There was a covenant between Zhu Chuan and Zheng Chao. Ji Chang, Zhongxu's younger brother, learned the language and customs of Leizhou in Zhu Chuan. In fact, he acted as a proton. Zhu Chuan also had a princess sent to Zheng Chao to raise and prepare to marry a royal man. The princess did not like the climate of Donglu, but lived in the frost for half a year, which was Zhongxu's favorite purple hairpin. The purple hairpin skin is bright and beautiful, flowing and moving. It is born with a gentle temperament. Even the jewelry hairpin ring is seldom used. The Chariot Man is good at navigation and trade. He worships the Shark Man as the Dragon Tail God. He believes deeply in the purple hairpin. He only wears a Shark Man's coat of arms pendant of the Chariot Royal Family in his daily life. When the frost returned to the gate, they saw the white clothes in the wind from a distance. It was a shadow that wanted to fly away standing at Chengtou, overlooking the way of the world of mortals. Zhongxu abandoned his horse and ran up to the gate tower. The purple hairpin looked at him and just smiled. After a while, he opened his mouth and said, "I haven't seen you for half a year. You will be old." It is said that within a hundred days of the bitter struggle, the king of Xu and a group of young generals became sophisticated and gradually became famous generals. Only the purple hairpin, like an ordinary woman without knowledge, only cherishes his emaciated figure and old appearance. With the death of his father and brother and the fall of the imperial capital, he did not show any painful look. But because of the words of the purple hairpin, he shed tears. He is the king of Xu, the future emperor, the commander of the rebellion, he is everything, but can not be a happy and angry, but sick and old ordinary people. In troubled times, she was the only one left, treating him as a flesh and blood. www.xiaoshuotXt,coM Verse 17: Three Grass Green Frost White I (3) /tXt|? Novel Paradise Less than two months after Luo Siyuan besieged the city, the winter of Hanzhou came. The wind and snow were bitter and cold, and the hay was difficult to continue. Luo Siyuan had to cross the sea and retreat. From October to April, seventy thousand people in Hanzhou to recuperate and exercise, quietly dormant until the spring of the following year. Zhongxu always refused to proclaim himself emperor, and the newly married purple hairpin only added the title of Princess Xu. From the twenty-eighth year to the thirty-first year of Lintai, time passed in a hurry, and the territory of the imperial court was full of smoke. The situation of the war was turned upside down, and there was no peace for the people. Many villages and towns did not even have an adult male. The fields were deserted, and food, cloth and silk were almost unavailable. The people were ragged, and it was also heard that they led people to cannibalism. Ji Chang, the prince who lived in Zhu Chuan, had grown from a child to a young man. With his efforts, Wang Shi's supplies were still barely maintained by Zhu Chuan. If Zhongxu can seize the throne, the princess purple hairpin of the note chariot will naturally become the queen of the court, which is the abacus of the note chariot. In the spring of the thirty-second year of Lintai, of the fourteen prefectures of Daoji, only the capital city and the three prefectures of Jidong, which faced the sea, were still in the hands of Chu Fengyi, the tyrant king, and the rest had been recovered. With frost as the capital, Zhongxu and the six-winged general Wang Shi have grown to nearly three hundred thousand scale, and there are nearly one hundred thousand troops around the rebel army. Everyone thought that the recapture of the capital city was no later than the winter of that year, and that the pacification of the whole territory was just around the corner. However, in the summer of that year, the initial trend of the board again. In seven days, the cavalry of the northwest library made a circuitous journey of more than three thousand miles, invading the border of the Great Expedition from Balin Duo in the west of the Yellow Spring Pass, ibc spill pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and going straight to the frost, but not entangled with Wang Shi who was blocking it. The cavalry was strong and fast, and retreated in the first World War, plundering everywhere. Ching Hai Gong Fang Zhiyi led the troops of the two prefectures of Hean and Chishan in Northeast China to encircle and suppress the rebels in Tulin Prefecture, but they were attacked by the rebels. Chu Fengyi led seventy-five thousand troops from the capital city to the south. Within two months, he had recaptured the three counties in the southwest, such as Saga, Zhou and Lilan. For a time, Wannan and Yuexi set up rebel flags. The rebels in the capital city, Guanglu and Tulin counties marched westward on a large scale, like tigers and wolves. That year, Fang Jianming was about twenty years old, and he was already very tall. After taking off his armor, he still looked like a young man. He is the youngest of the six-winged generals, but he has been in the army for more than five years. Chu Zhongxu was three years older than him. He was decisive and prudent before the battle, and had a keen insight. He was already a king. In the war, for example, all kinds of cover and outflanking, two people can echo each other at a distance, like a pair of brothers. There are many outstanding young generals in Wang Shi, who have been in love with each other for several years, and there are many stories of sacrificing their lives to help and defending them. However, everyone knows in their hearts that only Fang Jianming, the eldest son of the Duke of Ching Hai, can trust King Xu with his life. In July, the news of Ching Hai Gong Fang Zhiyi's death in battle reached Shuang Huan, and the spies reported back one after another. The two counties of Liu yuan and He'an fell one after another, and the Fang clan was exterminated. When the message was delivered, eighty thousand troops were waiting to pull out, rushed to the newly fallen Nanyang from lanjun capital of tongping city. Fang Jianming was silent for a long time when he heard the letter, and Zhongxu called him on horseback. The young deputy commander in chief raised his head slightly and looked at the young man in front of him. He opened his mouth, but failed to say anything after all. He left the front of the array silently. When he came back, the armor had changed into mourning clothes, and he was still on the horse lightly. His eyes were slightly red, but his face could not see some crying. Wang Shi hurried for 11 days, and was stationed fifty miles outside the west gate of Tongping City. First, a small force was sent out to shout and harass for several days. When the rebels fought in Kaesong, they retreated and repeatedly. Finally, Chu Fengyi led the main force out of the city and launched a battle along the narrow plain along the Lan River. The Lanjiang River is a tributary of the Jianshui River, which starts from the Baishui River and flows into the sea from Liunan. In a section of Tongping City, the plain on the south bank of the river is no more than five or six miles wide, and then to the south, there is a stretch of hills. Before dawn, the sky is pale, the mountains are lush, and the outline of vegetation is dense on the ridge. The accidental strike of the sword and the light armor caused small ripples in the quiet air, and the bright red flag of the army faded into thick black in the light of the ignorant sky. Fang Jianming was the 53rd Qing Hai Gong of this Dynasty and the Lord of Liuqi County. Black or white, the trees cast gray shadows, and there is no third color. Zhongxu looked up at the young man on the horse. Fang Jianming was still wearing black mourning clothes under his armor, and his black eyebrows were hidden under his helmet. Zhongxu could only see his thin white lips stretched into a line. The boy turned his head, and Zhongxu guessed that the boy was looking at him. In the quiet and cool air of the early morning, the invisible eyes of the teenager shed a chill, a suppressed, frozen anger, black transparent flame, no heat,plastic pallet crates, but to burn everything. The anger did not come from Zhongxu. What rolled in the young man's mind was the desire to fight for blood. Jian Ming. Zhongxu said in a low voice, "remember, charge and encircle at sunrise tomorrow." 。