As soon as they heard their answers, they suddenly understood that the two masters must have had a friendship in the past year. So Master Qingliang suddenly saw that the real man was on the other side of the enemy, and he couldn't help saying these words. Calculated, the number of people on both sides is almost the same, if a full-scale combat is launched, the number of victories and defeats is hard to predict. However, the side of Master Qingliang is obviously in a disadvantageous position, because the hands of Zhong Fuxian are not comparable to those of ordinary masters. Second, it is impossible to predict whether they have an ambush. Of course, Master Qingliang was also concerned about this. According to the situation here, there was no ambush on the left and right sides of the flat grassland and on the opposite side of the lake. If there is an ambush, then these hands must be hidden in the dense grass and trees behind several feet away. He slightly a calculation, give up the iron plate Taoist, turn gaze Zhong Fuxian, way: "Master Zhong invited me and others to come here today, and he also went out in person. It can be seen that he has made up his mind to deal with the poor and others." Zhong Fuxian smiled and said: "That's not necessarily true. If the Venerable Master silently observes the world's major events, sees the opportunity of prosperity and decline, and is willing to return to the famous mountain to cultivate Taoism, then our gang should offer sacrifices wholeheartedly. How dare we offend you?" His voice stopped slightly, his face was cold, and then he said: "I think what Zhong said is in vain. If the Venerable Master and others, relying on the backing of the Five Elders' Meeting, refuse to give way to each other,10g Ozone Generator, there will be nothing to say between us. The strong will survive and the weak will perish. It will be clear today." Master Qingliang nodded and said: "Master Zhong is right. There is no need to say more about good and evil.". Now that we meet here today, as the Sect Leader said, it is a matter of course that the strong survive and the weak perish. He paused for a moment and said: "We could have made a clean break and done it.". But the poor monk has two questions to ask the Sect Leader. Zhong Fuxian for this group of decent masters, even if there is a very good chance of winning, also dare not neglect carelessness and arrogance, the moment asked: "What questions does the Venerable Master have?" Cool and refreshing upper humanity: First, I would like to ask the Sect Leader, in today's appointment, does the Sect Leader follow the rules of Wulin? Or is it a fight by fair means or foul? Zhong Fuxian was planning to resort to all means in his heart, but in front of many famous people like the enemy and me, he could not admit this in person. "Our status is of vital importance. We are no more aggressive than scoundrels. Naturally, we have to follow the rules of Wulin." Cool and refreshing upper humanity: "That's very good. Today's meeting place is chosen by the Sect Leader. I hope the Sect Leader won't take advantage of this convenience to ambush people.". We are the people who have been invited to attend the meeting. According to the rules, Ceramic Bobbin ,ceramic igniter electrodes, we still have to send someone to inspect it. I wonder what the gang leader thinks? Zhong Fuxian has not yet answered, poison sword yuan Qi has sent out a burst of laughter, said: "The words of the Venerable Master are reasonable, and it is only fair to send someone to inspect them.". "But not just to ask the same voice, in the mind of the Venerable Master, what kind of person is ambush?" "What do you mean, benefactor yuan?" Said Qingliang Shangren. yuan Qi way: "To tell you the truth, there are some hands hidden in the lush grass behind you." Cool on a slight sun, saying: "Almsgiver yuan's words made it difficult for the poor monk to answer.". Even if the people in the bushes and grass are not well-known masters, if they are all good at hidden weapons and archery, they can also be regarded as ambushes. Poison sword yuan Qi nodded: "That's easy to say. I'll order them all to come out and gather by the lake together with the officers. Then the Venerable Master will send someone to inspect. I believe the Venerable Master can also find out if these people are special archers." Master Qingliang thought and nodded. yuan Qi ordered to go down, and soon more than ten figures appeared and came to the lake together. As soon as Master Qingliang looked down, he understood part of yuan Qi's intentions. Of the more than ten people who dared to appear here, a few were ordinary gang members, but they seemed to be smart and capable. The other seven or eight were all very young, the oldest not more than thirty years old, though all of them were full of spirit and vigorous. But with their age and appearance, they can not be compared with the first-class masters. In other words, the ambush set up by these people is really very difficult to block the breakthrough of Master Qingliang. "Are these the only people here?" Asked Qingliang Shangren. "Yes, only a few of them," said yuan Qi. Cool and refreshing upper humanity: "The poor monk intends to send someone to look around, but I don't know if Mr. yuan has any objection." Poisonous Sword yuan Qi answered, "No, I have no objection at all." "That's very good.." said Master Qingliang. He glanced at his own people and was about to pick out the right person. Suddenly listen to yuan Qi and say: No, I don't object, but what does the leader of our gang mean? No, but I don't know. The Venerable Master had better ask clearly before he acts. Master Qingliang was displeased, but in a twinkling of an eye he still looked at Zhong Fuxian, the God of Taiyi, and asked: "How about the clock help?" "It's only right to send someone to check," said Zhong Fuxian. But the Venerable Master sent men. But you have to think about it. The cool and refreshing Venerable Master said slightly: "Master Zhong's words are really hard to understand. The purpose of the person sent by the poor monk is only to find out the situation around him. Whether this person can complete the task and whether he has such ability is our business. What does it have to do with the Master?" Zhong Fuxian smiled and said: "The first reason is that thiE is deeply afraid of your people, and his eyesight is not good enough, so he can not prove our innocence.". The second reason is.. He stopped short and said no more. yuan Qi then said: "If the Venerable Master thinks that this is not a hindrance, why bother?"? Please send out your men, and with the approval of our leader, you can put them into action. He murmured a few words, which immediately erased the possibility that their side intended to delay time. Master Qingliang was careful, and although he saw all kinds of signs of action from the other side, it showed that there would never be any more ambushes. However,ceramic bobbin element, he still did not let go easily, the moment his eyes turned, first fell on the Melaleuca Sword Shadow Shangguanyun body. This contemporary swordsman of the Emei Sect has been through a lot of storms and has a lot of experience. He is the ideal person to be sent to inspect the environment. But the cool and refreshing master's eyes turned again and fell on the face of the jade ruler and gold scissors Lin Qiubo.