Hair is an integral part of our identity, so we naturally put a lot of time and care into grooming it. The market now offers a variety of hair systems for men, including full wigs that completely cover your natural hair or wigs or extra bits that can make you look taller, fuller, and healthier.

In the past, alopecia sufferers had little choice but to admit their condition or try to hide it with a fake wig or toupee. It offers a much more natural look and versatility than other products. Recent advances allow alopecia sufferers to choose from various options to create custom-designed hair systems for men that best suit their preferences and comfort. It can now be selected. Here are some factors to consider to ensure a comfortable fit and the most natural look when selecting non-surgical replacement parts.

Base material

The modern mens hair pieces consist of a base or base to which the strings are attached or tied. Two primary materials are used to make the base: polymer and mesh. The polymer base is made of silicone and polyurethane, which looks like skin and adds durability. However, the polymer base is not breathable, and some wearers may find it too warm to wear for long periods. The mesh base is usually made of nylon or polyester lace material, making it a more comfortable option. However, the mesh base is more fragile and must be replaced more often.

Edge density

Strand density refers to the number of strands per centimeter attached to the system base. The high strand density naturally gives a fuller look. However, to ensure a realistic look, choosing a density level from HAIRPIECE WAREHOUSE that matches the natural tuft thickness is essential. For example, if your natural strands are fine, thicker pieces will look unnatural.

Strand color, texture, and curl level

Our highest quality and most expensive replacement system includes human hair that matches your natural hair color, texture, and frizz. Consumers can choose synthetic or natural varieties that are colored and permeated to match the look for a more budget-friendly option. For a perfect match, ask your stylist to bring strands from the back and sides of your scalp, as hair is usually darker at the back. Or, let your stylist use the color wheel at the salon to help you find the perfect shade.

When buying mens hair pieces, you must consider how to use them. Many people use wigs for fun and keep changing their looks from time to time. If you have some wigs at home, you can save big bucks at the hair salon. Some wigs are designed to be worn at all times, look like natural hair, and become part of the wearer's identity. Some wigs can be worn for weeks, allowing the wearer to run, swim, or withstand high winds and rain. You can do almost anything. If you are one of the millions of men who suffer from hair loss, talk to your stylist to find out which alternative system option is best for you.