Arizona shares a border with New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and California, and simply touches the border with Colorado. It additionally has a 389-mile (626-km) global boundary with Baja California in Mexico.

Arizona is a kingdom the place you can discover phase the Grand Canyon as nicely as many herbal parks, wooded area preserves, country-wide monuments, and Native American reservations.

Best locations to see in Arizona:

Mount Lemmon, Arizona

Mount Lemmon is a 9,157-foot mountain in Arizona. It is one of the peaks in the Santa Catalina Mountains, inside the Coronado National Forest. The mountain used to be named after botanist Sarah Lemmon who reached the peak, with assistance from Native American guides, in 1881. Visit southwest airlines flights to get amazing deals on flight booking with vacation packages to Arizona.

The US Air Force used to have a presence on Mount Lemmon. Nowadays alternatively the army services on Mount Lemmon have been exceeded over the US Forest Service. There is an astronomical observatory at the peak, initially maintained through the US Air Force is now used for astronomical research.

Mystery Castle, Arizona

Mystery Castle is a flamboyant shape on the foothills of South Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona. It used to be constructed in the 1930s by way of Boyce Luther Gulley from Seattle, Washington. Learning that he had shriveled tuberculosis, Gulley all at once deserted his spouse and infant daughter and moved to Phoenix. There he commenced constructing his residence the usage of discarded and less expensive constructing material.

After Gulley died in 1945, his attorney knowledgeable his spouse and daughter that they have inherited the house. Soon the mom and daughter Mary Lou relocated to stay in it. The information quickly unfolds about this uncommon house, and soon, Mary Lou and her mom started giving residence excursions to aid themselves.

The three-story Mystery Castle has eighteen rooms. The fabric used in its building varies from smartphone poles and salvaged railway tracks to automobile parts, all held collectively by way of cement, mortar, and even goat milk. Originally remoted from Phoenix, city improvement ultimately surrounded the property.

Navajo Nation, Arizona

Navajo Nation is a semi-autonomous territory inside the kingdom of Arizona. Covering 26,000 rectangular miles (67,000 sq km), it is the biggest vicinity of Native American jurisdiction inside the United States. Get exclusive deals on flight ticket and vacation packages with delta airlines flights.

The records of the Navajo Nation go again to 1864 when the Navajo humans used to be subjected to deportation and tried ethnic cleansing. They had been forced, at gunpoint, off their native homeland, in what is present-day Japanese Arizona and western New Mexico, to an internment camp known as the Bosque Redondo, in the Pecos River valley, in New Mexico.