He spat a mouthful of blood on the ground. "Do you really want me to die?" He asked. Gong Jiuyin's face slowly shed a string of tears, yes, she wanted him to die, but he did not know, she had long been determined to die with him, two people buried together in the remote mountains, no longer suffering from lovesickness. But at this time, Long Ba's face was so sad that he obviously did not understand her pains. Why doesn't he always understand her heart? Gong Jiuyin could hardly feel her heartbeat. Her heart was dead, dead in the loneliness that she could not respond to. "You want to kill me," said Long Ba, "but thousands of people in Yingcheng are waiting for me to save them. Give me one day." Every common people in Yingcheng is more important than her, and Gong Jiuyin's heart is just bitter. Long Ba murmured, "One day later, I will commit suicide in front of you." He just thought she was going to kill him! Gong Jiuyin took a deep look at Long Ba, and his body turned into a colorful cloud and flew out. The poison of the crane top red gradually dyed Long Ba's eyes red. His red eyes were fixed on General Li's face. Slowly, he gritted his teeth and said, "I have drunk the poison. When will you go to save the people of Mancheng?" General Li couldn't hear what he was saying. Fear had knocked him down. He hissed, "Come on, help me!"! Help me! The bugle sounded hurriedly, and all the soldiers rushed out, shouting, and surrounded the dragon eight. Long Ba's eyes looked out, only a piece of blood red, his residual consciousness has been quite blurred, even Gong Jiuyin's leaving or staying can not care, but the instinct of the warrior let him freely wield his hands, only 10% of the power of the big wind and cloud palm on the blade, cold light swing away, Long Bayi palm smashed the soldier's head. Hit out with one hand and kill several people in a moment. There was a clamor among the soldiers,sodium cyanide price, who fled and did not dare to approach too close. The strong smell of blood was pungent, and Long Ba suddenly had a trace of sobriety. He realized that what he had killed was the reinforcements he had tried his best to move, and that the vitality of the people of Yingcheng was tied to it! The discovery broke him in an instant, and he reeled back, barely able to recover from the shock. He is single-handedly destroying the hope of the people of Yingcheng, that's him! Slowly he fell to his knees, tears of blood streaming from his eyes. He raised his head to the sky and hissed, "Save them!" Five thousand soldiers did not understand what Long Ba meant by "save them", but the sad expression on Long Ba's face made their hearts heavy. "Kill him!" Cried General Li! Kill him now! Raise the swords together and cut them down together. Long Ba could no longer dodge, and seemed to have been knocked down by this doomed fate. It's just that all the soldiers' hearts are filled with inexplicable sadness. ww w . xia oshu otxt.co m Chapter 24 boil the crane and burn the harp. t:xt. Small `say ". God Don The Jin army surged in, and Dugu Jian felt like a boat in the wild waves of the sea, and was submerged in an instant! There is no one around, just layers of knives, layers of swords! He used all his strength to fight desperately, but he could only protect himself. The golden soldier wave has crossed his side, tin beneficiation plant ,Portable gold trommel, instantly killed in front of the Yingcheng Gate! Suddenly, with a loud shout, the dragon jumped up, like a mountain collapse, rolling in the air, crossing layers of human waves, and landed steadily in front of the Yingcheng Gate. The sound of shouting was endless. The crazy magic wand method conjured up a thousand shadows of the wand, blocking the Jin army and guarding the gate. The Jin army was no less than twenty thousand, and the momentum of the rush was so fierce that the front, the left front, and the right front were all layers of human waves, and some people jumped high and rushed down from the sky to the city gate. With so many people working together to attack, it is impossible for one person to resist-but the dragon can't retreat. As long as the Jin army steps into Yingcheng, the city will become a Shura slaughterhouse, Huzi, Wang Laodai, these kind people will lose their stable life forever! His shout was like spring thunder, which exploded at the foot of the city gate. The dragon took advantage of this layer of roar, and the True Qi rolled up all over his body. He used the crazy magic wand method incisively and vividly. Suddenly, a group of golden waves wrapped around his body, and the angry tide surged. With his True Qi vertical and horizontal, he roared forward, and even with the strength of one person, he resisted the twenty thousand troops! Jin Jun showed a trace of disdain on his face, and no one believed that he could block it alone. But the True Qi of the Dragon seems to be inexhaustible, and the shadow of the thousand sticks he dances never stops. He is like an iron man, shaking back the attacks of the Jin army wave after wave! In the face of this warrior like an iron tower, the soldiers of the Jin Army could not help but feel a chill from the bottom of their hearts-he seemed to be the God of War, the God of War who would never be defeated! No one knows how hard it is to subdue the dragon. What he uses is the most powerful move in the magic wand of madness. With his cultivation, he can only use this move three times a day, but now he has used it more than thirty times. His energy drained so rapidly that he could feel his body as an empty shell, which thinned with each stroke of the staff. But he still wields a thousand mountains of magic chaos with the same speed and strength, because only this move can block the thousands of enemies! His mouth was dry, and he felt that the staff was getting heavier and heavier, while the sun was getting brighter and brighter overhead. It was so bright that he wanted to close his eyes and never look again. In a trance, he heard Dugu Jian shouting, "Dragon Subduing, can you hold on?" The dragon laughed and said, "Twenty thousand more people will be able to hold out just as well." His laughter was still heroic, and although his shouts were loud, they were drowned in the noisy voices in an instant. After this sentence, the dragon's consciousness was completely blurred, and he just relied on his instinct to dance the crazy wand like a windmill! Dugu Jian's heart sank, and he knew that the True Qi of Subduing the Dragon could not be continued. He hurriedly thrust out a few swords, forcing several Jin soldiers close to him away, and then jumped up. The Qiushui sword drew a sharp light in the air and flew to the city gate. "I'm going to kill you," said a dry voice. Suddenly the darkness of the sky rolled open before his eyes, and even the bright sun faded! Dugu Jian was shocked,Carbon in Pulp, and a cold breath suddenly came out and stabbed him in the face! Dugu Jian raised his sword in a hurry, and his body was rushed out by this force, barely holding his feet. ore-magnetic-mining.com