One year after its launch, Animal Crossing: New Horizons urgently needs major updates, including improved quality lifestyle and new content. Buy Animal Crossing Bells on the professional Animal Crossing game trading service website

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' last year's release was a huge success and exceeded all expectations. Players around the world like to build their tropical islands to escape reality and pass time during isolation. As a result, many individuals put in a long time in the newbie of the game and quickly ran outside of content.

Although Nintendo promised to guide New Horizons for 2 years, since the summer of 2020, ACNH has got swimming and diving without the proper game updates. Of course, we have seen many holiday updates, and although many of these events are great for the first time, players are disappointed to find out that they look identical this year. 

This year's Bunny Day is the same, just a few new items happen to be added. A major update of New Horizons is urgently needed, plus it needs to include a lot of content to acquire players back into the game.

The most crucial update that must be made to New Horizons will be basic. For example, Able Sister's store uses a shopping cart. We should buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells on legal channels. Up to now, to ensure that players get one more thing, weather resistance goes in and out with the fitting room each time. When the player wants to purchase items in multiple colors, this procedure will last quite a long time. 

Using the shopping cart software, players can choose multiple things to purchase simultaneously. A similar mechanism is perfect for buying Nook Miles Tickets-especially once the player wishes to go hunting. You only if buy one ticket at the same time, plus it takes quite a while to go through the choices menu for every single purchase.