really wanted to kill Sima Xin, he would have killed him long ago. Why let him wait outside the palace for three days? He had to wait until Sima Xin felt wrong. After escaping by disguise, he made a big fight to kill all the way? Besides, at that time, Guanzhong was still in the hands of the second generation, the Qin law was fierce, and the Qin people were even wary of strangers. Shang Yang had never escaped the tight search of the Qin army. Why was Sima Xin so lucky to get out of the customs? On the other hand, even if Zhao Gao again stupid, also know chapter is the last available force in his hands. Turned him around. Is it not your own death? It doesn't matter if he is severely reprimanded many times. It doesn't matter if people force it to fight quickly, in fact, it has always been a lot of thunder and little rain. Zhang did not slightly move the command power, until Sima Xin fled, Zhao Zhang two people's contradictions came to the front of the stage,Alumina Ceramic C795, and finally formally broke up. So think about it again, Sima Xin's "escape", but "escape" is quite memorable. global-ceramics.com