"I'm afraid it's not easy to handle, at least not in the court." Sun yuanhua said in embarrassment. Indeed, how could the Ming Dynasty let a neighboring country like me, which was still in a hostile state, station troops on Juehua Island? In this way, from the navy of Dengzhou first draw some ships, in your name to support Lord yuan, and I will send someone to contact the court, I am willing to submit to the court again. As soon as my voice fell, everyone was shocked. I didn't expect that Mao Wenlong's defection to the enemy would make me have such a big reaction. I didn't understand. Where do they know, with Mao Wenlong Huang Taiji will speed up the pace of invasion of Korea, I can't be attacked on both sides, so I must join hands with the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty may only have one yuan Chonghuan to help me, as long as we rely on each other, I believe Huang Taiji will not be so easy to start. Think of Korea and Liaodong long border line, my heart is afraid, there is Mao Wenlong to contain Ningyuan, Huang Taiji can rest assured that the rate of the army to attack Korea, for Korea is most afraid of the Jurchen cavalry. To speed up the emigration, all the light and strong people should be incorporated into the regiment training, step up training,plastic pallet containers, and strive to be able to fight this winter. I said that things would only get better after this winter. The key lies in this winter, whether I or Huang Taiji and yuan Chonghuan, with the surrender of Mao Wenlong, the situation began to change. The fourth volume, the second chapter, the feeling of being full is really good. "My Lord, General Lee and the North Korean fleet have arrived!" A close guard came forward to report. Yeah, great,secondary containment pallet, let's go to the pier! I Teng stood up, at this time I was discussing the immigration with Sun yuanhua, in recent days the food in Dengzhou has been in an emergency, it is difficult to buy food on the market, the people are not willing to sell the surplus grain in their hands, this year there is nothing more precious than food, although the letter to the Deng family for help was sent out by Li Jie's carrier pigeon, but so far there has been no reply. Sun yuanhua and I are worried about this. Hearing the news of the North Korean fleet at this time is undoubtedly a timely help. This is the best news I have heard in many days. At this time, dozens of large ships have been docked on the dock, countless boatmen are busy unloading goods, bags of grain have been piled up into hills, I am ecstatic to see this scene. Sir! Adult Li Zhe and Zhang Haichao, who were far away, greeted me. I hurried forward and held their hands tightly. "It's great to see you. How did you go all the way?" Isn't this nonsense? I really don't know what to say if I can't get to Hong Kong smoothly. I've never been so anxious to wait and hope for these people. Fortunately, call the adult trouble, halfway met general Lee's fleet, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet bins, so the navy to escort us back, the adult's letter is urgent, at the moment the North Korean cargo ship is not enough, most of the cargo ships to be transformed into warships have not been completed, so Li Fujue adult will be able to go to sea ships are sent out, the speed of these ships is different, so it affects the speed, so that today, Let the adults wait anxiously? Zhang Haichao has been in the market for a long time, and he knows when he sees my expression, otherwise I wouldn't be so happy. All right, all right. If you come two days later, I'll have to eat the bark with you. This is not my exaggeration. These days, in order to help the refugees, the rations of the barracks and the government have been reduced by half. I drink gruel all day long, which makes my stomach often fight. At night, it is even wilting. I can't do what I want. Although the women don't say it, they can see that they are all patient. There is no way to set an example as a commander in chief! "Fortunately, there is no delay, or it would be a sin to harm adults to eat bark!" After that, Li Zhe and we all laughed, and the courage to have food was strong. Have a good time tonight, and I mean a good meal. All right, it's windy here. Let's not talk about it here. All of you are coming back from afar. I'll give you a welcome tonight. Sun yuanhua said happily, I think he also wants to take advantage of this to eat a big meal. They talked and laughed and went back to the government office. I was relieved that Li Fujue had to be promoted greatly when he returned to North Korea. That night, everyone had a full meal. This long-lost feeling made me feel a lot. I really wanted to shout loudly to the sky that it felt good to be full. It is not only my colleagues who have been eating bran and pharynx vegetables with me for a few days, but also the refugees in the Broken Army Valley who express their joy in their own way. The next day, when truckloads of grain arrived at the Broken Army Valley, all the people were boiling, and the whole Broken Army Valley was cheering. Although they had not eaten yet, these people seemed to have tasted the taste, and their eyes looked at me expectantly. Set up a fire and cook porridge! Anyone with a little common sense knows that prolonged hunger is not suitable for eating too much dry food at once. Looking at the steaming and bubbling rice porridge, many people left tears in their mouths before they ate it. Many of these people probably don't know what rice tastes like all their lives. Dinner is served, dinner is served! I stood on the edge of the pot with a spoon and shouted, "Hungry refugees swarmed in and raised their rice bowls high." Don't squeeze, don't squeeze, see have a share, tube enough to eat! I and the crowd kept evacuating the crowd, bowl after bowl of porridge from the pot, I do not know how many portions, waving arms are painful, a pot is not enough to cook a pot, a whole afternoon, the grain suddenly disappeared half. The power of the masses is really too great, now I really see, many people eat a bowl is not enough, and then eat a bowl, until the last person around me with his tongue to add all the porridge juice at the bottom of the bowl, this distribution action is higher than the paragraph. It makes me jumpy. At this speed,plastic pallet price, the grain from North Korea is far from enough. This speed is simply amazing. I asked Zhang Haichao beside me: "Old Uncle Zhang, do you think this grain is all right? It's better not to be short of grain in North Korea!" This really worries me. I'm afraid that if we tear down the east wall to make up the west wall, there will be famine in North Korea. 。 binpallet.com