After Gongsun and Zhao Pu left the tomb of the Great Xiongnu, they went to the south. Zhao Pu bought a small island next to the trapped island and lived there with Gongsun, Xiao Sizi and several shadows. The brothers and sisters-in-law are all very good, and the children are all very good. When Bai Yutang said this, he suddenly laughed and said, "It is said that when Xiao Sizi grew up, he became a famous captor." "Poof.." Unprepared every day, a mouthful of water spurted out, and the others raised their heads in disbelief and asked, "Who?" "Little Four." Bai Yutang showed the letter to several people. "He became the most famous first captor in Kaifeng." Every day and so on look at each other speechless, small four son when the name of the arrest? How can that stupid little guy catch a thief? Didn't all the thieves think he was so cute that he didn't have to catch him and sent him to the door? "Gongsun finally said something wonderful." Bai Yutang suddenly said. What words? Go up and see it every day. He said Everything is determined by God, so we don't have to worry about it, just stick to it. Bai Yutang gave the letter to Tiantian. What do you mean? Touch your chin every day and feel a little profound. The princess is really something! Purple shadow a face is fascinated, "such wonderful method can think of, unexpectedly sent the letter to a thousand years later!" "He was lucky." Wu Renjie curled his lips, "If you hit it, you'll make a profit. It doesn't matter if you can't hit it." "Hit the big luck?" Tiantian suddenly frowned, as if thinking of something, hurriedly took out Qian Feng's notebook from his bag, put it under the lamp,gold heap leaching, and illuminated it page by page. Do you suspect that Qian Feng also used the painting? Bai Yutang came over and asked. I don't know.. Crash, maybe it's true. "Ah!" With a cry of surprise, Tiantian took one of the pages and said. There's really something in there! Bai Yutang took the book, tore off the page, according to the method just now, carefully tore the page, there was a thin piece of paper hidden inside,coltan ore processing, took out a look, it recorded a string of numbers. It's a password! Kong Zhiling was overjoyed, rushed into the room and took out Qian Feng's notebook, entered the password, opened the encrypted files, and everyone looked at them. All surprised! Chocolate case 30, a lot of secrets! "Didn't you give Li Lei Qian Feng's computer?" Tiantian asked Zhiling in puzzlement, "Why are you back again?" "I just gave him the shell." Zhi Ling replied, "The hard disk is still left, and I installed it in another notebook." As he spoke, he looked at the piece of paper, tapped the keyboard to enter a string of passwords, and opened the encrypted folder. What do those little blue circles represent? The purple shadow asked curiously. It's a video file. "There are six in all," said Zhi Ling. "Video file?" Touch your head every day. "What did you shoot?"? Need to be so secret to hide? "There seems to be a name under the file." Bai Yutang looked down at the document, Carbon in Pulp ,chrome washing machine, "01 before use, 01 after use; 02 before use, 02 after use; 03 before use, 03 after use.." "It should be a comparison of three situations before and after use." Touch your chin every day. "Zhiling, see what it is." "Mmm." Zhiling clicked on the video of "01 before use" and saw four people fighting on the screen, one of them wearing white clothes, the other three wearing black clothes, and the four were evenly matched. Just fight back and forth? The ochre shadow looked for a long time also did not see why, after waiting for the video screen to play, Zhi Ling clicked on 01 to use. The four men were still fighting, but this time the situation was obviously different, and the man in white was suddenly much stronger and more powerful than before. He defeated the three men in black in two or three strokes, and he was like a wind-up machine, frantically hitting a sandbag, as if he had endless strength. I frown when I see it every day. "The ability has obviously been strengthened!" Purple Shadow, who was poisoned by the game recently, opened her eyes wide and exclaimed, "It feels like adding blood!" Tiantian was speechless and said to Zhiling, "What about the other four?"? What is the comparison? Before Zhiling opened 02 to use, he saw a man in the picture. He was sitting on a stool. Suddenly, another man came up beside him. He raised a dagger and inserted a knife in his shoulder. The man cried out, covered his shoulder and fell down in pain, his shoulder bleeding profusely, indescribably miserable. After 02 was used, it was another man who was stabbed in the shoulder. The man had no feeling at all. The man next to him almost stabbed his arm with a knife, but the man still had no reaction. The first is to become able to fight, the second is to become able to fight. What's the third one? Tiantian was curious and urged Zhiling to open the last two files. Zhiling opens 03 before use.. As soon as the video opened, there was an ambiguous groan. The crowd listened to a stupefied, soon, the picture appeared in the picture of men and women having sex. "Uh.." Wu Renjie raised his eyebrows, "this is restricted!" "Oh.." Purple shadow touches chin, "how can this be improved?"? Look at the next. Look at the next. "No need to watch, just look at the time of the video." Zhi Ling shrugged his shoulders. "The former is twenty minutes, and the latter is an hour." "Wow." Wu Renjie exclaimed, "What are these things comparing?!" Kong Zhiling thoughtfully turned to look at Tiantian and saw that his face was red. He thought it was funny. "What's wrong?" "No." Every day the mouth is hard, twist a face to look at the side, mutter, "this kind of thing is recorded to compare, really obscene." "In fact, this is the effect of Xiaoyao San." Ochre Shadow said lightly, "And the most remarkable effect of Xiaoyao San is the last one. It seems that these videos compare'chocolate 'before and after use." I think it's also "Zhiling nodded." Xiaobai Tiantian saw Bai Yutang staring at the wall of the living room in a trance, as if in a daze, and called him out. Uh Bai Yutang came to his senses and pointed to a special corner on the wall of the living room and asked, "The room in the picture.." Is it similar to this? Everyone was stunned, looked down at the picture,portable gold wash plant, looked up at the wall of the room, and said with one voice, "It's really the same!" 。