"You are very proud?"? You're talking! "Well, I'm just too happy. If the host is all right, the disciple will retire!" Ben saw that he was going to fall out. He was enjoying the glorious results, so he didn't have to provoke him. He hurriedly gave a Buddhist gift and flashed aside. Here we go. In front of everyone, Xu Qing is not too impulsive, quietly drink the last mouthful of porridge, has got up and left, before walking out. The door also glanced at Benqian, and he seemed to want to give Benqian some punishment. Ben Qian doesn't care, because he is already in the Buddhist world, his mind is outside, and he will soon be free. The crowd soon dispersed again. Ben Qian and Xiao Gou still have to clean up the mess. Fortunately, the monk has an advantage in eating. He must eat as light as his head. They just fold up the dishes and get it over with. Side received lift, two people side Qing words. Before this ask: "How, find suspicious person?" Small hook shook his head: "No." "What then?"? Will he hide at the pass or at the back of the mountain? "It's all possible." "If that's the case, I can't help you." "We'll have to find another way." "Have you made up your mind?" "Mmm." Xiao Gou smiled narrowly. What plan? Ben was very interested. Frame the blame. "Framing?"? Marry who? "The evil Buddha, of course." "How to marry?"? You don't know where he is? "I don't know if there's a way I don't know." "How.." What's the matter? "Poison and let Shaolin disciples have diarrhea for three days." Are you kidding? Three days of diarrhea? Can my life be saved? Ben felt like laughing, and there was another sense of excitement. Small hook chuckles: "This is a good way." "I think you're setting me up, not the evil Buddha. Even the chef has to be unlucky with this one. It's even harder for me to get along." "" "What does it matter if you feel uncomfortable if you want to walk?" "But.." That's not good, is it? And I can't imagine how this could frame the evil Buddha and force him to show himself. "At least you can bring the master in." "Make it clear before I mess it up." "The reason is very simple. If we poison a Shaolin disciple and he has diarrhea, the Headmaster will certainly blame him. You will frame the evil Buddha." What seems to see someone flashing around you, don't be too sure, and then describe the appearance of the evil Buddha, let the master. It's done with wariness. This before listened also have a reason, shrunken smile ground already nods: "If give this bad idea to work, be good namely, if not work, you can It got me into trouble. "What are you afraid of? Just walk away." "If not, kill me, I won't do it. What do you think the evil Buddha looks like?" His eyes were bulging,heavy duty cantilever racks, his eyebrows were white, his head had three deep marks, like a butcher's, his face was fierce, and his voice was as strong as a pig's. Eat? That's about it. "This kind of strange monk should be easy to recognize!" "I'm afraid he'll change his face and ignore his existence." "Then.." When did the poisoning begin? Tonight.. Ha ha, pull all night, tomorrow, there will be a play to sing. "But.." Shall we pull? "Of course, otherwise wouldn't it be suspicious?" With a strange laugh, Ben had imagined the scene of everyone robbing the latrine tonight, and the laughter was constant. So the small hook with good laxatives, really poisoned in the dinner, people did not find, eat with relish. Small hook and this before see in the eye, smile in the heart, industrial racking systems ,asrs warehouse, of course, they will not be stupid to eat this meal, diarrhea as long as one. That's it. Where did the daredevil come from? When I was picking food, he bumped into me, which made all the disciples of the temple almost have no food to eat. Ben kept talking deliberately before, so that he could make excuses for tomorrow. The monks were used to hearing his complaints, so they didn't care and ate at ease. It was not until the first watch that someone began to react. Small hook and this before secretly check the situation, had a reaction, two people already sigh sigh stuffy cry, first live latrine drill, still do not stop. Complain. "How to do, just obviously good, how can you suddenly have a stomachache?"? Whoa! I can't stand it! "Who is trying to frame me and deliberately punish me?"? Ah, not only us, but also other disciples won the lottery? What the hell is going on? "They squatted in the latrine for a long time, causing the monks outside to bend down and form a long line before they came out with a sad face." With so many people, they laughed in their hearts, but their heads shook and left. Needless to say, everyone knows what's going on. More and more people ran to the latrine until the second watch, and even the elders couldn't help it. The crowd in the temple came and went, like a thief moving to the east, with his head down and his face flushed, but he dared not make a sound to run back and forth. Finally, someone can't help crying out in pain. The Lord of Prajna Hall was the first to discover that something was wrong, so he quickly found the antidote, distributed it, and asked the monks to take it, but there was no solution to the laxative. Those pills are nothing more than painkillers. Fortunately, the amount of medicine used by Xiao Gou is not much, and most monks can endure it. Still, it's enough for them. It lasted until early morning, and the situation did not seem to improve. Chef Xu Qing rushed to the dining room angrily. When he saw Ben Qian, he scolded him, "How did you cook the meal so that all the disciples of the temple were sick?" Child pain. This before and small hook early embrace abdomen shrink in the corner, all over the face painful expression, this before reluctantly answer: "I do as usual, how can?" Into this situation? "Did you catch a fly without washing your hands?" "Joke, if you didn't wash your hands, you would have pulled it long ago. Why wait until the evening?" "Anyway, you can't get rid of it." "But it's not my business alone. The kitchen is also responsible. Why don't you go to them?" "Go to the kitchen and confront him!" Xu Qing held Ben in front of him and went straight to the kitchen. Xiao Gou wanted to go with him, but when he walked out of the dining room, he suddenly saw Master Shangtian. All right, he'll have to step aside. Although the headmaster had diarrhea, it was not serious. He was about sixty years old and full of energy. If there was a school of wind, he greeted the chef. Xu Qing immediately saluted and said, "Master Shibo, I have found out that what happened last night may have been caused by my previous dereliction of duty." "Don't believe it, Master,drive in racking system," said Benqian hurriedly. "I've been in the kitchen for seven or eight years, but nothing has happened. This responsibility is not on the disciple, but also on the cook! Headmaster a little surprised: "You have been in the kitchen for seven or eight years?" 。 jracking.com