Ye Qian slightly nodded, in the heart to them or some guilt, oneself this does the husband to do the father, is really not very competent. He also understood that Qin Yue was not blaming herself, but was afraid that her relationship with Ye Haoran would be alienated and difficult to get along with in the future. Glancing at Ye Haoran, Qin Yue glared at him and said, "Why don't you call someone quickly?" Ye Haoran raised his head, glanced at Ye Qian and said, "Are you back?"? Do you have time this afternoon? Accompany me to buy books. Also, make a phone call before you come back, or you'll think you jumped out of a crack in the stone. Rolling his eyes, Ye Qian said, "Smelly boy, no big or small.". I have nothing to do in the afternoon. I'll take you out for a walk. The expression seems to be very stern, but the eyes can not hide a kind of kindness. In fact, Ye Haoran that boy is not really so big or small, Ye Qian understand that this boy is deliberately angry with himself, angry with himself for such a long time. In the afternoon, Ye Qian took Ye Lin and Ye Haoran to the amusement park. Qin Yue did not go. It was not easy to take two children. Although they were very sensible, it was also a very tiring thing. Rare to have a good rest, Qin Yue naturally also want to live their own lives, shopping, shopping. Ye Qian did not say anything, but also understood that she had been working very hard these days. The newly built amusement park in sh city was invested by Hao Tian Group. The money cannot be earned by those foreigners. This is Song Ran's theory. Since the amusement park was built, the business of the Disneyland in sh city has plummeted,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, and it is even facing the danger of closing down. Ye Haoran this boy obviously did not have much interest in the amusement park, more importantly, Ye Qian found that this boy did not seem to play, but to study. With a pen and paper in your hand, look here and there, and then draw a stroke on the paper. Ye Qian wanted to look at it secretly, but as a result, the boy did not give face and refused to look at it. He threw a sentence to Ye Qian, "I haven't finished drawing yet." Ye Lin,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, the little girl, was in high spirits, although she did not know how many times she had been here, but every time she had a good time. It was at this moment that Ye Qian was able to see the childlike innocence of the little girl. However, it is obvious that the little girl is not very interested in the things that children play, and her eyes are basically focused on the games that adults play, such as jumping machines, roller coasters and other thrilling games. However, these games are basically forbidden for children to play, the little girl turned to look at Ye Qian, although nothing was said, but the meaning of the eyes is very obvious. Ye Qian shook his head helplessly and took out his cell phone to call Song Ran. Although these games are very dangerous, however, in Ye Qian's view, it is impossible to grow up without experiencing some hardships. Whether the little girl can stick to this game or not, this is her choice, since it is her choice, ceramic bobbin heater core ,steatite c221, she should have the courage to bear her own choice. Before long, the person in charge of the amusement park came out, dialed Ye Qian's phone, and then walked straight towards Ye Qian. Mr. Ye, I'm the manager here. I don't know what Mr. Ye wants. The middle-aged man said that he was dressed in a suit and looked very stable. I know there are rules here, children are not allowed to play these games, I hope you can accommodate, my daughter wants to play these jumpers, I do not know if it is possible? Ye Qian also did not use the identity to press him, very gentle said. But there is still a kind of domineering tone that is hard to hide. The middle-aged man was slightly stupefied for a moment and said, "Mr. Ye, these games still have certain risks. Children's heart endurance is relatively weak. I'm afraid there will be any problems." "It's all right. I'll be responsible if anything happens." Ye Qian said. Ye Qian had already said this, and the manager could not refuse any more. Song ran just called to say very clearly, no matter what things must listen to Ye Qian, although he is not clear about the identity of Ye Qian, but dare not face up to. The manager answered and then went to arrange it. There are quite a few people playing the jumper, mostly young students, the kind of crazy, while playing, while screaming in horror. It's kind of like spending money to suffer! Small! Say ! txt! God . Don Chapter 1379 play. Sitting on the jumper, Ye Qian tied up the little girl and sat down beside her. He took one look at her and said, "How's it going?"? Are you afraid? The little girl is a little perturbed, after all, it is the first time to play this, the heart is more or less nervous. Bubble! Books 。 "If you are afraid, it's not too late to quit now, otherwise, there will be no way to stop when you go up later." Ye Qian said. Taking a deep breath, the little girl Ye Lin said, "I'm not afraid. Since I want to play, I'm sure to take a little risk.". If I can't even get through this, I won't be able to go on in the future. Ye Qian looked at her in astonishment, nodded slightly, the little girl's words are very mature, not like a child can say. Ye Qian also very much appreciates her this point, dares to act, has the kind of temperament of the female fierce hero. Jumper slowly rose up, more than 400 meters high, looking at the following, some people can not help but feel weak in the heart, the people below are as dense as ants. The little girl took a deep breath, did not close her eyes, and grasped her hands tightly, as if to experience the process well. With a whoosh, the machine suddenly came down, and the whole person's heart seemed to be in his throat, as if to jump out of his own body, that feeling, unusually uncomfortable. However, there is also a special excitement. Back and forth a few times, the machine slowly down, the little girl's face a little pale, it seems to be frightened. Ye Qian opened it for the little girl Ye Lin, hugged her down, put her on the ground,Ceramic Band Heater, and looked at her pale face with some pain and pity in his heart. How's it going? Are you all right? Ye Qian asked with concern. To tell the truth, his heart is still a little uncomfortable, some regret should not let this girl do so.