The Siren Forbidden Area is full of dangers and mysteries such as the Blackstone Beast which can be easily crossed as long as you know how to do it But this kind of strange fish like the sharp-toothed fish is not to want to escape can escape the drop can avoid the danger willow leaves they can always easily cross This is also the place where Ji Changkong followed them to take advantage Two days in a row Ji Changkong rode on the iron boat although also encountered some trouble but in general is very smooth no longer encountered the kind of danger that can kill him The third day In the dark sea the surroundings were almost invisible and the willow leaves on the iron boat lit torches and slowly shuttled Food and Feed Additives through the thick fog One by one with a cautious look In this area there are often claw demons As long as from here there is the possibility of encountering the claw demon which is unavoidable we must be absolutely careful! The willow leaves looked awestruck and watched the situation around them warily Xue Hai Jin Hao five people after entering this area is also one by one full of spirit have stood up in the deck hill ready to fight at any time Ji Changkong sat leisurely on the deck of the iron ship not standing up to defend like them squinting slightly as calm as an old monk Claw Demon is a strange creature similar to human beings but with sharp claws and vigorous wings This creature is unique to the Siren Forbidden Zone Legend has it that the claw demon was originally a human being I don't know why he offended the siren and was cursed by the siren From then on they became Claw Demons Their hands and feet became claws as sharp as knives and they grew wings Their strength was raised almost instantly but they lost their wisdom completely Claw demons only kill instinctively feed on the flesh and blood of creatures live forever in the forbidden land of sirens and live by killing any creature that enters here Today's Claw Demon is just an unreasonable evil creature who only knows how to kill There is no other way to treat the Claw Demon except to kill it The original poison lies on the shoulder mountain of Ji Changkong A pair of small eyes rolling around he has a strong interest in everything after coming to the Siren Forbidden Area as long as he can not enter the Tianyuan beads he stays outside Ji Changkong felt that he should see more of the outside world More contact with some people may be able to dilute the seeds of his inner meanness and make him more and more human so Ji Changkong will let him move freely outside unless he has to Hey that guy who doesn't like to talk can you stop peeping at me all the time The small eyes of the original poison looked around for a while and suddenly the line of sight fell on Teng Yang Yin and Yang said "Are you a pervert" You've been peeping at us ever since you saw us Are you so curious about us Teng Yang in six people belong to the kind of seemingly very low-key type never talk much seems not interested in anything a calm look However because of the words of the original poison Teng Yang suddenly looked embarrassed and his eyes were very strange Xue Hai Liu Ye and Jin Hao all opened their eyes wide and looked surprised when they heard the poison of the source say such a thing "You know I'm watching you" Teng Yang touched his nose and laughed shyly The first time we met I saw it The poison of origin gave him a disdainful glance Hum way "Your boy is the worst China Chemicals silent specially like to do this kind of abnormal thing!" "Ha ha ha!" Xue Hai laughed wildly Liu Ye and his party also looked like they could not help laughing and the corners of their mouths were shaking one by one Obviously they were teased by the poisonous words of the source and could not be suppressed "I Teng Yang wants to explain but a mouth but Leng there do not know how to explain" I'm sorry "Liu Ye looked at the poison of the source with a smile and Ji Changkong who was also smiling at the corners of his mouth said" Teng Yang is used to this guy He always likes to use his power to quietly observe every move around him Ha you are too mysterious in his eyes so " With a wave of his hand Ji Changkong didn't mind saying "It doesn't matter" Brother Teng Yang's power is quite special Has the congenital superiority in this aspect does not pay attention carefully is really very difficult to show the Teng Yang elder brother's small action As soon as Ji Changkong said this Teng Yang felt embarrassed instead He blushed and murmured "I'm sorry" Shaking his head Ji Changkong said nothing more Here comes the claw demon you were worried about The small ear of the original poison suddenly moved slightly and he was stunned for a moment then opened his mouth and said Liu Ye Teng Yang and others stay Teng Yang looked blank and squinted Flavors and Fragrances slightly as if he were using his method to peep around A few seconds later Teng Yang said inexplicably "No" Teng Yang said so Liu Ye Xue Hai and others looked relaxed one by one and did not take anything Duan Obviously they trust their companions more You this little guy really this kind of joke can not open ah let a person in vain nervous "willow leaves white source of poison one eye" Shout softly She seemed to really like the little guy and even the words of blame were not harsh at all I'm not kidding The poison of the source snorted and said disdainfully "Believe it or not!" I haven't worked with Teng Yang for many years and his sensitivity in this respect is the strongest among us For so many years very few mistakes have been made "said Kong yuan honestly and foolishly" Teng Yang smiled and looked very confident Ji Changkong glanced at Tengyang then looked at the willow leaves but did not say much Teng Yang's face suddenly changed "Be careful" he said "The claw demon is coming!" "Dull!" The poison of the source put in a sentence just right Liu Ye Jin Hao Hong Ge five people at this time no longer when he just said is a joke Suddenly the hearts of the five willow leaves flashed a trace of fear Because of the special secret of Tengyang's cultivation the spirit has a wonderful sensibility For so many years they have relied on Tengyang's ability Repeatedly narrowly escaped death and when fighting with others he was often able to take the initiative Suddenly they are this wonderful power of Teng Yang in front of the poison of the source was inferior which made their hearts suddenly give birth to a trace of flustered Liu Qing Teng Yang is also a frustrated look eyes flashed a trace of depression