I still can't like it here. Even today, Xiaomu and I have been intimate. But walking here, I still think of that rainy night. My father led Xiaomu's hand in, bought her a three-color ice cream and watched her eat it with the most loving eyes. To this day, I can be relieved, I think I can understand that night. However, what I am sad about is that I have paid for my relationship with my father for fourteen years. If I could let go of what I was holding on to earlier, if I could let go earlier, I would not have managed my relationship with my father like this. My father, in my impression, was still wearing a brown cardigan sweater, sitting quietly on the sofa, holding me in his arms and reading me a story book. My relationship with him was still stuck in that moment, and I was overbearing to stop its progress. Now that I am back here, this wasted love is brought up again and wiped away. I'm sad to see it. It's so weak. Now, it is impossible for me to go back to my childhood,industrial racking systems, and my father is old. At the moment when the bicycle passed the door of the cold drink shop, Xiao Mu suddenly shouted to the plumber who was carrying her to stop. We stopped at the door of the cold drink shop. Xiao Mu said to me with a smile: Wan Wan, I want to invite you to eat tricolor ice cream. I owe you an ice cream. I looked at her, and then she said slowly: "You have a loving father, who once caressed the wounded heart of an orphan here." She kept looking into my heart. "Wan Wan, you should be proud of having such a father." I stood at the door of the cold drink shop, thinking that my father was old,mobile racking systems, we could never go back, and there was no way to make up for it. Just like when I was six years old, I burst into tears at the door of the cold drink shop. It was really a life flowing gently like a spring. We live like people in ancient times. She embroiders and I draw every day. We sat under the dusk sky and chatted beside the swing. Looking at the whole city of Li in the crimson clouds, like a bride to be married as quiet. But at that time, I still think of Ji Yan. How is he? He is doing something in the corner of the city at the moment. Is he with her. Do they also chat under the dusk canopy. My Ji Yan. I still can't be a happy girl. When I finally resolved the feud with Xiaomu for many years, when I finally lived with her and loved each other, I had to face the broken love between us. It is still in front of me, broken, broken, but I still can not cross it. I still can't get around or over it. I must face it every day, every day. Ji Yan, heavy duty cantilever racks ,warehousing storage solutions, do you know? After being separated from you for so long, I still like to think of what Ji Yan is doing at this time first in every free time. I still like to think of things that are long gone and long over. You came to me, dressed in flowers, standing in the windy aisle; you shut me up in the church, but instead of leaving, you sat outside and watched me; you watched me die, and you put glass in my arm, and you hated me; You came to visit me in the hospital with a string of beads that you didn't know where to find. You lied to me that this was the one we made when we were young. But fool, you forgot that your neck would get thicker and people would grow up. We were in the "Career" bar. They all said they liked my paintings. Your face was full of happiness. You were proud of me; We stood together in the church on the hillside of the Valley of the Red Leaves, praying. We stood in the place where shadows and sunshine overlapped. I thought at that time that the world was as unpredictable as the alternation of shadows and sunshine. But may our love, like the breeze blowing in front of your face and my face, like the air we live on, surround us forever. You kiss me, you kiss me. I think about it over and over again. I don't know what happened between you and Ji Yan, but I believe it must be a misunderstanding. He loves you. I've always known it. I'm sure of it. If Xiao Mu sees me looking at one place absently, she knows that I am missing Ji Yan. Misunderstanding? I answered confusedly. But I started having these long, dangerous dreams. I dreamed that Ji Yan and I would never meet again. This kind of dream makes me feel like I'm falling into a bottomless pit when I think about it, and nothing can hold me up. Never met again after all. One hot summer afternoon, I had this dream: I saw him on a TV show many years later. He had grown a beard and wore a long black dress, which was spotless from the collar to the cuffs. He appeared as a successful drummer and was photographed. He talked about his successful experience and answered everyone's questions with ease, during which he constantly mentioned and thanked his beautiful little wife, Tang Xiao, the female lead singer of his former band. My beautiful cousin then appeared on the screen, with her most friendly smile. When she talked about her husband, she was so happy that she rose to the sky. I also cried in my dream, crying at the flickering TV screen. Will this successful person on TV know that at this moment, his childhood playmate is sitting in front of the TV and crying for him? She could not have any other love, she had always loved him, clumsy, unknown love. Clumsy, untold love. I woke up on a summer afternoon, already dehydrated from the heat and excess tears. I got up hurriedly, put on a loose skirt, and ran out of the door. Xiao Mu called me in the back, but I ignored him. I ran all the way to the train station. But do I really have to leave here. Am I willing to give up Xiao Mu. Shall I go to find Ji Yan. I went to find him, but then, just to prove that my dream was wrong, we can meet again? I didn't leave. I think I'll take a seat here,Teardrop Pallet Racking, on this platform. When the wave of missing has passed, I can turn around and go back to Xiaomu, just as a walk in a bad mood. jracking.com