On the second day of Beijing Women's No.15 Middle School, all the members of the second team of the Fourth Squadron said in a letter: The fact that "orphans are not lonely" tells him that in the face of this living fact, he dares not bow his head! All the students in the first group of the second grade of Beijing No.4 Middle School sent them a package of small and significant gifts. The letter said: Chairman Mao led us on a bright road-the broad road of communism. This needle of class friendship, this bright red thread links us together, listens to Chairman Mao's words, always follows the Party, always keeps his historical heart, learns from Chairman Mao's good soldier and great ordinary soldier Lei Feng, serves the people and strives for communism all his life.. We should know how our five children gratefully accept the love and care of the Party, the government and all the people around them, and how they reflect the warm sunshine like a bright and glittering mirror on the people around them. We can't just look at the thank-you letters they write to people. We should see how they take practical actions. To show that he has not failed to live up to the cultivation and care of the Party and the government. Xiao Tongqing's teacher Zhang told me that at the beginning of the semester, everyone bought paper to wrap the book cover of the new book. There is a relatively poor classmate in the class, Tang Jinzeng, who has no book wrapping paper. When Tongqing knew it, he quietly gave him a few pieces of paper and wrapped it for him. Tong Qing said: "Although he is not an orphan,die cast light housing, but his father has no labor force, there are eight people in the family, life is very hard, I should help him.". She also encouraged Tang Jinzeng to apply to join the Young Pioneers. She recently gave him four pencils with a letter saying, "I hope you can join the glorious Young Pioneers of China on our own holiday,car radiator cap, June 1st." Last November, Zhou Tongshan picked up a wallet in a shop. He saw the name and address of the owner in the wallet and sent it back to her. When he came back, the young man wrote this paragraph in his diary with passion. He said: Asked me where I lived and what my name was, I said, "I live in Beijing" and ran home. Because, in our capital Beijing, in our whole China, there are too many people who take pleasure in helping others. The children have said all they can. What else can I say? On the eve of International Children's Day, I wish our five children, together with all our successors, healthy and happy growth! (This article was first published in the June 1964 issue of People's Literature.) w w w. xiao shuotxt. co m The Fisherman and the North Wind ? Novel /tXt | Heaven (North American Indian folktale) a tribe of fishermen. They travel long distances in summer to the north, car radiator cap ,metal stamping parts, where they catch a lot of delicious fish. But when winter comes, they have to go back to warmer places. For there was a ruler in the north, whose name was Cabibuluga, also called the North Wind. This vicious old man will get rid of them. One morning, the fishermen got up and saw that the lake on which they had cast their nets was covered with a thin layer of ice. Soon it began to snow again, and the ice became thicker and thicker. The fishermen could already hear the distant footsteps of Kabipaunuga. "Cappuccino is coming!" Cried the fishermen. "Cappuccino is coming soon. It is time for us to go." But a fisherman named Cinquebus only smiled. "Why should I go?" He said to his companions? I can make a hole in the ice and catch a fish with my line, and I don't care if Cappuccino comes or not! The fishermen looked at him in amazement. Of course, they knew that Cinquebus was a clever young man, but how could this cleverness help him to deal with the terrible north wind? They said, "Kabibuluga is much stronger than you. Even the biggest tree in the forest bows before him, and the swiftest river freezes against him.". Unless you can turn into a bear or a fish, he will freeze you to death. Cingibis was still smiling. He said, "I can wear a fur coat and a leather palm during the day, and I can make a big fire in the hut at night, which can protect me.". Cappinuga, if you dare, ask him to come to my cabin! When the fishermen left, they were very sad. They all loved Cinquebus, and they really thought they would never see him again. The fishermen had gone south, and Cinquebus immediately began to work. He prepared a lot of logs, gathered a lot of dry bark and dead branches, and every night he made the fire in the house very bright and bright. In the morning he went to the lake and made a hole in the ice to fish. In the evening, he would drag a bunch of fish home through the path in the snow. Whoo, whoo! The north wind roared. Wild geese and wild ducks have already flown to the south. Who dares to stay here? Let's see who is the master of this world of ice and snow! I will go to his cabin tonight and put out his fire! Whoo, whoo! Night came, and Cinquebus sat by the fire in the hut. What a prosperous fire! Every big log is enough to burn for a month! Cingibis was cooking the fish, a big one he had just caught during the day. The smell of the fish was so delicious that Cinquebus rubbed his hands together with delight. He had walked several miles that day, and it was very comfortable to sit by the fire in the warm cabin. He thought of his companions who had gone back to the south. He said to himself, "They think that Cabibuluga is a fierce God, and that he is more powerful than any Indian.". Indeed, I am more afraid of the cold than he is, but he must be more afraid of the heat than I am. The thought made him laugh and sing with delight. As he ate his supper, he could hardly hear the north wind whistling in the woods around his hut. The snow was falling fast and thickly, and the north wind rolled up the snow on the ground and threw it at the hut. But the snow did not get into the house,Stainless steel foundry, but covered the hut like a thick blanket, protecting it from the cold. Kabi Paunuka is very angry. He stood at the door of the hut and shouted in a terrible voice. But Cinquebis was not afraid. He felt that in this vast and quiet land, it was also very good to have some voices to break the loneliness. He answered with a laugh:. autoparts-dx.com