"Take your seats!" Rong Ting pointed to the huge sand table road under the hall. When they were seated, Rong Ting said with a straight face, "Fang Yun is in charge of the army of the Di clan, with a military strength of 1.2 million. Yang Hong, you are in charge of our army, with a military strength of 650,000.". This deduction, the destruction of the other side's army, or the occupation of the other side's camp, is a victory. Rong Ting waved his hand, and two scribes dressed like aides in black Confucian clothes came up. Here are some small flags, each of which represents ten thousand troops. Different colors represent different services. The scribe who came to Fang Yun's side explained in detail the military composition of Di Huang, handed a bundle of flags to Fang Yun, and retreated. Almost at the same time, Yang Hong's scribes also retreated. There was silence in the lobby, and everyone's eyes were focused on Fang Yun and Yang Hong. Both sides fall! "" Guanglu Doctor Rongting said. Fang Yun, I will not deceive you. In this sand table deduction, I will fall first, and you can see it clearly. Yang Hong's wrist shook and all the flags in his hands flew out. After the flags flew out, Yang Hong looked down at the sand table and immediately remained motionless, as if he had turned into a wood carving and lost his soul. Uh? Something's wrong! Fang Yun glanced at Yang Hong and immediately felt that Yang Hong's condition was not right. Fang Yun, it's your turn. Rong Ting reminded. Hearing the sound, Fang Yun withdrew his eyes and collected himself. He also did not go to see Yang Hong's troop deployment. Different flags represent different services, in addition to Yang Hong, others see also useless. Moreover, once this sand table deduction exercise starts, all troop movements will be disrupted immediately. It's no use seeing it in advance. After pondering for a while, Fang Yun planted all the flags in his hands in the same place in a pair of surprised eyes. Boom! The moment the flag fell, Fang Yun suddenly felt his mind, like a stone constantly sinking, countless white lights exploded in front of him, countless complex terrain changed in front of him, when Fang Yun calmed down, he found that he had appeared in a mountain forest, surrounded by flags everywhere, swords and guns pointing to the sky, dense Di army, like dark clouds, swept away.. "Here we go!" In the lobby, the crowd nodded. At the moment when Fang Yun fell the flag, a stream of black and white air rushed straight into the sky from the sand table. As soon as the air turned, it turned into an illusory light and shadow and burst out. In the light and shadow, countless forests, hills, plains, valleys and rivers emerge one by one. In this complex terrain, two armies are buried in it. In the eyes of the crowd, Yang Hong's army of six hundred and fifty thousand, scattered, formed a huge net, distributed in this piece of heaven and earth, emitting a wave of killing. On the opposite side of Yang Hong, side impact beams ,beam impact tubes, there is a deep mountain. Fang Yun's 1200000 army, but densely packed, all crowded together. No one thought that Fang Yun would actually do this, which is a big taboo. The two armies against each other, pay attention to the platoon, inch trap, step by step. Fang Yun gathered all his forces together. This gives the other side the space to give full play. It fell into the downwind at the beginning. Fang Yun, this is a big taboo of marching! Li Juzheng, Liu Shouzheng, Zhang Muqing see the situation in the field, the heart is a sink. Although they were Confucian officials, the art of war was a compulsory Confucian classic. Fang Yun such a platoon, they know at a glance, this is to want to win less with more, rely on the force pile dead Yang Hong. But the real battlefield, rapidly changing, is not a simple number of troops can decide! "War is a treacherous way.". I think highly of the second son of the Fang family. In the field, people have different ideas, and they are not optimistic about Fang Yun's time. At the back of the hall, behind the beaded curtain on the left side, there was a slight sound. Deal with all changes with no change. That's interesting! At this time, Yipin Guanglu Doctor Rong Ting spoke. He arched his hands to both sides of the hall and shouted: "Two marquises, this sand table deduction, there are two of you!" "Mmm." Guanglu doctor Rongting's voice just fell, around the hall, two dim screens, immediately came two indifferent responses. Immediately, two mighty internal forces flew out and sank into the central sand table, and the light and shadow in the void immediately became very real. Countless trees and grasses grew up. …… "This sand table has been refined into a magic weapon!" At this time, in the mountain forest, Fang Yun was extremely surprised to feel everything around him. Countless tents spread out in all directions from this valley in a spider's web. Every camp is full of countless Dihuang soldiers. These Di Huang people, one by one tall, bright eyes, eagle nose, breath is very strong. 1200000 Di Huang alien, at the moment all in the control of Fang Yun, one by one like an arm finger. h! ~! Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 96 the first encounter Chapter ninety-six war cut jue Di Huang people are well-trained and very good at riding and shooting. In the Zhou Dynasty, only the elite army could compete with them in riding and shooting. However, in terms of strength alone, although Di Huang people are born with a strong physique, they are far less powerful than the soldiers of Dazhou. A well-trained Dazhou soldier who practices martial arts, wearing the excellent armor of the Dazhou Dynasty, can easily slay a Di Huang soldier, and can support the joint attack of two Di Huang soldiers for a long time. 1200000 Di Huang soldiers to six hundred and fifty thousand big Zhou soldiers, this is the northwest campaign, the real military strength of both sides. Although it seems that Fang Yun controls a large number of troops, but in terms of combat effectiveness, the two sides are actually not very different. More importantly, one of the two sides is a battle-hardened and experienced general, and the other is a scholar who has never been on the battlefield. This is the huge gap between the two sides. Although Fang Yun has a 1200000 Di Huang army, he has a slight advantage in strength. But if you can't make good use of it, Yang Hong doesn't even need to die on how many soldiers, you can swallow all this force. In fact, Yang Hong often does this. On the basis of his military exploits, there are countless examples of winning more with less! In my last life, Zhang Ying and I played sand table deduction,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, all of which were ordinary sand. It is the first time that this kind of sand table deduction is very realistic. Get familiar with it first. Fang Yun thought in the heart, immediately command 1200000 the army, platoon. cbiesautomotive.com