Nearly a hundred megaton nuclear bombs exploded at the same time, and the golden palm did not seem to have expected that the power would be so powerful that at the core of the explosion, all existence was torn apart. Space, time and all the particles are in a chaotic state. In a small space of ten feet square, it is filled with the destructive energy of the chaotic space before the opening of the ancient Hongmeng. The golden palm was stretched out, and for a moment the light was dim, and it was about to be torn apart by the power of the explosion. Far away, the Taoist shouted angrily, and two gray and white chaotic lights shot out of his eyes. He shouted and scolded in a low voice, and a flash of inspiration shot away from the back of his head. Almost at the same time, the golden palm was so bright that it forcibly tore off a piece of the destructive light produced by the explosion. A flash of light cut, the void opened a small gap, the golden palm dragged about 40% of the power of the explosion, escaped into the void, I do not know where to erupt. The intervention of the golden palm gave many people a chance to escape. Lu Gui's body turned into a flash of lightning, which shot out nearly ten thousand miles in an instant. The thunder he made shuttled through the strong light and shock wave produced by the explosion, rising and falling violently like a fallen leaf in a hurricane, lonely and helpless, and could only let the power of the explosion ravage him wantonly. When Lu Gui escaped from the magic array protecting the base of the tower and the scope of the major killing arrays, he regained his shape. At this moment, Lu Gui's skin was stripped off by strong light and powerful energy flow,mobile racking systems, revealing a body of red muscles, sticky plasma flowing down the body. Lu Gui's face was burned by the strong light, after all, he was the closest person to the center of the explosion. Ten billion tons of nuclear bombs exploded at the same time, quantitative change produced qualitative change, the core of the explosion was turned into Hongmeng's space scattered energy flow, almost did not destroy his body. Lu Gui was suspended in the sky several miles above the ground, staring blankly at the many sorcery arrays that were constantly twisting and changing into various colors,shuttle rack system, and suddenly gasped violently. Lu Gui was afraid. Just now, he faced death directly. At that moment, he really felt that one of his feet had stepped into the nether world. Wu Zun, such as Tai Yi and Wu Yi, were a little farther away from the center of the explosion, and they were all crafty and crafty people. As far as the various jade articles they wear are concerned, I don't know how many life-saving witchcraft they have. With the explosion, the life-saving witchcraft they carried was keenly aware that the terrible power might pose a threat to them, and immediately launched a strange witchcraft ban, which directly moved them thousands of miles away. Only Xia Jie put his arms around Xin and carried the power of the explosion there. As a great sorcerer who cultivates the sorcery power of earth attributes, speed, and even all kinds of sorcery spells to save one's life and escape are not Xia Jie's specialties. Or it can be said that in Xia Jie's idea, there seems to be a lack of the habit of running away immediately when the opportunity is not good. Hard carrying, hard blocking, hard collision and hard collision are the habits he brought from his previous life. The strong light covered Xia Jie, wire mesh decking ,shuttle rack system, and the destructive chaotic energy flooded Xia Jie. Xia Jie hugged Xin and Bai, and the two men and one beast gave out a deep cry of pain at the same time. Xia Jie's body was fully open, and the purple ribbon fairy clothes turned into a thick purple light of nearly a hundred feet, which wrapped him, and the Xuan Turtle Armor released a thick black light, which protected them to death. In the violent energy rush, Xuanwu did not know when to appear beside them, spitting a yellow light enveloped a group of people and so on. The yellow light, which was as thick as a thousand feet and almost as strong as a crystal, the purple light and the black light, which were nearly a hundred feet thick, trembled violently in the chaotic and strong light. Every moment, there are millions of violent impacts on these three layers of shields. The three-layer shield was rapidly cut inch by inch into brilliant light and rain, and then returned to its original state under the strong supplement of Xia Jie and Xuanwu. The short impact lasted for three fingers, and the power of the explosion had swept thousands of miles, with only a little of the oscillating aftermath still colliding nearby. The masks released by Xia Jie and Xuanwu were broken almost at the same time. Xia Jie was sweating profusely, and both Zhenyuan and sorcery in his body were empty. Xuanwu was also like an orange that had been suddenly dehydrated, and the fleshy folds on his body were drooping and dangling, and suddenly he looked much older. Only Xin shrank comfortably in Xia Jie's arms and said with a happy smile, "It's good to see you working hard for me!" Xia Jie's face suddenly pulled down, wiped the sweat on his face, and could not say a word for a long time. This is really desperate, Xia Jie in the end, even the strength of the milk are used out, the result is that there are countless times that the energy flow almost broke through their own defense! However, seeing Xin's slightly flushed smiling face, Xia Jie felt that everything was worth it. Ah, Bah! Xia Jie suddenly turned his head and spat. "Men are all cheap bones," he scolded in a low voice. With a smile, he pasted Xia Jie's face with his little hand. Bai came out of Xia Jie's arms, grinning with the same grin, licking Xia Jie's face with his long tongue, splashing saliva everywhere, and the sound of'Bada, Bada 'was so clearly audible on the suddenly dead tower base construction site. 'gurgling Gurgling ', a silvery fountain suddenly gushed out from the ground that had been cut down, and it was hundreds of feet high. The hazy mist enveloped all around, and the pale Shuiyuanzi swayed and re-condensed in the mist. He exclaimed in horror, "Jellyfish, my God, what is this?"? My Shui yuanzi was almost blown up! What is the reason for this? No one paid attention to Shuiyuanzi's murmur of complaint, the shadow flashed, the skin on his body was wriggling with the regeneration of Lu Gui and Wu Zun, such as Taiyi and Wuyi, flashed back at the same time, their faces were as gloomy as the cloudy sky, and their faces were so dark that they could almost drip ink. In particular, Lu Gui's two hands unconsciously tightened,push back racking system, and he used his strength to scratch the void for a while, releasing a crazy flame of anger in his eyes, not knowing what he was thinking.