"Your majesty, now we have no other way to go, in addition to consolidate and close relations with the alliance of the three countries and the Nanyang alliance, there is the use of Japanese involved in the Tang Dynasty part of the energy, in addition, I also intend to bypass the sea secret visit to Libya countries, I believe they are now as restless as we are, if we can establish a more effective linkage mechanism, If the Tang attacked us, they would launch an offensive in the north to contain us. If the Tang attacked the Liberians, we would attack in the south. Only in this way can we relieve our respective pressure slightly, but it is not easy to establish such a mechanism based on mutual absolute trust, especially when we did not have substantive cooperation before. Lei Juetian said this with some difficulty, which is also a helpless move. It is not easy to join hands with the Libyans. The geographical distance is an insurmountable obstacle. To enable the two sides to build a practical and effective linkage mechanism can not be achieved by two talks,tin beneficiation plant, which involves the interests of all countries and the regime system. Will the Liberians launch a desperate offensive in the north to contain the Empire because of its attack on Magi Khan? Who can guarantee this? And will the Liberians believe their side's assurances? Will the Triple Alliance be able to do this in the future? It is very difficult to solve this series of complex problems. Chueh-tien, it must be quite difficult, but I think there is hope of success, after all, we have a common basis of interests,Portable gold trommel, if we are finished, then no matter which country in Libya they should know that even if the people of Libya are United, I am afraid it will be difficult to fight against the Tang Dynasty, without worries. There is no country in the eastern continent that can survive under the great military power of the Tang Dynasty. As far as the contradiction between the Liberians and the Tang Dynasty is concerned, I think we are even more likely to form an alliance with the Liberians than with the Three Kingdoms. What do you think? Said Bishri in a deep voice. Hearing what Bi Xili said, Lei Juetian stopped and thought carefully. At the beginning, he considered the difficulty of this matter. He did ignore the sense of crisis that several parties were forced to survive under the pressure of the Tang Dynasty. When a country is facing a crisis of survival, they can agree to any conditions and have a strong foreign aid. There is no doubt that it is quite tempting for them. What Your Majesty means is that we should immediately find a way to contact the Liberians and form such an alliance as possible. He hesitated for a moment, and Lei Chueh-tien also had some conation. Pretty good. I think so. Juetian, look at this. The domestic and foreign policies of the Libyans in these two countries are much more practical and mature than before. Both countries have a strong potential for war. The reason why it has been difficult to improve is that they attach too much importance to the interests of the people and neglect the decisive role of domestic economic development in the comprehensive strength of the country. This led to putting the cart before the horse. Gomez was a very good prime minister, manganese beneficiation plant ,magnetic separator machine, but he was too eager to succeed. If Gomez could digest the northern part of Jelok after swallowing it, and then take the opportunity to eradicate the Boin people who had been bringing disaster to their north, I think Carman alone would be enough to make the Tang Dynasty feel headache. "The same is true of the Sisrows, whose former rulers have always been ashamed to want to annex the northwest and the north, and the west is more dominated by nomads.". As a result, the national strength is constantly consumed in this fruitless war. If the present measures had been taken earlier, I'm afraid there would have been no rise of Li Wufeng. In these two countries have been aware of the seriousness of the problem, so they do not hesitate to compromise to develop national strength to fight against the Tang Dynasty, but everyone knows, now to take this way to fight against the Tang Dynasty has not much effect, the only way is to unite. As far as possible to maintain a stalemate, leaving the internal changes in the Tang Dynasty. Bishley's eyes were deep and dark, and he looked very dignified. Does Your Majesty think there will be any changes within the Tang Dynasty? Lei Juetian's heart moved slightly. I'm not sure yet, but if you think about it, how much energy have we spent to digest it just by annexing Anjie, Yuejing and Ronicia? Compared with us, the area annexed by the Tang Dynasty is more than ten times. Is there no centrifugal tendency in these areas? Are they all at ease to obey the rule of the Tang Dynasty and accept the assimilation of the Tang Dynasty? Is there no one or two outstanding people in all nationalities who want to make their nation independent of the Tang Dynasty and achieve his generation of fame? Li Wufeng is now overwhelming, and naturally no one dares to challenge his authority, but can we guarantee that this will be the case in the future? Li Wufeng is ambitious. But when he is a little older, he may not think so. He is a hero. Is his son a hero? Bichley's words are low, but obviously after careful consideration: "For a huge empire, especially an empire conquered by military means, the imbalance of economic development, the contradiction of ethnic and religious beliefs, the weak control of the imperial center over remote areas, and the huge differences in cultural customs and customs in different regions may lead to many problems." Maybe it can be suppressed when the military power of an empire is very strong, but once there is some kind of change, these contradictions and signs will be like weeds in the spring wasteland, which will grow crazily after a rain, and as long as they are not handled properly, they may bring disaster to the empire. I think the best way for us now is to procrastinate. Try every means to drag on, unite all allies to avoid war as far as possible, but when it is really impossible to avoid war,gold cil machine, we must go all out to make the war lasting, as far as possible to highlight the internal contradictions of the huge empire of the Tang Dynasty, perhaps only in this way can we have room for survival. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com