After choosing a good place I saw clearly that the hot spring was bigger than I expected It was a regular circle with a diameter of 550 meters The trees and flowers around it grew luxuriantly because of the hot spring and the scenery was beautiful I decided to start thinking about the style of the house and decided on the modern villa style after all I don't like the Japanese houses here and I'm not used to it After a while the structure of the house was ready It was a small white Western-style building with three floors The first floor was mainly equipped with a living room a dining room and some training rooms The second floor was equipped with a study and a bathroom My room is built on the Catalysts and Additives east side Aizen's room is next to my room and the guest rooms are arranged on the west side which is about ten The third floor is my own place It will be vacant first and will be used later Then I added furniture and supplies which I gave to the cat and he was responsible for it The cat that turns into human nature is a child who looks only eleven or twelve years old He can't tell whether he is a boy or a girl His short silver and soft hair and golden red eyes are exactly the same as when I was a child but his hair is short and he wears a red Lily kimono which makes people feel more lovely and moving The rest of the cat is up to you Give me the communicator I want to contact Ikuko and them "Yes master the cat will help the master to transform here please rest assured" the cat slightly bent down and said respectfully I'll go upstairs first When Xiao Ran comes back let him come to my room Then I turned and went upstairs ready to ignore the happy look of the cat behind me after it turned into a person The cat began to decorate the room dutifully searching for the exquisite furniture in his computer library Yeah that's not gonna work "This is too simple" "This is not gorgeous and does not deserve the master's magnificence" "This color is too bright for the owner to like" “……” “……” As soon as I entered the room I transmitted my spiritual power to the communicator (the ball) which emitted a faint red light and then a 60-inch LCD screen appeared in front of me Ikuko's respectful figure appeared on the screen Behind Ikuko stood the silver-haired and golden-eyed Judge Moon an unknown person with pale blue hair and watery eyes and the enchanting and unscrupulous Guanyin Bodhisattva "I've seen the master" the four of them said respectfully half kneeling down in unison Looking at them half kneeling I was sitting leisurely on a chaise longue half leaning on my head Why are there only four of you There is still one left "By rights my page should have called all the people Why are there only four people" Back to the master the spirit king should be in your place now after all the place where you are is under his jurisdiction "It is Ikuko who replies" As soon as Ikuko's voice fell there was a man in front of my eyes with long black hair blood-red and seductive eyes China Chemicals wearing a gorgeous white robe who was kneeling like Ikuko Even such a humble action the body embodies the momentum of the king can not be ignored worthy of his father elected to help manage the manager he is qualified for this I know I'm looking for you this time mainly to tell you that I'm going to stay in the world of corpses and souls for the time being You must know the reason very well I won't say more So I want you to put all the time in other worlds on the slowest boundary so as not to miss the story development of other worlds after I leave here 120 Liuhun Street Life II That way I don't have to rush out of here and worry about the safety of the people I care about Master in fact after you leave the Hokage the world will enter a slow time and the hunter world is also running because of your entry Although it is running at ordinary times it is very slow Only when you are there the world will turn at a normal speed This is set up by an adult at the very beginning The unscrupulous Guanyin who replied this time used to give people the feeling that he was an unscrupulous person in the animation but now he spoke with such serious words that I was stunned and shocked "Oh is that so" Does it seem that the father thinks well In this way my strength can be reduced a lot and I don't have to worry about the plot It's really a good way My father knows me better It turned out that my father had already arranged it for me at the earliest time I was really unfilial I didn't help at all Subordinates have one thing to report "This time the speaker is the moon with Dyes and Pigments a straight face without any expression looks like a cold beauty I really don't know how to choose Xuecheng Rabbit as a substitute in reality" En said "I adjusted my mood and restored my lazy temperament" Last time due to the persistence of adults the fate of King Asakura Leaf who should have died was restored so King Asakura Leaf will fall into the endless reincarnation of a thousand years and Aizen Yousuke who should have died long ago also expelled the world of young Onmyoji because of the intervention of adults and because you do not cherish your body and soul burns in many places resulting in loopholes in several worlds Muddy together now it is impossible to separate subordinates want to know whether to clear these worlds and rebuild them Month's words made several other people look suspicious Clear that is billions of people so clear if not for the face of the moon is still that iceberg face can not see any expression all people think that the moon is not confused or is possessed Hearing the words of the month my face began to change slightly trying to maintain his face not to let others find after all now in front of these people are a group of old foxes or their subordinates so we must not lose face What kind of world is confused "I can't hear anything different in my voice Only I know how nervous I am now" Back to the master the current muddy world has death net king cherry orchid Youyou Alice psychic king