The earth-shaking power of lightning was almost absorbed by his primordial spirit, which was not only not damaged, but more solid and powerful. But the power of lightning is so powerful that although it is absorbed by his primordial spirit, it inevitably overflows a few minutes and destroys the incomplete soul in the body. Only the memory is absorbed by the primordial spirit, and everything else is destroyed. The brain was slightly stimulated by the force of lightning, and under the protection of Xiao Yuesheng's primordial spirit, mysterious changes took place, and the brain area expanded several times that of ordinary people, which saved him a great deal of effort in his future cultivation. Without knowing the depth, he would not wake up rashly. With his eyes closed, his mind had dispersed. If his brain had not expanded, he would have suddenly turned into an ordinary person, and his mind would have been bound and difficult to use. But after all, the expansion is limited, can not be as fast as the original thousands of miles, can only look within two miles, see this is a high mountain, sparsely populated, surrounded by women, only one man, it seems to be in the daughter country. Soon, he was completely integrated with this body. Although his mind was strong, this body was really not flattering. His meridians were blocked. It seemed that he had not learned martial arts. His facial features were dull. He could not hear what the women outside the courtyard were talking about. But when he saw them looking at this from time to time, he was afraid that it was related to himself. The three women beside him are all beautiful women, especially the woman who is caressing herself, who is cool and charming,collapsible pallet box, seemingly cold, but charming. Her face appeared in the memory, and it turned out to be the master of this body, who had nurtured him, but what he got was only the memory, but not the emotion, and he could not give birth to the feeling of admiration. The soft little hand stroked his face, making Xiao Yuesheng slightly itchy, both familiar and strange feeling quite strange, he could not help but open his eyes. When Wen Yubing heard Xiao Qing's light call,plastic pallet manufacturer, she couldn't help looking at Xiao Yuesheng and bumping into his eyes when he slowly opened them. Her cold and charming face was filled with surprise: "Qiuer, Qiuer!"! Are you awake?! "Master." Said in a hoarse voice, Xiao Yuesheng stared at Wen Yubing. In front of her face, her snow-white skin is as smooth as porcelain, her eyes are black and white, and her pupils are as bright as black diamonds. Her beauty is not inferior to that of her wives. At this time, Wen Yubing, full of ecstasy, although his eyes were as deep as the sea, but did not doubt that he was restored to Pure Brightness, Xiao Nanqiu's original eyes, a misty, dim. Qiuer, Qiuer, is there anything wrong with it? Wen Yubing stroked his black face and asked softly in a soft voice. Xiao Yuesheng shook his head and smiled. His teeth were even whiter. His voice was hoarse. He said with a deep smile, "Master, I haven't seen you for a long time.." Wen Yubing was slightly stunned, then suddenly, plastic bulk containers ,ibc spill containment pallet, tears welled up, nodded forcefully, laughed and wept, choked up and could not speak. Master, young master has come to his senses! The small butterfly is carrying a glass of water to come over, hears Xiao Yuesheng's words. I couldn't help saying in surprise. Uh Wen Yubing nodded and took the blue and white teacup held by Xiaodie. Without looking back, she waved her snow-white jade hand: "You go out with Xiaoqing." She didn't want anyone to see her tears. The two girls obeyed, took one look at the young master on the bed, curled up and went out to rest in the small pavilion in the bamboo grove of the small courtyard. Wen Yubing sat on the bed, bent down and stretched his arms, holding a teacup in one hand and reaching under his back with the other hand. With a slight effort, he would help him up and feed him water. Xiao Yuesheng rose to his feet and took the teacup with his hand. "I dare not bother you, Master," he said with a smile. "Let the disciple do it himself." Seeing that he was not weak and dull, Wen Yubing was greatly surprised: "Qiu'er?" "Master, don't worry. Qiuer is fine!" Xiao Yuesheng called himself by the name in his memory, and with a smile on his black face, he drank the water from the celadon cup. Is it really all right? Wen Yubing is not at ease, was struck by lightning, how can nothing happen?! Xiao Yuesheng shook his head with a smile. Without blinking an eye, a lie came out of his mouth: "Master, don't worry." These years, I seem to have been sleepy, how can not wake up, just a thunder, suddenly woke me up! Thank God! God bless! Wen Yubing took the teacup, got out of bed and sent it back to the red lacquer square table under the window, with a light and brisk pace. Small ~ say 55 5 original Chinese network www. Xs 5 ~ Chapter 2 Dispelling Doubts As for taking Xiao Nanqiu's body, Xiao Yuesheng did not take it to heart. He had achieved great success in cultivation. He had the Samadhi of the unkind way of heaven. There were fewer and fewer fetters, and he acted more and more unscrupulously. Day thunder just hit him, must have no reason, blame can only blame his fate is not good, rather than live like a walking corpse, it is better to help themselves! Fulfill some unfinished wishes for him and repay him. Don't come down, lie down first! Wen Yubing saw him open the brocade, want to stay, hurriedly stretched out the jade hand to stop, Bo Chen stared at him, obviously she is still not at ease, blame him too careless, its expression in the eyes of Xiao Yuesheng, extremely charming and moving. Xiao Yuesheng thought about his identity as Xiao Nanqiu, but he obeyed honestly. He looked up and touched his shining head. "Master," he said, "my hair is all gone." Wen Yubing has calmed down, tears have been quietly wiped away, look at the way he stroked his head, can not help but smile, can Ruo Chunhua: "No!" "The disciple doesn't want to become a monk!" Xiao Yuesheng sighed helplessly, with a bitter face, which provoked Wen Yubing to cover her mouth with her hands, and her tall and graceful body trembled and giggled. The shining bald head, the black face and the snow-white teeth look really funny and make people want to laugh. Wen Yubing hadn't laughed so heartily for a long time. The two young girls in the bamboo grove pavilion were greatly surprised. They stretched their necks and looked at it. Unexpectedly, the laughter of the master was so beautiful. They had some doubts about whether the person in the room was the master who had always been cold. The original Xiao Qiunan, temperament is lively and agile, Xiao Yuesheng's behavior, did not make Wen Yubing feel uncomfortable, but Dasheng kind,plastic pallet crates, clear eyes soft cover him, delicate snow-white corners of the mouth slightly warped, with an irrepressible smile.