From this position, you can see the fountain under the shade of dead branches, where there is no one. He glanced twice, pinched his stuffy nose, and went to the tea room. It's strange that he happened to be there to watch the fish that night. But it doesn't seem strange. He shook his head and dispelled all these inexplicable thoughts. After the evening self-study, congratulations took a bath, put on a thick cotton-padded jacket outside the white velvet pajamas, and went downstairs with a pen and paper. The ends of his wet hair hung limply on his shoulders, and the drops of water seeped through his coat. The reed flute with crossed legs nibbled at the apple, frowned and asked strangely, "Where are you going?" "Study room." Congratulations. Answer succinctly. Ha Reed's eyes widened and he looked at her in disbelief. He pointed to a stack of loose-leaf paper in his arms and explained, "Go and write a self-criticism. Hurry up and finish the self-criticism.." The reed flute pointed to the white clock on the wall and said, "It's only half an hour." And can't you write it in the dormitory? "Well, let's write about it. All right, let's not talk about it. I'll go first. I'm easy to be full of warmth in the dormitory." Congratulations hooked the corners of his mouth and said. The Reed Flute gasped and said, "Then I'd rather die in comfort." After listening to the congratulations, he just smiled and closed the door. He went down to the first floor and entered a study room at random. It took her a lot of effort to copy down the self-criticism written by Lu Yin, congratulate her on the last full stop and cover her pen, thinking that he should be more anxious to write this one. The expression of his deep thinker popped into his mind again,pipe cantilever rack, holding his head in one hand and turning his pen in the other. Like, a little silly. I looked at the time, and it was almost a quarter past eleven. Frowning, I suddenly remembered that the study room on the first floor and the senior three students turned off the lights at the same time, one hour later than the senior one and senior two students, so the dormitory aunt did not come to the study room to drive people away. He walked quickly in the dead corridor and crept back to the dormitory. Just opened the door, already lying in bed playing mobile phone reed flute gently said: "finished writing?" With a congratulatory "um",Pallet rack supplier, by the faint light of the flashlight, the manuscript was clipped to the middle page of the first volume of the original book of The Lord of the Rings given to her by Tang Zhengyang on the bookshelf. In the blink of an eye, it's exam week. The first subject is Chinese, which is on Monday morning. Take the information technology exam at half past three in the afternoon. When it comes to exam week, the library will be full. He was too lazy to squeeze with others, so he stayed in the class to review. No one cares about discipline, teachers only come to see them once in a while, and most of the time they answer questions from students in the office. Most of the time, there is a monitor to support the field, and no one makes trouble, but sometimes there are unexpected situations-for example, the monitor has to go to the office to ask the teacher questions. Reed flute lay on the table with a pale face and frowned. He wanted to sleep on his stomach for a while, but he couldn't sleep because of the noise in the class. She wrote a line of words in the blank space of the draft paper with extra force, and the last stroke penetrated the back of the paper and cut the thin paper. [They are so annoying!!!] See her write again: make a noise, Pallet rack upright ,heavy duty racking system, make a noise, do not review, irritated!!! Lu Di was on her period, and every time she would be so painful that she wished she could roll around in bed. If she wasn't going to take the exam, she would definitely rest in bed. Congratulations also twisted eyebrows, the corners of the mouth curved into a helpless arc. It's all miserable. Reed flute has a physical pain, and her cold has lasted for nearly half a month. A group of boys in the back were discussing that so-and-so had written a love letter to a girl in Class 6 of the next class. They were all impassioned and lively. He was not familiar with those people, and his initial impression of someone who wrote love letters was that he was not tall, slightly fat, wore black-framed glasses, expressed his views and opinions on various mathematical problems from time to time, and often laid out the profound formulas and solutions beyond the syllabus. I don't have a good impression, because I always feel that he is a little floating. And then there's.. She always sends some dirty jokes in the class group, at least she thinks they are not funny, she thinks they are very low, and sometimes she sends them. Yellow picture. Anyway, there is no good impression. It happened that the monitor was not there, and before the monitor left, those people did not dare to make such a loud noise. After thinking about it, he still felt that he couldn't do it. He gritted his teeth and seemed to have made up his mind. He whispered to the reed flute, "I'll go and tell them to keep their voices down.". ” Unexpectedly, the weak reed flute grabbed her, lowered her eyebrows and muttered to her: "No, no, no, I can't put a good pork belly in front of the flies and let them spoil it." With that, Reed Flute rolled his eyes. "It's no use talking to them." They might be trying to stir things up. I'm in a hurry. Congratulate Little congratulations, please cover my ears for me. All right. The reed flute, leaning sideways on the table, blinked at her, beeping a small mouth, and his face was full of "begging for favor". He curled his eyes, grinned, put his hands over the ears of the flute, and said, "Is that so?" In a very soft tone, like a newborn baby. The reed flute closed its eyelids. He nodded and gave a satisfied "hmm". That's so cute. The little flute is very good like this. The congratulations raised the corners of his mouth, and the surroundings seemed to suddenly become quiet. She glanced at the noisy corner, but did not expect to meet the eyes of one of the boys. At that moment, the smile on her lips faded, and she quickly withdrew her eyes. I just came back from the toilet and saw a man sneaking around the door of Class 6 next door for a long time. "What the hell?" A boy who had been involved in the discussion of love letters frowned and looked curiously at what the boy had just said about "sneaky people" in the back door. What are you doing! Don't you know that man? Probably to find out the situation, the man came back, pushed another boy and shouted. Who is it? "The last one." "Then it's not normal that I don't know?"? You are stupid. Force it 。” "All right,Cantilever Storage rack, all right, I'm stupid.". Force 。” "Who is it?"? So famous? I don't know him and I'm a hillbilly? "Guide the way!" These two words penetrated into her ears, and she could not help but be stunned.