Original title: Running 10: Zhou Shen challenges the Olympic champion, contracts the whole period to watch, and the hot search topic breaks tens of millions of seconds! The tenth program of "Running Bar 10" was still filmed in Changji, Xinjiang. At the beginning of the program, the whole staff appeared in Changji Stadium. The powerful singers in the music world, Zhou Shen and Bai Lu appeared in the same frame, wearing a sportswear, a white coat with red sports pants, showing a special style of painting with a sense of CP. They also put out the shape of "white crane shining wings". He looks very handsome in everything. All kinds of flying kicks make all the guests laugh, which is worthy of being the laughing point of the whole program. Where there is Zhou Shen, there will be laughter, which can bring us unexpected surprises every time. This time, unlike previous programs, the running man family will face the challenge of "kicking the hall". That is to say, the flying guests in this program are all here to "smash the field" and fight with the six champions. The first flying guest is weightlifter Lv Xiaojun. The program also took Zhou Shen, white deer, baby as an example. After watching his personal short film, Zhou Shen's face was full of envy. When shaking hands with Lv Xiaojun, the program also gave Zhou Shen the word "seconds". In fact, it's not that Zhou Shen is afraid to meet with athletes, but out of respect. You know, Zhou Shen is the only image spokesman for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Expand the full text In front of the sportsmen, there was no star shelf at all, and his face was full of smiles. Comedian Sha Yi deliberately accosted Lv Xiaojun and pretended to be very familiar with him. Once again, he was a real "iron fool". The second was Xu Mengtao, who had just participated in the skiing ceiling of "Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves 3" not long ago. Sigong regretted to withdraw from the competition,dhd drill bit, which became a difficult feeling in the hearts of many audiences. Her departure caused Cyndi Wang's team to dance again overnight. Unfortunately, she sprained her foot. For Mango TV, without the pistachio Xu Mengtao, it was really a big loss. I never thought that she would be in the same frame with Zhou Shen in Running Man 10. One is the famous pistachio, the other is the little prince. They are bound to put on a good show. The third is the champion of the women's volleyball team, Zhang Changning, who is 1.95 meters tall. Zhou Shen is very cute. He shakes hands with her while jumping. In front of Zhang Changning, Zhou Shen is more like a middle school student. Zhang Changning also deliberately lets Zhou Shen clap hands with himself, but it is not difficult for Zhou Shen to jump and easily touch his opponent's right hand. It can be seen that Zhang Changning is also a die-hard fan of Zhou Shen. Otherwise,Mining Drilling Equipment, he would not only interact with Zhou Shen. The fourth one is Gao Tingyu, a flying man on ice, and the fifth one is Liu Huihong, a good friend of Jay Chou. He reproduces the famous fitness scene and is known as the Godfather of fitness. From a certain point of view, this program should be called "Athletes Special Show". As soon as he came out, he made a big move. The muscles on his body successfully attracted Zhou Shen's attention. Finally, the finale was the good friend of the champions, Xie Na's apprentice and Zhou Shen's good friend Wei Daxun. His style was extremely different. He looked more like the silly son of the landlord's family. Before opening the game, Liu Huihong led the whole team to warm up and danced the popular "calisthenics" again. The background music is also Jay Chou's masterpiece "Compendium of Materia Medica". Zhou Shen has learned it well, and every movement is in place, which is in sharp contrast to other guests. The plot of Zhou Shen and Liu Huihong dancing "aerobics" is enough to be recorded as a famous scene in the Chinese music world. The first game is called'Summit Duel '. The two teams decide their own order of playing. The members with the same serial number will have a one-to-one battle. They will tear up their nametags and decide the size of their nametags by drawing lots. The more they tear up, the more chances they have to win. After listening to the rules of the game, Zhou Shen shouted,' Is there only one game recorded today? ' No one expected that the program group would play so much at the beginning. Sha Yi was the second to appear on the stage. His opponent was Zhang Changning. He was led by the nose from beginning to end. He had no initiative at all. He lost without any suspense. Invisibly, he also created a lot of famous scenes in the circle. Zhou Shen played in the third round against weightlifter Lu Xiaojun. At this time, Zhou Shen's strength