Yang Guo tried out the palm cover and was not afraid of the black sword. As soon as he turned over his palm, he suddenly reached out to take his sword. He wanted to learn from Xiaolongnv's old skill of breaking Hao Datong's long sword. It was expected that the wrist of the Valley Lord would shake slightly, and the black sword would bend around. The tip of the sword hit his lower arm, and blood burst out. Yang Guo was startled and jumped back. Valley Lord did not pursue, sneer at a few, this just slowly into. Lord Ruogu had only a heavy sawtooth golden sword in his hand, or a black sword that was extremely sharp and could turn and stab people. Yang Guo must have a way to resist it. Now the two blades, one hard and one soft, were attacking each other. Yang Guo was in a hurry. Valley Lord brandished a knife to cut, Yang Guo raised half of the steel staff block, snap, Valley Lord Black Sword cut off half of the steel staff in his hand, only a foot long, can not be used again. The left sword of the Valley Lord cut, the right sword stabbed, Yang Guo's shoulder hit again, and the robe was stained with blood. "Are you convinced?" The Valley Lord asked in a deep voice. Yang Guo said with a smile, "You took advantage of me to fight with me, but you even came to ask me if I was convinced. Ha ha, Lord Gongsun Gu, why are you so shameless?" The Valley Lord withdrew his sword and said, "What advantage have I taken? I'd like to ask for advice." Yang Daodao: "You have a strange sword in your left hand and a strange sword in your right hand. I'm afraid you can't find a third one even if you go all over the world, can you?" "So what?" Asked the Valley Lord? Your palm bell rope is not unusual either. Yang Guo threw a foot-long steel staff to the ground and said with a smile, "This belongs to your bearded disciple." He took off the palm cover, picked up the golden bell rope cut into two sections, and threw it to Xiaolongnv,stainless steel edge trim, saying, "This is my aunt's." As soon as he clapped his hands, he flicked the dust on his body, ignoring the blood flowing out of the three wounds. He said with a smile, "I came to your valley empty-handed. How could I be an enemy?"? If you want to kill, you can kill. Why talk so much? The Valley Lord saw that he had a leisurely and elegant bearing, a handsome face, and several injuries on his body, but he talked and laughed freely and acted as if nothing had happened. Although he quibbled, it seemed that what he said was reasonable. After all,tile trim manufacturers, he knew in his heart that he did not keep his word. It was obviously not a gentleman's style. In contrast, he could not help feeling ashamed of himself. He thought to himself, "If this man stays in the world, Liu Mei will surely fall in love with him." He thrust his sword straight into his chest. Yang made up his mind too early: "Since I hit him, I will let him stab him to death." Seeing that his sword had arrived, he did not dodge, but looked back at Xiaolongnv, thinking, "I watched my aunt die, and I was very happy." With a sweet smile on her face, Xiaolongnv approached him step by step. Her eyes were congenial, but no one looked at the Black Sword of the Valley Lord. Valley Lord and Yang Guo are strangers, where is the enmity? So to put Yang Guo to death, all for the sake of Xiaolongnv, so a sword out, can not help but look at Xiaolongnv. At this glance, the heart immediately knocked over the jar of vinegar, but see her lingering feelings looking at Yang Guo, metal trim manufacturers ,aluminium tile trim profiles, and then squint to Yang Guo, see his look is no different from Xiaolongnv. By this time, the tip of the black sword was already against Yang Guo's chest. With a slight increase in arm strength, the tip of the sword penetrated through his chest. But Xiaolongnv was neither frightened nor concerned, and Yang Guo did not try to resist. The two of them looked at each other crazily, and their minds were connected. They had forgotten all the things outside their bodies. The Valley Lord was so angry that he said to himself, "Kill this boy at this time. It seems that Liu Mei will die for love immediately. I must force her to marry me. It's not too late to kill this boy after the wedding." "Do you want me to kill him, Sister Liu, or spare him?" She cried. When Xiaolongnv looked at Yang Guo, she didn't think of the Valley Lord at all. Suddenly she shouted to him. Then she woke up and exclaimed, "Take your sword away. What are you doing with the tip of your sword against his chest?" With a slight sneer, the Valley Lord said, "It's not difficult to spare his life. Tell him to come out of the valley at once. Don't let it stop you and me." When Xiaolongnv didn't see Yang Guo this time, she made up her mind not to meet him forever. She was sad and miserable all her life, hoping that he would be safe and happy. If she really met him at this time, how could she be willing to marry the Valley Lord again? Knowing that it would be impossible for him to do what he had been trying to do these days, he would rather die than leave him to marry someone else. He turned to the Lord of the Valley and said, "Thank you, Mr. Gongsun, for saving my life.". But I can't marry you. ” Knowing the reason, the Valley Lord still asked, "Why?" Xiaolongnv stood side by side with Yang Guo, holding his arm, and said with a smile, "I'm determined to marry him and stay with him for life. Can't you see that?" The Valley Lord shook his body and said, "If you hadn't promised that day, how could I have taken advantage of the danger of others and forced each other?"? You promised to marry yourself, and you were really willing. "That's good," said Xiaolongnv, "but I can't leave him. Please don't take it amiss that we're going. Then he took Yang Guo's hand and went straight to the entrance of the hall. The Valley Lord jumped up and stopped him at the entrance of the hall. "If you want to get out of the valley," he said hoarsely, "you must kill me first." Xiaolongnv said with a smile, "You have saved my life. How can I hurt you?"? Besides, you're so strong in martial arts that I'm determined to beat you. As he spoke, he tore off his skirt and wrapped it around Yang Guo. Master Jinlun suddenly said in a loud voice, "Lord Gongsun Guzhu, you'd better let them go." The Valley Lord snorted, his face livid and silent. The national teacher added, "The two of them have joined hands with two swords. How can you defeat them with your golden sword and black sword?"? "It's better to sell him a favor than to lose his wife and lose his army." He was defeated by Xiaolongnv and Yang Guo's "Jade Girl Suxin Swordsmanship", which was a lifelong shame. After that, he thought hard and could not think of a way to crack it. At this time, he saw that the Yin and Yang blade method of the Valley Lord was very powerful, which was not under his own golden wheel, so he challenged each other and asked him to fight with each other. First, he could seize the opportunity to study the flaws in the two swords and seek revenge. Second, I also hope that they will lose all their fights. As a matter of fact, even if he did not speak out, the Valley Lord would never let Xiaolongnv and Yang Guo go out of the valley hand in hand. He glared back at Jinlun Guoshi and thought, "How dare you say such words in front of me?". I have no time now, and I'll settle accounts with you later. Turning his head, he gnashed his teeth at Xiaolongnv and said to himself, "If you don't give me your heart, you must give me your body.". If you refuse to marry me while you are alive, I will bury you in this valley even if you die. At first, he planned to threaten Yang Guo's life and force Xiaolongnv to yield, but when he saw that the two of them were not afraid of death, he thought that even if they killed each other,stainless steel tile edging, they would never let them go. His eyebrows slowly rose, and the murderous look on his face gradually increased. He expected that his double-edged tactics of Yin and Yang were mysterious. Even if the young men and women joined hands, they would never be enemies. He wanted to teach the two of them to lose and die without complaint. jecatrims.com