This is what he owes her, even if she does not say, he will try to get them back. Because he knew clearly in his heart that those relatives were more important to his soul mate than his own life! Chu Miaoli buried her sobbing face in Xuanyuan Changyi's neck. With a hoarse voice, she said in a tone full of trust, "Changyi, you have never let me down since we were in love. I believe you can help me find them all. I believe you!" Chapter 394 Nirvana God (14). Without the protection of Xuanyuan Changyi, the emperor did not persist for a long time in the nightmare killing array, and with his unwillingness and resentment, he completely disappeared. Of course, this is only for them. You know, the flow of time in Nightmare's killing array is quite different from what they are experiencing now. For them, it is only a short moment from the emperor's entry into the nightmare to the fall, but for the emperor, it is comparable to the endless torture of Ling Chi. So, in a sense, his fall is almost a relief. I have been eagerly waiting for this day to come,tile profile factory, although it came a little late, but it finally came. Xuanyuan Changyi felt the situation of the emperor for the first time, and he looked at his wife with a somewhat complicated expression on his face. Chu Miaoli can fully understand his mood, because the feeling of putting down the heavy burden in her heart is so wonderful that even she herself is somewhat immersed in it, unable to extricate herself. Yes, we can be regarded as the end of happiness,stainless steel edging strip, I thought we would never wait for this day! When Chu Miaoli said this, her eyes were faintly red, and the joy on her face was even more overflowing. No matter in which world, it is an inescapable thing for people to leave the cold tea. The divine world is no exception. As soon as the emperor's front foot fell, his followers came one after another to show their loyalty to the world where Xuanyuan Changyi is now staying. Chu Miaoli did not understand their behavior, but it was normal for people to go up and water to flow down. The only thing she could do was to remind her husband not to be moved by their superficial loyalty. Although a just cause enjoys abundant support while an unjust cause finds little support, their performance is really disgusting. Since they can betray their former masters without hesitation, they can also betray you without hesitation. Xuanyuan Changyi is deeply convinced of this. He looked at Chu Miaoli with a serious face and promised, "Ah Li, just put your heart back in your stomach. I'm not as stupid as you think. I'm not so easily deceived by them." Chu Miaoli also knew that Xuanyuan Changyi was not so easily fooled, she just cared about chaos. But if she doesn't remind her, aluminum tile trim ,aluminium edge trim, she always feels like she's hiding something in her heart, and she can't rest assured at all. After Chu Miaoli and Xuanyuan Changyi reached a consensus, they soon returned to the divine world and took over all the power and wealth of the two brothers. Not only they, but also the dependents of the two emperors, Jinyang and Yinyue, took the initiative to come to them and surrender to them, and solemnly expressed that this was the wish of their ancestors. Xuanyuan Changyi's performance towards them can be described in four words-that is, the more the better. Even if we don't take these things, they will fall into the hands of others. In that case, why should we be polite to them? Besides, these things are our trophies, aren't they? Chu Miaoli has no opinion on Xuanyuan Changyi's choice. Although Xuanyuan Changyi did not make it clear, she also knew clearly that it was not easy to find the Kingdom of God that she had lost in the turbulence of time and space, which would inevitably consume a lot of manpower, financial and material resources. In fact, it is true. Xuanyuan Changyi put all his energy into the search for Chu Miaoli's kingdom of God after he had completely eradicated the great threat of the emperor. However, even though he launched all the forces he could, he failed to bring back Chu Miaoli's kingdom of God. Xuanyuan Changyi was very ashamed of this and felt sorry for Chu Miaoli's trust and hope for him. Compared with Xuanyuan Changyi's shame, Chu Miaoli was much more open-minded than he was. Want to find lost in the time and space turbulence of the kingdom of God, was originally a matter of a needle in a haystack, anyway, we are now finally in action, even if the effect can not be seen for a while, it does not matter, because I believe that heaven pays off, as long as we stick to it, we can always get a good result. Chu Miaoli is so confident in finding the Kingdom of God, not because her Kingdom of God is much better than other gods, but because her Kingdom of God is blessed by the power of the true God of Xuanyuan Changyi. Even if she is temporarily separated from her master, she will not collapse immediately like other gods. Chu Miaoli's confident words made Xuanyuan Changyi breathe a sigh of relief. "Ah Li, you're right. You can't eat hot tofu in a hurry. Even if we don't find your kingdom now, we'll always find it in the future, as long as we stick to it." The "persistence" in Xuanyuan Changyi's mouth lasted for eight hundred years. When Xuanyuan Changyi and Chu Miaoli learned from Teng Luo Vice Jun that he had found traces of Chu Miaoli's divine kingdom in a small world, the couple were stunned. This is not a joke. If you cheat the Phoenix Emperor on this matter, I'm afraid I can't keep you. Xuanyuan Changyi looked at Teng Luo Vice Jun with a serious face and said. Over the years, Chu Miaoli has been very good in the divine world. Although she has lost her divine kingdom, she has still become the leader of the whole divine world and the noble existence worshipped by countless gods. Ruthless Your Majesty,tile trim factory, your subordinates have followed you two for so many years. Can't you tell what jokes can be played and what jokes can't be played? Vice Rattan made a deep salute to Xuanyuan Changyi and Chu Miaoli. "Your Majesty, please believe that this time, your subordinates have indeed found your kingdom of God and your relatives." 。