When Tang Sanzang and others arrived at the Western Holy Land, they saw flowers, grass, cypresses and pines everywhere. The farmers living under the Lingshan Sect were smiling and happy, and the children were running back and forth, all in a harmonious atmosphere, like a paradise. After walking up the mountain for almost half a day, he came to a magnificent treasure land. Before long, Tang Sanzang came to Baocha. When Tang Sanzang and others arrived, there were already novices waiting there. After bathing, they stepped into the palace under the guidance of the novices. Disciple Xuanzang, at the behest of the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty in the East, traveled to Baoshan Mountain to pray for the Sutra to help all living beings. I look forward to the kindness of Buddha. Return home early. The scene still had to pass, so Tang Sanzang saw the leader of Zhunti at this time, but also claimed to be a disciple, but he could not fall too far into his own identity. So the mouth said so, but the man did not salute. Master Zhunti, of course, did not care about these trifles. After hearing this, he opened his mouth and said, "Forgive me. Your land in the east is in the south. It is only because the heaven is high and the earth is thick, and there are so many people and so many things. You are greedy and you kill more. You are licentious and you cheat more. You do not follow Buddhism.". Not to the good fate, not to respect the three lights. Do not pay attention to the grain; disloyal and unfilial, unjust and heartless, deceiving oneself, fighting big and small scales,foldable bulk container, killing and killing animals. Create boundless evil, full of sin and evil. As a result, there is the disaster of hell, so they will fall into the nether world forever, suffer from the pain of many people pounding and grinding, and change the animals. A multitude of forms of hair, and of horns, which payeth their debts, and feedeth their flesh. Those who fall into the nose forever and are not allowed to ascend. All this is the reason. Although Kong Shi set up the teaching of benevolence, righteousness,drum spill containment, propriety and wisdom in him, the emperors followed him one after another, and the punishment of strangulation and beheading was like a person who was ignorant and indulgent! I now have the Sanzang Sutra, which allows me to transcend distress. Explain the disaster. Sanzang: There is the Dharma of Yizang. Talk about the sky; talk about a collection, talk about the earth; talk about a collection of scriptures. Du Gui. A total of thirty-five, the 15144 volume. It is the path of true cultivation, the gate of righteousness and goodness, and the astronomy, geography, people, birds and animals, flowers and trees, utensils and human affairs of the four continents of the world. You have come from far away, and you are going to give it all to you to take away, but the people of that side, stupid village strong, slander the truth, do not know the secret of my Samana. When Tang Sanzang heard this, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, he thanked him. Master Zhunti said politely, "Ah Nuo and Jiaye, you two lead the four of them to the bottom of Zhenlou, where they will eat fast for Master Tang Sanzang and his disciples.". At the end of the fast, I opened the Treasure Pavilion and examined a few volumes of each of the thirty-five volumes of my Sanzang Sutra with him. I taught him to pass them on to the East and to note Hong En forever. The two venerable masters also knew the identity of Tang Sanzang, so naturally they did not dare to neglect him and hurriedly led him down. After the banquet, Tang Sanzang and others entered the palace again. Master Zhunti was sitting on the throne, and the three thousand Buddhas were all on the scene. He opened his mouth and said, "Tang Sanzang, in order to save the suffering sentient beings, spared no pains to walk a hundred thousand kilometers to the west. This is great virtue and great perseverance. He has made great contributions to heaven and earth, and should have made great contributions. On the way, he encountered more than four thousand nine hundred disasters. He has gone through all kinds of disasters, and has been able to break through all kinds of Dharma forms; Today, Tang Sanzang is specially granted the title of the supreme merit Buddha of Buddhism, enjoying the happiness of boundless bliss and tranquility. "Sanzang thanked the Master." As soon as Tang Sanzang's voice fell, a great merit fell from heaven. These merits and virtues are the foundation for Tang Sanzang to become a saint, so as soon as they fall, Tang Sanzang refines them into the primordial spirit. With the absorption of the merits and virtues, Tang SanZang's cultivation immediately rises rapidly, and his whole body momentum keeps rising. Lingxian! Xuanxian! Jinxian! Jinxian to the extreme! Boom In the hall of the temple, there was a gentle air all around, but it was Tang Sanzang who had achieved the ultimate merit and quasi-sainthood at this time. At this time, he only needed Hongmeng Ziqi to become a saint! "Amitabha, I teach the supreme merit Buddha to achieve the position of quasi-saint, which is gratifying." Master Zhunti opened his mouth to congratulate him. Amitabha, congratulations to the Supreme Merit Buddha for striving for the position of quasi-sage. The Buddhas also opened their mouths to congratulate them. When Tang Sanzang heard this, he saluted one by one. Then Master Zhunti turned to Sun Wukong and said, "Sun Wukong, you have made a big mistake by making havoc in Heaven. The Tathagata, with his great magic power, has pressed you under the Five Elements Mountain. Fortunately, the punishment will offset the crime. When it is complete, you will be returned to Buddhism.". I also like you to hide the evil and promote the good. On the way, you have made great achievements in refining demons and subduing monsters. From the beginning to the end, you have never wavered. You have been promoted to a great position. You have defeated the Buddha in order to fight and protect the Dharma for my Buddhism. "The disciple thanked the religious leader for his gift.". "Sun Wukong worshipped. As soon as his voice fell, the merits and virtues of heaven fell. Sun Wukong refined them all. The whole person's momentum suddenly rose. Suddenly, there was a wave in the void. A monkey in golden armor came out and said to Sun Wakong," I fight for the Buddha and pay my respects to the Taoist Wukong. " But it was Sun Wukong who used this great merit to cut out his own good thoughts-to defeat the Buddha. Sun Wukong achieved the ultimate position of quasi-holy, and all the Buddhas naturally had a lot of congratulations. Master Zhunti looked at Sun Wukong with a smile on his face, but in his heart he was sighing that he had been refined into half a mixed body by Taishang Laojun. After sealing these two men, Master Zhunti turned to Zhu Bajie and said, "Zhu Wuneng, you were originally the water God of the Tianhe River. Marshal Tianpeng drank too much and played with the immortals at the Peach Fair for you. You were demoted to the lower world and reincarnated. You are like a beast. Fortunately, you remember your love for human beings. You committed evil in the Yunzhan Cave of Fuling Mountain. You are happy to return to the Great Church and enter my Buddhist door. The holy monk You will be promoted to the position of Zhengguo and become the Buddha of the Pure Altar. Originally, he was going to seal Zhu Bajie as a messenger of the Pure Altar, but after thinking about it, he thought it was inappropriate. After all, Zhu Bajie was a registered disciple of Tang Sanzang. The seal was too low. Tang Sanzang's face was not good, so he sealed Zhu Bajie as a Buddha. Disciple thanks the Master for his gift. After Zhu Bajie worshipped and absorbed the merits and virtues falling from heaven, Zhu Bajie's nose became smaller and his whole image became more friendly. It was obvious that he had made progress in his cultivation. Zhunti then turned to Sha Wujing and opened his mouth, saying, "Because your mouth is strong and your body is weak, and your intestines are broad.". Covering the four continents of the world, there are a lot of people who admire my teachings. All Buddhas teach you about the Pure Altar, which is a useful grade. How bad is it! Sha Wujing, you were originally a curtain-rolling general,plastic trash bins, but first you were demoted to the lower world because you broke the glass lamp at the Peach Fair. You fell into the Liusha River, hurting your life and eating people's sins. Fortunately, I taught you to sincerely respect and protect the holy monk. You climbed the mountain and led the horse. You were promoted to a great position and became a golden arhat. 。 cnplasticpallet.com