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Sex is sex, nothing more, nothing less, right? Of course, it is pleasurable and men and women desire good quality sex with their partners. But it is a fact that there are biological and emotional differences between men and women and the hunger for sex shown by men is not found in women. What about Aerocity escorts who get frequent doses of sex through their clients? These women who look gorgeous and exude a high degree of sensuality are supposed by their clients to be always ready and also hungry for sex. No one thinks about sex from their own perspective. In this article, you will get a chance to peep into the mind and heart of an escort who has many grievances about the way her clients treat her and her attitude towards sex.

Hi. I am Ritika Kamboj, a young girl from a middle-class family working as an escort for the last 5 years. I have been in this profession for such a long time and dealt with so many clients that I believe I am perfectly qualified to talk about thoughts going on inside the minds of men when having sex with an escort. There are so many differences in the way men and women enjoy sex that it would be correct to say that women are an altogether different species than men. In this article, I will tell you about 6 things that an escort girl wishes men understood when having sex with her.

  1. Men should praise their women during sex

It has been said by many scholars and writers that women want to be praised by their partners. All women hate it when their partner points out one or the other shortcoming about them. For most women, such behavior is shown by their men almost kills their mood for sex instantly. The same is true for the escorts who are not so much passionate about sex in any case. Escorts have so much sex already that they prefer talking and being praised for their beauty and curvy bodies more than the actual acts of sex and foreplay. If you are a customer and you find that the tits of your escort are small, don’t commit the sin of saying it in words during sex with her.

One thing that men don’t know about women is why women don’t like to undress in front of them until it is dark in the room. They do so because they are fearful that their men will not find them so alluring once they take off all their clothes. This is the reason why it becomes important for customers to praise escorts for their beauty and sexy bodies. Obviously, she is attractive, that’s why you have booked her service. Praise her for what you find attractive in her instead of lying and saying something that doesn’t fit her.

  1. Indulge in foreplay and don’t jump to sex straight away

Women tend to heat up in much longer time than men do. You will find your tool becoming hard and large within seconds of seeing them the naked and curvy body of your escort. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that your escort will become wet just by seeing your big cock or your muscular body. Scientists say that women take nearly 20 minutes to become fully charged and ready for a wild session of sex. If this is true for ordinary women, you can very well assume how much longer escorts should take to become interested in sex.

The most common mistake made by customers during sex with an escort is to assume that they have aroused her sufficiently. No, simply pressing the boobs and licking the pussy for a few seconds and then inserting your rod is not the way to arouse an escort. The more time you take to indulge in foreplay, the higher the chances of your escort becoming fully aroused. You need to kiss and play with her various body parts so that her clitoris fills up with blood and her pussy becomes wet with her fluids. This is the point when you can assume your escort to be fully charged up and ready for sex. Feel-good hormones like dopamine and oxytocin are released in good quantities because of this prolonged foreplay and the escort begins to feel good. This is when she likes all the acts of her customer and doesn’t object to his touching her here and there.

If you are a customer, make sure you go slowly like a tortoise. Hares finish the race early but they never get the same level of intensity and excitement with their escorts during lovemaking that is experienced by tortoises.

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If you are on a long or short holiday in Haridwar, you can also cover many more places in Haridwar with Cute Call Girl. Haridwar Escort service provide you the real pleasure of an emotional bond with a woman. Most of the young women are ambitious and want nothing but their payment for the service. They love men waiting to bang her sweet tight pussy. Therefore, take him on weekend trips to Dehradun. Explore the capital of Uttarakhand. Enjoy romantic weather and evening walks in the old architecture of Clock Tower. Then, you can take your queen escort to Queen Mussoorie of the hills. Enjoying the Himalayan walks in the arms of the sweetly beautiful escorts of Mussoorie will surely give you a different meaning to live life. Feel the thrill at Robber's Cave Seek peace in the Tapkeshwar temple, and cross the Sahastradhara waterfall to visit the temple. The most frequent events occur when you are with a romantic lady from the hills.


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Every man has different fantasies and desires and some expectations from his partner. Sometimes he finds the right match, but not everyone is lucky in this world. Now you don't have to hide or suppress your inner feelings, just find a proper way to express yourself and hire a Haridwar escort. If you count yourself as a wild man, then you should give these sensational Haridwar escorts girls a chance to prove themselves as most customers are amazed to meet with these female escorts in Haridwar and see their adorable corporal and energy.


  1. Spend more time below the waist than you do

One of the biggest attractions for a man in his escort is her beautiful face and breasts that drive him crazy. Most men become mad and start kissing the escort as if they will eat her up. Then they come below her neck and start to pump her breasts as if they have never seen the tits of a woman before in their lives. They spend so much time kissing and licking the nipples of the escort that she starts to feel bored rather than getting aroused. The important thing to remember for you is that her main sex-related organs are located below her waist just like you have your manhood and the balls.