was far less than that of the other side, but he had a special Olympic spirit. If you want to challenge, choose the character of the king level. Only when the strong fight against the strong, dth button bits ,fastest dth hammer, can you rub out different chemical reactions. After the start, Zhou Shen is particularly methodical. He used the legendary'Lion Roaring Skill 'to give the other side a blow first. He pulled the momentum full, and his hands and feet were extremely flexible. But Lv Xiaojun did not play cards according to the routine. He grabbed Zhou Shen's hand and refused to let go. When the other side was not paying attention, his firepower was all open. Netizens also called it "deep stubbornness". In order to help the team win the honor, Zhou Shen used all his strength and was thrown one after another, which made people feel very distressed. Although he lost to the other side, it was still glorious to lose. As long as he worked hard, after all, the other side was an athlete. In the end, the brother team lost to the champion team with a score of one to five. The second round of the game is called'Fast Meteor '. The two teams take turns to send people to challenge. Members choose the distance to challenge, press the button, and the ball begins to fall. Members need to receive the ball before it falls to the ground. The challenge is successful. The test is the speed of the guests. Each person has two chances to challenge. It has to be said that the program group is so good at playing that they try their best to torment the guests. Zhou Shen, as usual, had a special group soul. He was the first to represent his brother team. He chose to challenge the distance of 8 meters. After starting, he was as fast as lightning and successfully caught the volleyball. Because he was too serious, he was also hit in the throat. It can be called "one ball seals the throat". But Zhou Shen did not complain at all. He always sent out the positive energy of his idol and refreshed the previous cognition of netizens. In the second round, the difficulty increased and the challenge was 9.1 meters. As expected, a kneeling slip, like a rocket, caught the ball steadily and won the applause of the whole team. He proved himself with his strength. Interestingly, when it was Zhang Changning's turn to challenge, Zhou Shen compared her arm length with her leg length, showing the most adorable height difference, which made many audiences laugh. In addition to Sha Yi, the brother team played very well and successfully pulled back a game. In the third round of the game, the members of the two teams were leggings, six people and seven groups. They needed to complete the forward roll, paper cup pass, cross the high ground waist pole, jump rope, a total of five checkpoints. Finally, the team with the shortest time won, testing the tacit understanding of the members. After listening to the rules, Zhou Shen reappeared the classic expression package. In the process, Zhou Shen contracted all the jokes. I believe that many audiences, like me, pay attention to Zhou Shen all the way. Any link is completed perfectly. When the paper cup is passed, the singer's strong vital capacity is brought into full play. The paper cup is passed without hands. The lower waist passes easily. Finally, under the leadership of Zhou Shen, he completed the challenge in 4 minutes and 39 seconds. When it was the champion team's turn, the brother team kept making trouble and lost successively when they went down to cross the pole. In this regard, Zhou Shen's online singing of "Lonely Brave Man" "Love You don't Kneel" once again filled the comedy effect of this program. All the audience in the bullet screen shouted "I haven't heard enough". The final competition was a comprehensive endurance race of marbles. To put it bluntly, let the marbles compete. The marble Zhou Shen got was'Dalmatian ', and the white deer got'Little Jelly', and Sha Yi got'Desert '. Li Chen was the first in the first round. Zhou Shen's'Dalmatian' played in the second round. He felt that Zhou Shen was more excited than he was to participate in the competition. He shouted'Come on Dalmatians' all the way, but unfortunately none of them rushed into the finish line. Finally, the champion team'Win-win 'won the victory of this issue. The audience was very satisfied with the result. After all, This period want to convey is professional ability and sportsmanship. After the broadcast, ZhouShen as always was pushed on the micro Bo hot search, Hot words'Running man vs world champion'Reading volume until today, Reached 32.49 million. In addition, The topic'ZhouShen speed skating catch '' ZhouShen vital capacity is how strong'Hot search seconds break ten million, Zhou Shen This shows how strong the influence of idol Zhou Shen is. 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