The old monster who fought with Chen Daohe had no target at this time, but he was very excited to see Dou Ye. I saw him galloping, two white-haired hands straight to the neck of Dou Ye. Dou Ye was not a vegetarian either. He unhurriedly aimed the charge at the old monster. After the shuttle went down, the old monster's head was also bloody, and his eyes could not see anything, so he had to spin in place. I said to myself, "I don't have anything in my hand. What if Lady Wang has to come later?"? So I remembered that there was another submachine gun, and I hurried to look for it. After Master Dou beat the old monster, he also knew that Lady Wang would come again, so he took advantage of the time to fill the magazine. I looked around and looked under several coffins, but I couldn't find them. At this time, Hu Songshan asked me what I was looking for, and I said I was looking for a gun. She touched her buttocks and said, "Here, I said it was so uncomfortable that I found out it was a gun." When Hu Songshan finished, Lady Wang flew in again. After my conclusion, Lady Wang will arrest anyone who makes a big noise. When I saw Lady Wang coming in, I instinctively hugged Hu Songshan. At this time, Master Dou kept loading bullets into his pocket. When Lady Wang saw him, she could not tolerate him, so she immediately took him out. I don't know where Lady Wang would have mentioned these people, but it was obvious that if they hadn't been sent to the cliff valley at the foot of the mountain, it would have been a dangerous place. I also removed the magazine and loaded it. When I filled up the bullets, I found that there were not many bullets in the package. I loaded the remaining dozen bullets on my body, thinking that I must save them, otherwise they would not be enough. In order to prevent the gun from falling on the ground, I specially hung the gun on my shoulder, so that even if I was caught by Lady Wang, I would not lose it. I still remember what Dou Ye said, the gun is in the people, and the gun is lost. Seeing that there were some other things in the bag, I took advantage of this time to put them on my body, only hating that my pocket was too small. At that moment, I hugged Hu Songshan and thought that I must take her with me wherever I went. Hu Songshan said, "You knew they were bewitched at first, so you followed them in, didn't you?" I nodded and said, "We all live and die together. How can we let them die?" Hu Songshan nodded and said, "It's still a bit of friendship." Before Hu Songshan had finished speaking, Lady Wang had already floated in from the outside. Seeing the two of us, she seemed to hesitate for a moment, and then she smiled and flew over to us. I wanted to shoot a few shots with a gun, but I suddenly couldn't move. I said my heart was broken, Pallet rack beams , but I was also taken out by Lady Wang. After flying out, the most feared thing was that she suddenly let go, but looking at the direction she flew, it turned out to be on the mountain. My heart is a beauty, thought, is it sent to the top of the cliff, let us these failed fighters go home to practice their skills? However, these are all immature ideas. Just as I was flying up, I saw a narrow hole in front of me. There was a raised rock above the entrance of the cave, and the branches of the bushes were everywhere on both sides of the rock. Because the bushes were clustered, we could not see the situation under the bushes. Lady Wang took us into the cave, and because it was dark inside, we could not see what was going on inside the cave. About a minute after we entered the cave, we heard a stone gate rumbling open, and then Lady Wang threw us into the cave and left on her own. I was thrown into the cave. I took out a flashlight from my pants pocket. I saw that the cave was about six meters high, five meters long and four meters wide. There were many portraits on the wall. Inside the cave, there is a table about one meter high, on which there are incense and several plates, which contain fruits and desserts as dry as stones, and there are no Jiang Qiankun and others. "Hey, where did you get the flashlight?" Hu Songshan asked strangely. I laughed and said, "You forgot that it was Master Dou's package. It had everything in it." "Then why didn't you just take it out?" "You're so stupid that you took it out and it was confiscated by the female corpse." Hu Songshan was suddenly enlightened and said, "Then why don't you bring something to eat?" I pretended to be suddenly enlightened and said, "Oh, look how stupid I am." Hu Songshan said, "You are so stupid." As if I had forgotten something, I patted myself on the back of the head and said, "Oh, it's broken.". ” "What's the matter?" Asked Hu Songshan. "I lied to you." I answered. Hu Songshan immediately changed his angry expression and said, "Huh?"? What lied to me? Come on. Then I took out two pieces of bread from my other pocket and said, "I brought something to eat." Hu Songshan put on a smile again and said, "I really don't have a positive shape. I don't know where it is. I'm still joking." "What's the fear of death?" I said with a straight face. Hu Songshan continued to laugh, "I thought I was a national hero!"! Come on, see where we are and find a way out. Hearing what Hu Songshan said, I remembered that this was a closed tomb. Looking at the murals on the wall, I didn't know what they were. I gave Hu Songshan a piece of bread and ate it. My flashlight began to shine from the wall on the left side of the table, which seemed to be a map. This map is different from the map we have always seen. The usual map is up north and down south, left west and right east, but this map is up south and down north, left east and right west. It looks very awkward. However, the people lived in the mountains and were not so sensitive to the direction, so the drawing was not as regular as that of the Central Plains. What is depicted on the map is the map of the Big Dipper. Looking up is Furong Mountain. According to the direction indicated on the map, this is in the south. From the mountain to the north is the mouth of the spoon. There is a mark at the mouth of the spoon, and there is another mark at the turning point. So all the way to the handle of the spoon, there are exactly seven marks. Continue to walk along the spoon until there are two more marks. At the western end of the sign, there is a palace-like sign, which should be the mountain where we are. There is no scale on the map, but the words "Wang Shengxian Tu" are written on it. Seeing this, I thought this must be the way into the mountain. Hu Songshan looked at the picture and said, "I don't know how Chen Dao and them got in. It took them two hours to get to the foot of the mountain." 。