India has been heavily influenced by Westernised fashions for a long time and especially in the world of beauty. However, something about the word "Multani Mitti" gets our positive energy flowing. Our neighborhoods have a lot to love, and our brands are increasingly diving into cosmetics and skincare. There are myriad alternatives to natural beauty in our backyard that are worth a look.

Explore the complete list of the top organic brands in India and choose the one that best matches your needs.

Below are a few of India's most organic and natural skincare brands. I've tried a few, and others are on my wish list. This is a list that's in the process of being updated. I'll be updating it as and as I find a new brand.

Top 14 Natural Skincare Products From Top Organic Brands at Cossouq


With over 200 years of experience, the company creates the most efficient skincare products. The formula of Avene includes thermal spring water that the Cevennes Mountains extract in France. A vast majority of people use it globally, which has benefited users with tangible results. Avene skincare products can be gentle for your skin and help to heal the main issues. 


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ACCOJE is a natural Korean cosmetics brand. It is an authentic Eco Lifestyle company that offers customers healthy and clear skin by utilizing efficient and safe development of products with deep customer understanding and truly beautiful advantages of the clean Jeju island. The name ACCOJE represents the commitment of being able to "give the most treasured things" from the clean surroundings of Jeju island. It also symbolizes "fine" of "excellent" in Jeju island's dialect. ACCOJE is a company that aims to identify different skin problems so that customers are able to have healthier and more attractive skin. In this regard, the most effective products, which do not use harmful chemical compounds developed by conducting research and developing to benefit from the advantages provided by natural ingredients found on Jeju island.


It is among the most well-known brands in the field of organic skincare. 

Biotique has a formula for combing biotechnology and Ayurveda to unleash the power of their products. Biotique is entirely free of chemicals and is not a proponent of animal cruelty. They offer various products available on the market, including sunscreens, toners and moisturizers, and others.

Organic Harvest

It is brand new as compared to the other two listed above.  The primary ingredients in Organic Harvest's products comprise plant extracts and are free of parabens and other chemicals.

Changes in climate are real. In short, it's caused by greenhouse gas emissions. This results in changing patterns of weather, and, eventually, increasing sea levels. This is known as global warming. The kind of garbage that we produce and dispose of that emits harmful gases and is not broken down easily and has a significant impact upon global warming. For example plastic waste or synthetic cosmetics that contain toxic chemicals release harmful gases and toxic substances into the atmosphere. Organic Harvest is one of the leading brands in the beauty business that is committed to making the least amount of pollution possible through the use of natural ingredient in their product, and using recyclable packaging. The extensive assortment products offered by Organic Harvest products includes haircare as well as face and body treatment, as well as hygiene products.


A moment in time, an idea struck his brain. The idea was to present the science and secrets of his ancestors' Ayurvedic experience to the modern-day connoisseur. The most popular products include Sadhev shampoo, Sadhev coconut shower oil, and Sadhev rosewater. All products of Sadhe are cruelty-free and free of parabens and sulphate.

Khadi Natural

 It is one of the most famous brands in India. Founded by Gaurav Singh, Khadi Natural is one of the most underrated brands in India. 

Khadi Naturals are certified organic and are free of parabens and other chemicals. In contrast, certain products contain paraben; however, they cost more than organic ones.

Lotus Herbals

Lotus Organics + is now on the trend as it is chemical-free and 100% certified organic. 

 Keeping the brand value in mind, this brand will definitely capture the organic market as well.

Ilana organics

 Ilana Organics believes in making skincare products that are natural and vegan. The majority of skincare products offered by the brand are free of chemicals. Their marketing strategy also included the promotion of fashion-conscious influencers.

The products made by Ilana organics are growing in recognition due to their high-quality and non-toxic nature. The brand's most significant benefit is that they list every ingredient in its packaging to keep it transparent.


The brand has been on the market for a lengthy time and has gained immense recognition among its clients. 

Skinyoga Products are fantastic for your skin. Like other organic skincare brands, they are free of any chemical ingredients. Skin Yoga's products' best attributes are their longevity and more extended shelf longevity.

CGG Cosmetics

CGG Cosmetics, short for Clean, Green, Gorgeous, is six months in development and boasts a broad range of skincare. In a time when many focus on moving toward natural beauty, CGG couldn't have come at a better moment.

The range includes a selection of moisturizers and faces washes designed for different skin types and dealing with various skin issues. Serums and sprays on sunscreen are also part of the range of products.


With the colder weather and frigidity, we regularly find dry and wrinkled skin that keeps its shine and beauty on your skin. To revive the natural glow and shine that your face has, COSSOUQ, one of the well-known names in the field of cosmetics offers the finest Cetaphil gentle cleanser for your skin that moisturizes your skin and stops drying it out. It also makes your skin soft and smooth.

Itchy and dry skin is another issue which causes your skin to look less attractive and beautiful during the winter months. This makes wrinkles and lines appear on your body, but don't be worried because COSSOUQ is in the air.


Casmara is an Spanish cosmetics brand that provides the most efficient products by a unique and exclusive formula. Casmara provides distinctive products for body and face with new and innovative formulas, exclusive ingredients scents, and textures. The company develops its own formulas and formulas to create outstanding cosmetics for beauty professionals and for home care.

Casmara Algae masks work similar to explosives on the beauty cosmetics market. They are extremely sought-after all over the world because they are the first of their kind of masks, originally created by Casmara. The masks made of algae are created by combining the outcomes of R&D and the knowledge gained through many years of knowledge.


We at Himalaya Wellness Company have always believed in providing our clients with reliable, effective, affordable products. This is to reiterate and emphasize that we haven't raised the prices we charge for PureHands Hand Sanitizers or Pure Hands Hand Washes.

Indrani Cosmetics

Today, we'll be talking about a company called Indrani Cosmetics. I've utilized their cosmetics for over a month and enjoy some of the products. I've used a few of their products in the past few weeks and will review them with you.ll.