The two disappearances took place tens of thousands of miles apart, and it was difficult to connect them, but the Taoist was clearly aware that something was wrong. It was no coincidence, because the missing people were all connected with the Oriental Shenzhou. In addition, these two disappearances also seem to have some connection with the Golden Sword. One is the father of the Golden Sword, and the other is to pick up the sun stone he found. Is this a coincidence or another reason? The Taoist was vaguely aware of the impending danger, and the most worrying thing was that it was not clear where the danger came from? I don't know what kind of danger it is? "Jin Jian, who else knows about your discovery of the Sun Stone?" The Taoist asked suddenly. The Taoist Priest's words also reminded Jin Jian that the disappearance of his father and brother Zhen Geng was related to the mysterious Sun Stone? Jin Jian said affirmatively, "Only Shifu knew about this before. After Elder Martial Brother Zhengeng took away the Sun Stone, I told my father about it on the phone with my father. At that time, my father said that Shifu was right and that it was dangerous to leave the Sun Stone at home. Before my father finished speaking, a crew member outside the cabin called him and found the Indian sailing boat.." At this point, Jin Jian paused for a few seconds and then asked, "Does Shifu mean that the disappearance of my father and brother Zhen Geng is related to the Sun Stone?" "This possibility cannot be ruled out." Then the Taoist pondered for a moment, and then said in a Consultative tone, "Jin Jian, it's not convenient for you to stay at home alone. Will you come to live on the island for a period of time and go home after you find your father or mother?" In fact, the Taoist priest had already felt the danger and wanted the Golden Sword to come to his side. He was worried about causing psychological pressure on the Golden Sword and did not make it clear. In addition, the Taoist Priest knew that Jin Jian was a very strong child. He was the kind of person who knew that there were tigers in the mountains and preferred to travel in the mountains. If he was told that there was danger and let him come to the base to escape,phycocyanin spirulina, he would not agree. Master, I'm not going to the island for the time being, because my parents are not here, and there are some things to deal with at home. As soon as Jin Jian's heart moved, he felt that he had just asked the wooden pier to come at this time, so he immediately said, "Master,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, can you ask the wooden pier to accompany me for a few days? I'm a little lonely." The Taoist felt that two people could take care of each other when they were together. Even if they had something to do, they could deal with it. They didn't think much about it and agreed immediately. "Well, let the wooden pier find you tomorrow. You two must pay more attention and inform the teacher immediately if you find anything wrong." I know, master, you should have a rest early. After finishing the video call with Taoist Wugan, Jin Jian began to ponder over what the Taoist had just said. If the mysterious disappearance of his father was related to the disappearance of Brother Zhengeng, it would show that his father's disappearance was caused by human beings, not by a ghost ship at all. What kind of person has the ability to accomplish such a kidnapping? Thinking of this, Jin Jian suddenly realized that his opponent might be extraordinary, even very powerful, very powerful, perhaps beyond his imagination. After realizing that the unknown opponent is very strong, the Golden Sword not only does not flinch, but arouses the inner fighting spirit, ghana seed extract ,naringenin price, the innate disposition is suddenly aroused, and the inner potential erupts, like a sharp sword out of its sheath, which is unstoppable! www.xiaOShuOtxT.Comt:xt. Small `say ". God Don Chapter 3 Sword Unsheathed (2) The next afternoon, the other four children all arrived and rushed to Jin Jian's house. For the first time, the Five Elements teenagers gathered together for a common goal. Although they are still not clear about their identity, do not know their responsibilities, but from this moment on the five elements of young sword unsheathed, the power of justice to defend the earth officially appeared. None of the five children knew each other for sure. Although they were not in the same city, each of them seemed to be familiar with each other in their subconscious. When Taoist Wugan first gathered them together, they seemed to feel that each other was very close to them. Taoist Wugan brings the five children together at least twice a year, and the rest of the time they get together through that special QQ group. Five people seem to be born as a collective, like five fingers on a palm, which can be clenched into a fist and gathered into a force without any conscious command. This is why Jin Jian asked for help and others asked to participate. Metal, wood, water, fire and earth, any one of the five elements is related to the other four elements, and they have the law of mutual promotion and restriction. Take gold as an example, earth generates gold, gold generates water, gold overcomes wood, and fire overcomes gold. Mutual promotion and restriction can not be simply understood as good or bad, but as a dialectical relationship of unity of opposites. Mutual promotion has the meaning of closeness and increase, while mutual restriction means deprivation and weakening. Anything in the process of movement, if a certain aspect of exuberance, more, it needs to be weakened, so that things can develop in a balanced way. Similarly, if a certain aspect is weak and less, it needs to be born to strengthen it so as to achieve balance. This is the principle of the growth and decline of the five elements of Yin and Yang, which adapts to the movement and development of all things in the universe. If it violates the growth and decline of the five elements of Yin and Yang, it will only perish. Golden Sword, Wooden Pier, Water Linglong, Fire Phoenix and Earth Gen, these five children born with five elements, have different personalities, but complement each other. Their brain waves are at the same frequency, so they can communicate with each other. Five people come together to form the most powerful force in the universe, and they are the hope of mankind to overcome all disasters. At this moment, five teenagers gathered in the living room of Jin Jian's house. Jin Jian stood in the middle of the living room and calmly analyzed the situation they were going to face. After talking to you on QQ last night, I talked with Shifu for a while through video. The situation was beyond my imagination. I was just going to look for my missing father. Now it seems that things are not so simple. "Did something happen again?" Shui Linglong immediately asked,best green coffee bean extract, this girl, like her name, is very clever.