However, most customers feel enchanted by the alluring curves of the escort and remain fixated with the beauty of the upper body. After they have satisfied themselves by kissing and biting the milky assets of the escort, they come down only to insert their rods in the vagina of their escort. Escorts like me are left complaining about the obsession of our customers with our neck, shoulders, and boobs. It shows that men are mainly concerned with their own pleasures rather than focusing upon the pleasures of their escorts.

Of course, you can send enormous pleasure waves to the body and mind of your escort through your long and hard penis. But you should keep in mind the friction of your tool with the inner walls of the vagina causes discomfort and sometimes pain for the escort if she has not become properly wet by this time. Yes, you have paid her money for her company and you are free to do whatever you want. In fact, there is nothing wrong with trying to please her with the method that you are proficient at. But there is no harm in making her feel hot and sexy through foreplay especially by playing and exploring her pussy so that she becomes ready to take your long and hot iron rod.

  1. Full satisfaction is possible without orgasm

Throwing away the heat from one’s body is the desire of a man who goes to an escort. For men, the ultimate goal of sex is to reach their orgasm. After achieving this goal, the man becomes disinterested in even keeping the escort embraced in his arms as he wants rest to regain energy. On the other hand, orgasm is not the goal of sex for women, especially escorts. Most men do not understand this basic difference between men and women. This is the reason why men try to last as long as possible on the bed in order to give their escorts a chance to reach their orgasms.

Men feel that a real man is the one who reaches his orgasm after helping his partner in achieving her climax on the bed. Of course, it is a wonderful feeling for a man and even escorts understand the desire of men to make this happen. But as far as I am concerned, I have never been particular about achieving an orgasm to make my man feel great. In fact, men are so obsessed with this aspect of sex that they keep asking the escort if she is enjoying the act or not and if she is close to her orgasm. In such a scenario, an escort is left with no other choice but to say it in words and also feign orgasm when the reality is that she is miles away from her climax. She knows that pretending to reach her orgasm is something that will be loved by her man.

Most of the escorts are fed up with all this acting they have to do in order to make their customers happy. How they wish these customers realize the fact that reaching orgasm is not essential for them even though it is desirable. There are times when an escort is not interested in reaching her orgasm at all. She feels happy to indulge only in foreplay. But for her customers, foreplay is unimportant or just a ladder to reach the ultimate goal of reaching the orgasm. God has created women in a more complex manner biologically than men. This is the reason why sex is over for men once they reach their orgasms. But a woman can be happy and satisfied whether she achieves her orgasm or not during a session of sex. If you can understand this biological difference between you and the escort, you will be able to make her happy easily without trying very hard in bed.

  1. Tenderness and touching that is nonsexual in nature

Men believe that sex means pumping their tools hard inside the vagina of their escort and finally attaining orgasm. But for an escort, even more, important is the customer showing tenderness towards her. She values such a man and enjoys his company more than a customer who is solely interested in hardcore action on the bed. A woman is made in such a manner that you can melt her without forcing yourself upon her. In fact, touching that is non-sexual in nature is more important for an escort than all the kissing and smooching. You can make your escort happy by simply holding her hands and by embracing her in your arms without the intent of touching her boobs or buttocks.

Escorts cherish these moments of tenderness and nonsexual touching by their customers even more than all the hours spent in sexual intercourse and anal sex. For a man, it is impossible to understand how his tenderness shown towards the escort can easily melt her heart. You can win the heart of your escort by not falling apart and sleeping instantly after achieving your orgasm. A man withdraws soon after ejaculation to show that his purpose has been solved and he does not need the company of the escort anymore. On the other hand, this process is gradual in an escort and she wants to hold on to her customer for a few minutes more.

  1. Sex is not a very serious thing for escorts

For a man who pays a good amount of money to the escort, hot action on the bed is the most important thing during his meeting with the woman. But for an escort, sex is just a part of this deal. It is not the only thing on her mind. She is not serious about sex and wants to be playful and romantic with her client. Of course, there are limitations for an escort and she has to go by the rules that a customer has made for himself. Most men become impatient and even serious if there is any delay in starting the action on the part of the escort. What these men forget is that they can be romantic and playful and not be too serious when dealing with an escort. You can make your escort relaxed and happy if you are a fun-loving man.

As a customer, demanding sex from your escort is your right as you have paid for this act. But you need to keep in mind that the escort is not a sex toy or robot. You can make her happy and satisfied if you keep the facts mentioned in this article. 

