"Who told you to be so slow? Dad has almost finished eating one, and you still don't come over." Xiao Min gave each of the two children a meat bun. This place was indeed the best place to make noodles in the whole county. Shen Jian watched the little girl peel off the skin of the steamed bun with her hands, and something like oil and juice came out of it. The skin of the steamed bun was thin and the stuffing was thick. There was a lot of meat, but it was not a whole piece of dead meat. It was also mixed with something, so it was very fragrant and tasted very good. Even pure meat buns are not greasy. The little girl stuffed the skin into her mouth, and the side of the steamed stuffed bun was stained with the gravy of the stuffed bun stuffing, which tasted quite good. She nodded her head after eating a mouthful, and her cheeks were bulging like the hamster that Shen Jian had seen. Watching her eat is really enjoyable, as if she is eating something delicious. It seems that she seldom eats anything delicious. When he has money, he will take her to eat delicious food, such as Michelin three stars, roast duck in Beijing, and French food. No wonder that a table of children eat, everyone eats well, Shen saw her eating, unexpectedly also felt that the index finger moved, just took a bite, inside the hot juice to the outside, this steamed bun looks not hot, inside is very hot. Although it was hot, Shen was still reluctant to throw it away. As he said it was hot, he ate it with his neck. But the taste was really good. He cried. He just wondered if people in this age had not eaten anything good and had no knowledge. Well, he was short-sighted. Chen Meng ate the big meat buns she was thinking about, and her mouth was full of oil. Although the child was small, she could eat a whole meat bun with a big face. The meat buns in state-owned restaurants are a must. They are no worse than the dim sum made by private chefs decades later. The cooks in Shenjian used to be five-star chefs. The things they made are really not as delicious as the meat buns in state-owned restaurants. They are fermented to quite soft dough, and the meat stuffing is just right. I have to say that it is really a work of conscience. This meat bun is really delicious. Delicious cry, delicious burst! Xiao Min saw Shen finish one quickly, and gave him a second clip, this steamed stuffed bun baby can eat a whole,fenugreek saponins, Shen is bigger than her, two must be able to eat, she was afraid that the child was embarrassed to take, so she took the initiative to clip him. Eat slowly. It's not enough. I bought so much. Xiao Min pointed to the tin bucket and said to Shen Jian. Shen Jian didn't have time to talk to her. He wanted to eat steamed stuffed buns, steamed stuffed buns, and meat buns that were so good that he cried. The result was that Xiao Min and Chen Meng both finished eating, and Chen Xiaojun and Shen were competing one after another, and they ate five meat buns. Chen Xiaojun naturally needless to say, the strong labor force doing manual work is just the time to eat, this age is really a top two, he and Shen two people can eat one by one. Needless to say, Shen also felt that he was very difficult to feed, so that he could eat Xiao Min and Chen Xiaojun must be frightened, thinking about his future to be stuffed into the welfare home, he felt that it was not an embarrassing thing to bow his head with Chen Xiaojun, tannic acid astringent ,pumpkin seed extract, thinking that before he made his fortune, he was not able to bend and stretch, and that it was not shameful to bow his head to Chen Xiaojun, an old enemy. So he gritted his teeth and said, "I don't want to go to the welfare home. I want to stay at your home. Can I help you to support myself?" Before that, Xiao Min did not want to raise another child in the past, not because she could not afford it, but because she really did not want to give birth. But adopting a child -- It's not impossible. In fact, adopting such a big child is only good for the family. After the most difficult period of taking care of the child, the half-grown boy is the most able to work. If she doesn't want it, many people in the village want to adopt such a boy. But give her a little bit of preparation for adoption. Shen Jian thought for a while and said, "I can work for you, and you can give me food. If you can let me study better, you can't let me study. You don't have to treat me as a son, and you don't have to adopt me. My name is Shen Jian, Shen of three points of water, indirectly.". ” The factor he considered was that, after all, Xiao Min and Chen Xiaojun were big families. Their assets were not in the village, but in Xin'an County. If he was adopted, he would be the son of the Chen family. He would have to change his name. Moreover, the Chen family had no son but a daughter. Now the only heir was the little girl. If he adopted a son, he would have to change his name. He has a conflict of succession with the little girl. If there is no adoption, the Chen family is purely raising him, there is no such problem, he felt that with Xiao Min's intelligence and wisdom, he would not have thought of this. Xiao Min was not thinking about this: "If you don't tell me where you are from, how dare I raise you in my home? If you tell me about the situation in the coal mine, I will consider adopting you. If you can't tell me, I will send you to the welfare home after completing the formalities. The Chen family does not take in selfish children." When Chen Meng heard this, she understood roughly and said coquettishly, "Mom," she really likes her little brother. If her mother doesn't take him in, will she never see him again. Shen this person is the least cannibalistic threat, he is not do not want to solve this matter, but feel that this matter is his own thing, he wants to solve, before the village people so mercilessly betrayed, again and again handed him over, he wants to let the people in the village know, clean up this group of people is not Xiao Min a family thing, everyone must work together. He did not speak, that is, do not agree, Xiao Min did not think of his threat did not work, holding a good treasure behind him, followed slowly to keep up with the pace of young people. I don't know why you don't cooperate with me, but think about it,stesweet stevia, like you. "There are a lot of people like me. Can you manage it?" As soon as Shen Jianmeng looked back, he almost bumped into Xiao Min. The child refused to eat. Chen Xiaojun silently pulled Xiao Min's hand, fearing that his wife would make him angry: "a child of this age is like this. Don't look at what he said in his mouth. He must be suffocating in his heart. I look at him so clever that he won't suffer this dumb loss. You should pay close attention to him and see if he will make any big moves these days." 。 prius-biotech.com