Uncle Qi bowed respectfully to Fu Yangui and said, "My Marquis suddenly relapsed and had to go to Lingbao Pavilion to cure his illness. Miss Jing naturally went with him. If the prime minister is impatient, he can go to Lingbao Pavilion to have a look. If he goes now, he may meet them again." Only then did Fu Yangui realize that he had fallen into the trap of diverting the tiger away from the mountain. After all, we are still one step behind. And he didn't even know where they were. At the same time, thousands of miles away, there is a man and a woman riding a horse, leisurely galloping between the mountains and rivers. I guess.. Jing Wuwei should be blocked by Shen Yao in Jinling City now, and he can't even get out. With the dog's tail grass in his mouth, Ye Qi said with a smile, "And Fu Banquet.." Must have been tired and then angry. "I still don't understand how you knew that Shen Yao would directly order the cancellation of the engagement between the two families?" "Because Jing's fearless acceptance of my son-in-law is a crisis for Shen's Jiangshan.". Fu Yangui will certainly obstruct this matter, and the most straightforward way is to make an issue of the Jing family and the He family. "But once we leave Jinling quickly," said Ye Qi, "they will try their best to prevent Jing Wudao from leaving the city in order to prevent Jing He from forming an alliance." Changling was suddenly enlightened. "No wonder. You rambled so much at the martial arts banquet. It turned out that you deliberately angered Fu Banquet and asked him to propose a martial arts marriage." "You finally reacted!" "Do you suddenly feel that I'm resourceful, resourceful, clever, handsome and unrestrained? I'm like a fairy coming down to earth.." said Ye Qi. Seeing Ye Qima waving his whip, Changling couldn't help laughing and said, "Blood-spitting fairy, are you riding so fast to reincarnate?" Ye Qi suddenly leaned over,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, "Don't worry, I take the pills that old man Ji gave me on time every day. Even if you come to me again now, I can hold on." With that, he took a quick step and successfully dodged the deadly kick of Changling. "The town of Yanling is just ahead," he said. "I'm sure I'll be able to have a bowl of hot soup before dark." Under the setting sun, two figures ride fast to the winding mountains. Yanling Mountain is in front of you. Chapter 78: Entering the Town Yanling Town is an unremarkable border town at the foot of Yanling Mountain. At night, the streets are sparsely populated. After going around several streets,jujube seed powder, I barely found a small shop named "Fuquan Wine Shop". Usually in this remote place, business is mostly depressed. Unexpectedly, as soon as you step into the shop, you will see that half of the ten or so dining tables in the hall are full. Just looking at their clothes, eating and talking, it is obvious that they have been walking in Jianghu all the year round. The bartender was so busy that he saw two more guests coming. Holding a plate in his hand, he did not come forward to greet them. He only shouted, "There are empty seats inside. Please help yourself, two guests." When Changling and Ye Qi left Jinling, they changed into a grey linen shirt. They were travel-stained all the way, and their hair was already unkempt by the wind. But after all, they were handsome, and their dusty faces were still striking. Just a few steps from the door to the counter still attracted a lot of attention. Changling, with a sword hilt in his hand, saw palmetto extract ,turmeric extract powder, a cold and murderous look spread like wildfire. Many of them were busy turning around, but Yu Guang was still quietly watching them. Ye Qi didn't take it seriously. "Two upper rooms," he said to the old shopkeeper. The old shopkeeper had been busy settling accounts, but as soon as he looked up at Ye Qi, he was obviously stunned for a moment. But he quickly hid his surprise and said with a smile, "I'm sorry. The rooms in our hotel are fully booked. You two might as well go to another house and ask.." "The shopkeeper might as well think it over again." Ye Qi threw a silver ingot, turned it over, and showed the inscription at the bottom. As soon as the shopkeeper saw it, he immediately changed his tune and said, "In this way, there is indeed a guest room.. Come on, two guests, come up with me. When the people present heard this, they completely withdrew their eyes and continued to drink and eat meat on their own. As the old shopkeeper spoke, he led them up the stairs to the third floor. Sure enough, there was still a rather spacious guest room left at the end of the corridor. Although the furnishings were old, there were all kinds of tables, chairs and bed cabinets. As soon as Changling put down his burden, the old shopkeeper suddenly closed the door. He knelt down and bowed to Ye Qi and said, "Dai Le has seen Childe.". ” Changling was slightly stunned. Ye Qi stepped forward and said, "There's no need to be too polite. There are many people here. Beware that the walls have ears." "Don't worry, the guest room next door is also ours." Dai Le got up and strolled to the window beside the wall. He reached out his hand and gently clasped the window coffin a few times. In a moment, a figure appeared in front of the window, but it was someone who heard the message and turned over the window through the balcony outside the house. As soon as he saw Ye Qi, he knelt down first and said, "Tao Feng has seen Childe." The name "Tao Feng" was a little familiar, and Changling could not help looking at him more, and felt that the outline seemed to have been seen somewhere. Ye Qi helped him stand up. Then Tao Feng raised his head and saw the appearance of Changling. He was startled and said, "You.." "How," Ye Qi is a little surprised: "Know?" Tao Feng looked at him again and confirmed that he had not mistaken him for someone else: "She is the one who saved the boat of the moon in the Tomb King Castle.". Childe, since she is a member of Mingyuezhou, how can you be with her? "Oh, it's you, you're still alive?" Changling also remembered that on the suspension bridge of Luming Mountain, Cangyun ambushed and intercepted them, claiming to be the young man who was good at using crossbows under He Gongzi, who seemed to be the one in front of him. This is really a strange combination of circumstances. "Ye Qi turned to Changling Wenyan and said," Tao Feng is the general manager of my Hejia Jiangling fief. At that time, the wild goose army was going to invade the territory. If it hadn't been for the help of General Manager Tao, I'm afraid it wouldn't have been so easy to get Mingyuezhou to the Tomb King Castle. But we didn't think you would be in the castle. Later, General Manager Tao almost died under the sword of Tianpo.. " "If the prince hadn't ordered Dai Lao to come to rescue him, Tao Feng would still be in the prison of the Wild Goose Kingdom." He said and bowed to Ye Qi again. Ye Qi waved his hand, "OK, let me introduce you. This is Miss Changting. She is with us now,turmeric extract powder, so.." "Who is with you?" Changling raised his eyebrows with displeasure. Although there was nothing wrong with the war between the two countries, if it hadn't been for Tao Feng's obstruction, Chu Tiansu wouldn't have died. She still kept this account clearly in mind. prius-biotech.com