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Lucknow solely from Spider Lucknow Escorts. Or if you want have any unique requirement you may write to us as nicely. Look out for our girls from the escorts gallery or you could ask for more snap shots. Deliver us a call if you can not locate the female assembly your necessities as we hold on adding greater girls to our top class escorts agency in Lucknow. There may be a variety of models, university girls, and independent Lucknow Escorts available with us. If in any event, you do now not find the escort bodily or emotionally engaging, put together yourself to kill a fee of as a minimum 50% of the reserving time along with supplying her the cab fare. Do now not turn insulting when you choose. Try to be as respectful as you can. Spending first-rate time with excellent Lucknow Independent Escorts is the dream of each brick. Getting beautiful and fabulous girls with curvy bodies is a hard assignment. With excessive Profile Lucknow escorts, you could make your goals come actual. Lucknow escort services are lovely, sexy, and expert in their paintings, they could offer you extreme hand rub down leaving you pressure-unfastened and enjoying. GF Riders offer you excessive-end female escorts who are open-minded, nicely-knowledgeable, and prepared to have journey and leisure on your lifestyles. Escorts business enterprise Lucknow Escorts are ready to move extreme with clients. So, men get prepared to spend time with your dream female and satisfy your sexual needs. VIP Lucknow escort Service provide you with captivating escorts who've a great figure. Revel in the pleasant erotic feeling with Lucknow escorts. There are several things that you can do beforehand of time so as to enhance their date with a high Profile Lucknow Independent Escorts. Now not to say that these duties are quite simple, necessary, and considerate for you to completely enjoy the time you both spent for the duration of the appointment along with your accomplice. Such things as knowing what you each need in advance of time, researching on Independent Lucknow Escorts and their likes, knowing approximately their dislikes, and privacy requests can help to make your enjoy pleasant and fun, as a lot as possible, no longer best for you but in your escort as properly. Right here we dare to deliver you a listing of recommendations on how you need to get ready for a date with excessive Profile Escorts in Lucknow: it's far critical to determine what it is which you want and expects from your date, no matter if she is among excessive Profile Lucknow call girls or some other random excellent Lucknow Escort service. A few customers searching for companionship while others need to cope with a failed courting. Many escorts offer Service and therefore, it's far vital to determine the real reason for this date. As soon as you have got decided the motive, you should relay it to the escort.


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If you look for the best high profile and stunning call girls who can show you everything that you need to change your mood then come here as our hot sizzling Escort in Lucknow are well-known for their sexy and hottest figure which is so perfect for you that it is every man need to done their sexual love properly with hot mates and even if you never did your sensual love then our agency is the right choice for all those decent one who needs their first sensual love with sexy babes. There is no issue whether it’s day or nighttime you can get much better love and every kind of sexual drive that you never seen yet as the babes are ready to give all-day service at your place and you will always see the call girls of our agency is very punctual and trustworthy who are ready to hear all your hot imagination and all dream wishes that you think of dating sexy call girls.




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If you take our babes at your place they are ready to show you their bold figure which can make you horny for them on the bed and you can’t stop yourself from loving their beauty and soul. These sensitive and stylish divas never judge the people on the basis of their personality and they will shoe same sexual love and happiness that they are giving to other clients. You will never get bored or disappointed with their service and in fact your level of satisfaction will increase properly a sour babes are ready to go with you for the parties, clubs and any trip which is outside the station where you can see every sensual love in their own style and proper massage technique which you will love. Call Girl in LucknowMany of the clients want their babes to provide perfect body massage whether it foot massage or female to male massage you will love their service and amenities provided to you. Our Escorts are warm-hearted who can easily make you fall in love for their beauty and you will love to make a relationship with them. So, if you need such facility and service for the best enjoyment in your life then call us or visit here.



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This is about to enjoying life in an excellent ways while you are on journey to the city which holds its natural beauty that seems so beautiful with people of this Siliguri city. During moving here and there amazement will continue following encouraging to exploring more dipper till the end of accord. Getting started would be slow and little romantic greeneries which covering whole first site of your beginning to exploring beautiful and natural sites clothed green nature, blue sky, dust like scent and pleasing scene. Here exploration would be so enamoring making its beauties exalting within hearts deeper Side where feelings store scenes seen by you.

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Going ahead gazing streets, house, roads and vital environment pleasing, encouraging and urging to fall in love for this city based by the foot of Himalaya’s leading people from different cultures, states making life better, suitable according their abilities. This city opens its arm welcoming people to set their life to abide for long or permanent residence. Here people are populated from North East, Orissa, Bihar, and Jharkhand. Cause of deferent languages, people, and cultures making people friendly and welcoming your being in this pleasing city. Amazements is the begging of things what you are going to see throughout hour holidays in this town, lovely people those express love wherever you want to move on in friendly environments.

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Siliguri is considered to be the rock capital of the country. Surrounded by numerous pubs and discos, it creates a perfect environment for the night owls in Siliguri. They serve the corporate people in Siliguri who are party freaks. If you, too, are one of those people who love hitting a pub on a Saturday night and looking out for someone to accompany you, then city call girls in Siliguri are there for you. They are bold, beautiful, and know their way around. They can give you company on a Saturday night and help you get refreshed over the weekend. Experience an exotic night full of adventure with these beautiful souls.


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Most people who stay in Siliguri are either single, separated, or their families are away from them. The hectic routine of the corporate sectors drains out all the energy and leaves them exhausted by the end of the day. They finally return to an empty house which makes their mental situation even worse. People who are adventurous by nature end up keeping their inner desires to themselves, which leads to sexual frustration.

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