Why doesn't this bastard go to hell? Shen Rong dreamed of letting Shen Yu disappear from his face, hired someone to knock him off the highway, the body did not see, eight out of ten. Nine is not dead. He is not reconciled, sent people all over the world to find people, find clean, the result did not expect that one day, Shen Yu can appear intact in front of him. Where the hell is he hiding? Shen Rong looked at Shen Yu, then looked at Chu Tong, wiped his face, and measured something in his heart. Shen Yu did not pay attention to Shen Rong, the relationship between the two has been bad to the extreme, even the surface of the polite are too lazy to maintain, Shen Yu took Chu Tong's hand, looking at him covered with wolves, then said: "Go, I take you to clean up." Chu Tong nodded weakly, with a sense of security in his heart, and followed Shen Yu into the bathroom. Shen Yu helped Chu Tong take off his clothes, threw them into the pool, and was washing them. "Well.." Chu Tong was only wearing this dress, and after taking it off, his upper body was naked, and when he came into contact with the cold air, he couldn't help shivering. Cold? Shen Yu squat down. Body Help him wipe the sticky sauce on his pants and touch it with his hands. Touch Chu Tong's side waist. Cool,Iron Nail Making Machine, but smooth and nice. OK. Itch 。” Chu Tong laughed and hurriedly dodged Shen Yu, but Shen Yu clenched. Hold his hand. 。“ Did they bully you? Shen Yu asked. Chu Tong originally wanted to forget all these things, but when Shen Yu asked him, he was a little aggrieved and sad, so he said: "The girl accidentally bumped into me, not bullying, but she did not apologize, and her attitude was not good." Shen Yu nodded and pinched Chu Tong's hand to comfort him. Then he asked, "Where is Shen Rong?" "He.." It's very annoying. Chu Tong said. Did he bully you? Shen Yu stood up again,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, took off his coat and put it on him. No, he was kicked down by you. Chu Tonggan said, and remembered the scene at that time, he could not help saying: "Shen Yu, you were so handsome, like a hero." Shen Yu laughed. He rubbed Chu Tong's hair and said, "The hero will protect you forever." "That's what we said." Chu Tong said with a smile, but when Shen Yu turned around, his expression was a little sad. Shen Yu's wound has been healed, and met Shen Rong, he. Should go back soon, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, but certainly not forever. Chu Tong thought of this, a little sad in the heart, until go back to eat, Chu Tong has been absent-minded, Nail production machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, Ye Tiantian asked him how, he only said nothing. Shen Yu opened a can of beer and put it aside. Chu Tong grabbed it and took a sip. He felt that the taste was not very good. It was bitter and astringent, but it was unexpectedly prickly. Nerve stimulation So he sipped a small piece, and his eyes gradually became blank. When the meat was ready, Shen Yu came over to feed him. Chu Tong bit the chopsticks and licked them again. I licked the corners of my mouth The tip of the pink tongue was hooked, which made Shen Yu's mouth dry. Does it taste good Shen Yu asked him. Delicious Chu Tong was slow for a few seconds before he looked up. Face said : "More." His voice was soft and glutinous, and with a bit of drunkenness, Shen Yu's heart melted. Chu Tong is really drunk, drunk time is also very clever, unlike other people play drunk crazy, he only sticks to Shen Yu, Shen Yu feed him a mouthful he will eat, when not feeding will carefully pull each other's clothes. Ye Tiantian only looked at them and did not speak. After a long time, he said, "Do you really like him?" "Like it." Shen Yu said. In fact, this is their first calm conversation, just when Chu Tong went out, the two also sneered for a while. Can you promise not to bully him? Ye Tiantian asked. I can guarantee that he won't be bullied by others. Shen Yudao. But I can bully him. Shen Yu thought again in his heart. Ye Tiantian listened, did not speak again, because Chu Tong began to stick to Shen Yu again, he hugged Shen Yu's arm, constantly drilling into Shen Yu's arms, like a rabbit drilling holes, until Shen Yu hugged him into his arms, gently patted his forehead, Chu Tong was quiet. Perhaps this is also good, Ye Tiantian thought. After a meal, Chu Tong had fallen asleep. Shen Yu carried him back and went upstairs to open the door. There was no one else in the dormitory. Shen Yu carried Chu Tong to the bed. Go He took the water, took off his clothes, wiped his body, and then took a quick bath himself. Go to bed again, Chu Tong is still silly to fall asleep, Shen Yu lifted the quilt, and the other side of the muscle. Skin to skin With a wonderful beauty. The light was turned off, but the moon outside was bright, and the moonlight poured in, just enough to see the delicate eyebrows and lips. Then Chu Tong opened his mouth and spat out bubbles like a fish. Shen Yu thought it was interesting and touched Chu Tong's lips gently with his hand. Flap It's softer than you think. Are you asleep? Go to sleep. Or whether he sleeps or not, Shen Yu wants to taste what the lips taste like. So he got a little closer, a little closer, and suddenly he was a little nervous, but what was he nervous about? It's not like there's no.. Tut, I really haven't kissed. Shen Yu lowered his head and stuck it on for only a second before he heard Chu Tong hum. Are you awake? Shen Yu retreated and saw Chu Tong open his eyes slightly, his eyes full of confusion. Shen. Yu? Chu Tong's brain was dizzy and his head was a little swollen, but when he saw Shen Yu in front of him, he felt at ease and shrank forward into Shen Yu's arms, wanting to go back to sleep. Be good and come out first. Shen Yu put Chu Tong's little.. His face lifted. He leaned over and kissed him a few more times. Chu Tong still looked at him foolishly, not knowing what had just happened, but feeling a little comfortable with something soft on his mouth. Do you like it? Shen Yu asked him. "Well.." Chu Tong could not understand each other's words and only licked. I licked my mouth Shen Yu's eyes turned red and he kissed him hard again. His kiss was so urgent that it came like a storm, prying open his soft lips. Flap Probing into the sweet and greasy mouth, everything is beautiful and maddening. And under the body of Chu Tong also did not have half a minute to stop, only ignorant to bear, until Shen Yu entangled his tongue tip, Chu Tong just trance thought, the other side seems to be kissing him. Not hate, but also vaguely like,wire nail machine manufacturers, Chu Tong's thoughts have been scattered, obediently closed his eyes, let Shen Yu bully up. 3shardware.com