"Stop right there!" She drank a lot. He stopped in front of her and blinked in puzzlement. The good-looking man made a blank look, which was really damn delicious. Incorrect! The scenery shook his head, came to his senses from the beauty, stretched out his finger and accused: "You see what you have done?"? I managed to sweep the floor clean, but now it's all dirty by you! "Is it?" The man looked at his feet dully, then smiled shyly, "I'm sorry, I didn't notice." Chapter 610 the man with a snake tail. "What do you want the police to do if you say something that is not useful?" The man seemed to scratch his hair in distress. "This." It's just a small thing. Is it necessary to call the police? "Little things?" The scenery throws the broom, walks into him, opens two hands to stretch out in front of his eyes to turn around, "you see clearly, what is this?" He said uncertainly, "If I'm not mistaken, it should be …" Hand "Wrong, it is a pair of jade hands with white skin, no scars and cocoons, ten fingers do not touch the spring water, and never do physical work!" She looked for a series of adjectives to describe, but he was still not very clear, "this is not a pair of hands?" "Do you know that I never do such things as manual work?" He answered honestly,heavy duty metal racks, "I don't know …" "Then you know now!" She withdrew her hand and did not have a good look at him. "It was you who went to the theatre with me that day. You ran away and I was scolded. Now you have destroyed the fruits of my labor. How should this account be calculated?" Her imposing manner is strong, then his imposing manner set off a weak point, he did not have the idea to say: "How should that calculate?" "You, clean this place up." She folded her arms, solemnly, and took a fair attitude. "In order to show your spiritual compensation for me, not only here, but also the fallen leaves in this teaching building area,cantilever racking system, you have to sweep them up." With such an honest attitude, it's hard to imagine that she's just looking for a free labor force for laziness. That's what she thought. What you said.. It does make sense. The scenery opened his eyes in surprise. Really, this man is so easy to be fooled? "Wait a minute, I'll clean up the place." The handsome man snapped his fingers, and suddenly there was a change around him. All the fallen leaves flew up, they consciously gathered together, like a dragon, and finally fell in piles under the tree, this scene is quite spectacular. The scenery looked dumbfounded, but soon, she closed her upper and lower bars and said disdainfully, "Is it great to have magic?"? I will, too. Of course, he asked, warehouse storage racks ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, "Then why don't you use magic to clean up here?" "I am." It's like making the campus more beautiful. Of course, it's meaningful to do it yourself. If you use magic to solve it in an instant, it's too insincere. In fact, she can't use such a profound magic at all. So that's it.. Classmate, your ideological awareness is much higher than mine. I am willing to bow to the wind. In that case, I should not use such insincere means. He deeply felt that his consciousness was too low, which was a bad thing, so he snapped his fingers again, and the fallen leaves that had just accumulated into piles flew up one after another and returned to their original positions. He said earnestly, "We should still use the most sincere way to clean up." What is the most sincere way? That is sweeping the floor with a broom. The scenery suddenly complexed, and the breath was held in the heart and could not come out. He picked up the broom she had thrown away and put it back in her hand. "I want to do it myself. It will be a very enjoyable thing for you. After all, meaningful things can only be meaningful if you do them yourself. I shouldn't bother you to contribute to the campus. This incident also made me realize my superficiality. Then I'd better leave first." He finished, but disappeared into the air in the blink of an eye. The scenery with a broom, "." Chapter 611 the man with a snake tail. An hour later, the man who threw all the garbage into the trash can threw down the broom and said, "I curse you for hitting the pole when you walk tomorrow morning!" And that hateful man! The scenery patted the dust on her clothes, snorted coldly, and turned to leave this ghost place. None of the things she met today could make her feel satisfied. Walking on the road, she made a phone call to Yanyu. Yanyu said that she was asking Mr. Wu about the paper, so that the scenery could cool down and play. As soon as she hung up the phone, she felt sad for herself. How could she feel like a lonely man who no one loved? When she came to her senses, she realized that she had come to the tree-lined path again. Thinking of what had happened in the morning, she decided to change the way to go safely, but as soon as she turned around, a man in a black suit appeared in her field of vision as if he had come as promised. The scenery was first fascinated by his beauty, and then soon realized that handsome men are good, but life is the most important, she pretended not to see, lifted her feet to slip away, but the opposite man called her out. Summer scenery. His voice is very nice, and it is easy to be fascinated when his name comes out of his mouth. The scenery looked up stiffly and smiled, "Hello, teacher." She knew he was a demon, but she couldn't call him a demon directly. Since he said he was a new teacher, she would follow good advice and call him a teacher. He approached a few steps, easily let people feel the strong aura emanating from his body, as well as the strong male breath, he casually asked: "Where is the summer misty rain?" "She went to write her paper, so I went home without classes." The scenery is very simple and honest answer, then is confused, "you actually know what we call, but also distinguish who we are, this is why?" "Even if I haven't heard of the two flowers in the Chinese Department, it's hard." "You two look the same, but you don't feel the same," he said. Summer misty rain is steady,warehouse pallet racks, and summer scenery jumps off, although they have a lot of things like the same, but the character is not exactly the same. jracking.com