The biggest passenger cars

1. the Bugatti Type 41

The car is 6.2 m long, was designed back in 1926 and is still considered as one of the biggest passenger cars. However, the size is not the only advantage of Type 41. Experts call this sedan the pinnacle of technical thought of the 1920s, and the car was named Royale for its superior qualities, translated from French as "royal".

What to say, the maximum speed of Type 41 is 200 km/h, decent even for modern cars. The 300 horsepower engine has a huge volume - 12.7 liters, but the fuel consumption is decent.

Car circulation was very modest - only six copies, but all of them remained in good condition. One of the Royales was sold in 1987 at an auction at the Royal Albert Hall in London for 5.5 million pounds.

Main features:

number of seats: 5;
wheelbase: 4300 mm;
Wheel diameter: 970 mm.

2. Bucciali TAV

This car created in 1932 is not as long as the Bugatti Type 41 - only 579 cm, but it is also one of the largest representatives of the passenger car class. In its time the Bucciali TAV was considered the epitome of luxury. The car was equipped with a 4.9 liter Voisin V12 engine mated to a four-speed manual gearbox. The big 24-inch wheels, 250 mm diameter headlights, and long hood gave it a very chic look.

A pair of spare wheels were mounted on the back of the trunk, and the sides of Bucciali TAV were decorated with images of flying storks made of silver, bronze and gilded brass.

The main characteristics are:

-number of doors: 4;drive: -front;

-Weight: 2880 kg.

3. Alton F650

The honorable place among full-size SUVs belongs to the Alton F650 model, developed by the American company Alton Truck. Being based on the Ford F650, this seven-door vehicle looks intimidating even in the photo. Under the hood of the truck is six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 230 hp and a displacement of 7.2 liters. The Alton F650 can carry seven passengers and a driver.

The main characteristics:

weight: 12 tons;
Wheelbase: 5 m;
Maximum speed: 120km/h

If we talk about modern cars, then the biggest SUV at the moment, which enjoys popularity is the BMW X7