Tan Taitong stood on the instrument, wearing a face towel, and looked at Wen Qingye next to him. He said, "Lord, we must be very careful this time. I always feel that Murong Qingyan will probably catch us all this time." "Why do you say that?" Wen Qingye asked after hearing this. Tan Taitong took one look at Wen Qingye and then said, "I heard that Liu Yun has been in close contact with the second of the three elders of Tianyan Zong recently.." What's going on here? Why are you telling me now? At the foot of the ice dragon suddenly, Wen Qingye eyebrows are also tightly wrinkled up. Although Liu Yun is not the first person to follow Wen Qingye, he is also a very early person, and his talent is also good. At this time, the Qianhua Night Army, which holds more than two hundred thousand, is on standby in the city of Hades. Because the flow of death, cloud and flow of two people have been put in an important position, not only is the cloud, is the flow of Cang at the moment also led hundreds of thousands of Chinese night army. After all, people's hearts are unpredictable, and Wen Qingye can't guarantee that they will be loyal to him forever. And in this clenched joint, Liu Yun and Qingyang Lake long son Murong Qingyan's master relationship is close, obviously committed a big taboo. When Tan Taitong heard Wen Qingye's words, he looked embarrassed and said, "I'm not sure either." "Forget it, let's go first,eye cream packaging tube, Murong Qingyan and others are still waiting for us." Wen Qingye waved his hand and then said nothing more. About half a day, Wen Qingye finally arrived at a pavilion on the border of the Hades. He also saw countless shadows in front of him. The leader was none other than Murong Qingyan. Behind Murong Qingyan is Tang Yu, the Great Elder of Tianyan Sect, and the Second of the Three Elders of Tianyan Sect, Nalan Xianyu, the Headmaster of Tianzong Sect, Night Tour Taoist, and the Great Elder of Feihe Sect. However,cosmetic plastic tube, it was not these people who attracted the attention of Wen Qingye, but the last four people, three of whom were the cultivation of Da Luo Jinxian. One of them, Wen Qingye, knew Feng Taicang. Beside him was an old man. The old man was somewhat similar to him, but the degree of True Qi was not comparable to that of Feng Taicang. Although Feng Taicang's strength is Da Luo Jinxian, most of his strength is promoted by Dan medicine, so the True Qi is scattered and flashy, while the old man next to him is different. The True Qi is strong and very solid. It is not the top among Da Luo Jinxian, but it is not bad either. The other two people Wen Qingye seemed to have seen there, but forgot to see there specifically, just a short moment of thinking, Wen Qingye immediately knew that he had seen this person there. I'm serving at home! You know, Wen Qingye had been to Shi's home once, and he had seen this man in Shi's home, as if he were an elder of Shi's family. As for the last one, plastic cosmetic tubes ,polyfoil tube, Wen Qingye had no impression at all, but looking at the person next to him, needless to say, he knew that this person must not be a nobody. In addition, there are countless masters in the surrounding pavilions, including Hetian Sect, Tianyanzong Sect, Feihe Sect elders, disciples, and other masters, one by one with solid True Qi, unlike ordinary masters. These masters surrounded the pavilion with three layers inside and three layers outside. Brother Wen, you're here at last. Murong Qingyan saw Wen Qingye fall down and walked over quickly. Wen Qingye smiled faintly and said, "I'm late. It's really a shame to let you wait." As soon as his voice fell, a strange voice rang out: "Do you feel guilty?"? I didn't see it, but I was curious about what a boy with the title of Jinxian could do to make so many people wait for you. Wen Qingye looked along the voice, and it was the unknown elder who spoke. Murong Qingyan gave a dry laugh and said, "This is Shi Keqian.." Chapter 1784 chess pieces? A chess player? "Elder of the family, I know." Wen Qingye interrupted Murong Qingyan with a wave of his hand and said with a smile, "The attendants always look down on me. Brother Murong doesn't need to say anything more." Shi Ke snorted coldly, "You actually know that I am the elder of the Shi family. Boy, I have a good eye." There was a lot of hubbub about Wen Qingye and Shi Youling, and now all the three States around the Nine Hades know about it. Some people say that Shi Jia is extremely overbearing and has no eyes, which drives away such a great genius. It is also said that Wen Qingye is so stupid that he wants to have a relationship with the family and wants to be a son-in-law of the family. In a word, Shi Jia became the talk of the people after dinner, Shi Jia's prestige suddenly plummeted, the whole Shi Jia people naturally did not have a good look at Wen Qingye. In the face of Shi Ke's cold words, Wen Qingye did not have an attack, but secretly wrote it down in his heart. Then he looked at the man next to Feng Taicang and said with a smile, "Brother Murong, don't you want to introduce him?" Murong Qingyan smiled, and a trace of brilliance appeared in his eyes. He said slowly, "This is Feng Zijian, the elder of the Feng family, and this is my master of Qingyang Lake. This is also my 16th uncle Murong Jie." Whoa! Murong Qingyan voice just fell, Wen Qingye behind all the people are secretly surprised, did not expect to deal with the state king Dongfang cloudless, Murong Qingyan actually pulled three big Luo Jinxian master. You should know that there are only three paper cranes under the command of Dongfang Wuyun, who are suspected to have reached the level of Da Luo Jinxian. Even Shuangsha Xiuwei is only the cultivation of Wuji Jinxian. Murong Qingyan said so clearly that he had no intention of demonstrating to Wen Qingye. He was telling Wen Qingye that there were countless masters standing behind him, and the major forces supported him one after another, but Wen Qingye was just a loner. After hearing this, Wen Qingye just smiled indifferently and hugged his fists toward the two of them, but in his heart he knew that the Feng family, the Shi family, and the Qingyang Lake should all be strong supporters of Xianting. The war seems to be stirred up by Qingyang Lake, and it is obvious that the Southern Xianting is behind it. Feng Zijian and Murong Jie took a look at Wen Qingye and nodded haughtily, a monk who had no background and was not even named Jinxian, even if he was a celestial immortal, they did not put it in their eyes. Nalan Xianyu saw this,empty lotion tubes, in order to resolve the embarrassment of Wen Qingye, take the initiative and Wen Qingye said a few polite words, Wen Qingye is also indifferent to the response of a few words. emptycosmetictubes.com