Wuliangshan, outside Jianhu Palace. [.. Cm I] (See please remember br/After these accidents, the Infinite Assembly can only stop first. Br/The so-called accident is not only that Fang Lin broke into Jianhu Palace, but also that Lin Ao died! Poison! As a matter of course, Tian Guang became the new head of Wuliang, and what made him happy was that he had a scapegoat, Fang Lin! Br/Tian Guang took all the disciples of Wulianggao, broke the rules, and went into Jianhu Palace to capture Fanglin. Br/If in the past, this kind of decision will certainly cause controversy, but at this moment, Tian Guang has not cared, the whole immeasurable payment is his, the sword master inheritance, also sooner or later belongs to him! Before long, Tian Guang took a large number of people to the Infinite Sword Wall. Chu Chen Feng heard the footsteps of the crowd, and then looked back at Fang Lin, a burst of anxiety appeared on his face. At this moment, Fang Lin can not disturb, otherwise there will be endless trouble, but, immeasurable pay, can you resist? Br/Really,cold drawn tubes, if you run away now, it's the best time. This time, the goal has been achieved, and now the guard is the weakest. But do you want to leave the lower forest? Br/Chu Chenfeng smiled bitterly. He asked Fang Lin to help him, but he had to protect him himself. However, this loyalty, he Chu Chen Feng still has! Br/Chu Chen Feng pulled out the folding fan from his waist, and an innate breath spread from him. Before long,side impact door beams, Tian Guang arrived. Br/Seeing Fang Lin who was sitting quietly, Tian Guang was immediately annoyed. The inheritance of the Sword Lord is his. Others can't take it away! Br/When he saw Chu Chenfeng, he was slightly stupefied, but he didn't expect to have an accomplice. (./ "You two killed my immeasurable suzerain.". Still want to take away my inheritance, still want to leave safely? Tian Guang said coldly. Br/Chu Chenfeng's face is getting uglier and uglier. The suzerain is dead, and the matter is getting more and more chaotic. Br/ "If you want to fight, come!" Chu Chen Feng is contrary to the previous refined nirvana, he is the disciple of Chu Zuixiang, he has his arrogance. So what if you are a master? I am not afraid of World War I! "Hubris!" Tian Guang sneered. Br/After that, make a quick move. If you still use a sword to deal with a generation. He really has no place to put his face! Br/Chu Chen Feng looked at the approaching Tian Guang, threw the folding fan in his hand, and rushed directly to Tian Guang. Br/Unlimited surrender of the sword. But the strength is here, even without a sword, is not, Chu Chen wind this congenital early can deal with. Br/Not long after, the folding fan of Chu Chenfeng was blown away. Tian Guang raised his hand and hit Chu Chenfeng on the back. Br/Chuchenfeng's secret way is not good, Precision steel tubes ,aluminium coated tubes, but it can't be avoided. Br/At this time, only a loud noise was heard, and Tian Guang stepped back. A shadow takes three steps back. Br/This man is the shadow! Br/The shadow pulled out the dagger from his waist slightly. Without a word, he disappeared and killed Tian Guang. The speed is amazing! Br/Tian Guang was frightened. He could feel that the man was not as strong as himself, but when he saw the calm eyes, he shivered in his heart for no reason. Br/The other disciples of Wulianggao came forward spontaneously and surrounded the Chu Chenfeng "Xiang Fanglin!"! Br/Lin Yuchen's eyes were blurred, as if everything had nothing to do with him. He was pressed and his power was blocked. At the moment, he was almost mad and immersed in pain. Br/He took one look at Fang Lin and felt a trance. A figure flashed through his eyes. It was the Lord of the Infinite Sword! Br/At this moment, looking at the back of Fang Lin sitting quietly, he only felt like the Infinite Sword Lord, that kind of temperament, surprisingly similar! Br/ "Grandfather, Grandfather!" Br/Lin Yuchen, who was drunk, staggered along. He ran slowly to Fanglin and looked at the disciples who killed Fanglin. He roared and stood directly in front of Fanglin! Br/When a long sword came, Lin Yuchen directly blocked it with his body. Br/At this moment, Tian Guang and the shadow are fighting together, the shadow is already in the middle of the congenital period, plus his powerful fighting capacity, as well as all kinds of killing moves, plus the strange posture, and Tian Guang are basically neck and neck! He is no match for Tian Guang, but at least he can be unbeaten! Chu Chen Feng is holding down some of his disciples. More than the disciples are afraid, Lin Yuchen no matter how, is also the suzerain of the North, at the moment he directly took the body block, who dares to start? Br/The disciples of the Northern Sect drew their swords one after another at this moment. They were weak in the Northern Sect and were bullied. They put up with it, but their suzerain did not allow anyone to hurt them! Br/Unlimited payment is in chaos. Everyone fought together. Br/Fang Lin didn't seem to hear anything. He closed his eyes. At the moment, he was still struggling. Br/All the original meaning of the sword, he has completely lost, he forgot all the meaning of the sword in his original memory, full of that is a killing sword! Br/Accept the heritage, accept the heritage! Br/It was still the same voice, ringing in his ears. Br/Fang Lin opened his eyes, glassy, as if there was no focus, just staring at the sword wall. Br/Like a big sword, it is bombarding the soul of Fanglin. Fang Lin gradually lost consciousness. After coming to this world, the scenes began to appear in front of him. Wudang has encountered numerous difficulties along the way. The fundamental reason is that it is not strong enough! He Fanglin needs to be stronger to protect everything that belongs to him! Br/Stronger, to protect! Br/Even if he accepts the inheritance, he will only become the second Infinite Sword Lord and will never surpass him! Br/He's going to be stronger than anyone else! Br/Fang Lin's eyes gradually began to condense, a sense of arrogance, an unwilling, an anger, appeared on him! Br/ "Take it, take it!" Fang Lin's eyes narrowed slightly and his brows wrinkled slightly. He shook his head and tried to wake himself up to refuse this temptation. Br/He didn't pay much attention to the outside world. He didn't know that his side was full of dangers. He didn't know that he was nearly killed several times, but was blocked by Lin Yuchen. At the moment, Lin Yuchen had been sobered up by the pain. He looked at Fang Lin and gave a wry smile. He knew that he was drunk and crazy. Br/However, the inheritance of the grandfather, the predestined person gets it,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, since he is predestined, then protect him! Br/The shadow is also slowly suppressed at the moment. After birth, the gap is huge. Not anyone can defeat an opponent beyond his own realm. cbiesautomotive.com