Yi Lei, sitting on the coach's bench, stroked her arm with her palm, and then she finally stood up from her coach's bench, but did not look eager or angry at the failure of the defensive line, but steadily walked to the sidelines, gesturing to the Menxing players who were responsible for defending Deyang's side of the court. Two players were separated to closely stare at Deyang, a winger who had just finished a brilliant shot, had a strong offensive ability and shooting desire, and was often able to activate the entire forward line. There is nothing like scoring goals to motivate a forward line player during a match. Since there have been five goals scored in nine minutes in European football, and top strikers have been in a difficult situation after the goal drought,stainless steel tile edge trim, it shows that a player who has just scored a goal is far more dangerous than his teammates. But it is not enough to prevent a possible crisis. When the opponent scores first and takes the lead, it is equally important to seize the opportunity that will arise in the golden five minutes when the goal and the goal are equally possible. And they have already rehearsed this point many times. They don't need to look at Yi Lei who is already standing on the sidelines. They know what they should do at this time. As a result, a ten-minute offensive and defensive battle, which made all the fans feel comfortable,aluminum tile edge trim, began. Monchengladbach showed his edge with an attack directed at Manchester United's goal, and Manchester United's defense seemed to be no less impressive than Monchengladbach's previous contribution. However, compared with Menxing, Manchester United will try their best to make a long pass when their own penalty area is surrounded by their opponents, and pass the ball to the half of Monchengladbach, which is guarded by one or two of their teammates. But it doesn't matter. Manchester United in a defensive state may leave nine or ten players near their own penalty area to defend, but Menchengladbach in an offensive state can't send as many players to participate in the attack. That is to say, in Monchengladbach's half, china tile trim ,stainless steel tile trim, they will have far better man advantage than their rivals Manchester United. In terms of the ability to catch the counter-attack, this Premier League team is far inferior to Atletico Madrid and the Serie A giants of that year. This is the third time that Manchester United have tried to pass the ball outside! But every time their pass failed to pose a threat and was hit back by Menxing's players with the ball again! I hope we can recover the score before the end of the half, she said. Chapter 279 the whistle sounded. A lot of people have asked me why big teams worth several times as much as their rivals sometimes come out with the news that they lose key battles to small teams that are not well known. Why is there often an unexpected situation in football. I said, maybe that's because there are not so many insurmountable gaps in football. The same coach may have been put on a pedestal because of his excellent record in the previous year, but in the second year he was already facing extreme difficulties because of his poor record. The same team may be unbearably bad in the first half and invincible in the second half. The reason why big clubs are big clubs and top players are top players is that they can play a strong enough state steadily for many years. In many cases, what we lack may be just a touchstone. That touchstone could be the World Cup, or any of the much-anticipated European competitions. It's sad when heroes get old, but one of the charms of football is that you never know when the next star who surprises you will suddenly appear. The Autobiography of Yi Lei May 28, Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid. Europa League final, Monchengladbach vs Manchester United. Fifty-seventh minute.. It's Holland, the centre-back of Borussia Monchengladbach! The young player's performance today is really excellent! In the face of Manchester United's offensive just now, the goalkeeper of Menchengladbach chose to attack! But he couldn't catch the ball! Manchester United's striker Reyes chose to follow shot! But Holland's header helped Menxing escape. In the last seven minutes of the first half, Monchengladbach and Manchester United set off the first high of the game. Tide 。 Yi Lei's Borussia wanted to score a goal before the break and enter the second half with a 1-1 score. Manchester United, on the other hand, also wanted to score another goal before the end of the first half and put their opponents in a real downturn. But in the last seven minutes, neither of the two teams could get what they wanted. This directly led to the two teams' fast break at the beginning of the second half of the game, as if to release the energy that had not been released in the first half of the game after a 15-minute break. The 22-year-old centre-back has appeared in the camera five times because of his excellent defense, including several interruptions in the first half of the game. In Yi Lei's tactics, he does not need to be closely marked all the time after a player enters their half-court position. What he needs to be responsible for marking is not someone, but a certain line of the ball. As early as Yi Lei took over the team and temporarily took over the post of coach, she boldly promoted the team's main centre-backs, Holland, 22, and Katzmi, 21, who looked young and excessive. At the beginning,stainless tile trim, both of them received a lot of doubts even in the German domestic league. But look at the way these two players are being stared at by the Manchester United fans on the pitch. The two teams on the court play a strong attack faster and faster, and the rhythm and terrible intensity can not only make people cry out, but also make people feel nervous and excited. jecatrims.com