However, before he could take the microphone away, he heard the voice of the other side, "I think of you, Mo Shangyun, the one who gave Ruan Yan to us with a game." “……” Mo Shangyun did not speak. It seems that Ruan Yan's popularity is really high. With such a relationship, the attitude of the other party seemed to be much closer, and instead of testing the identity of Mo Shangyun, he answered her directly. "Captain Yan is not here and he has been a little busy recently." Mo Shangyun asked directly, "Is there any danger?" After a pause, the other party replied, "Don't worry, no." "When will you be back?" "Another day or two." The man said, "I asked him to contact you at the first time." His eyebrows moved slightly. "Thank you," said Mo Shangyun. "My name is Bu Yirong." The other party introduced himself again. Oh Mo Shangyun answered without interest. Obviously heard the coldness in her voice, Bu Yirong did not mind, gave a low laugh, and hung up the phone smoothly. Mo Shangyun also hung up the phone. Knowing that Yan Tianxing was all right, Mo Shangyun was no longer worried,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, stretched himself, and went back to the dormitory to take a bath. When she changed her clothes and came back, she saw Lang Yan sitting at her desk. Subconsciously thinking of what happened during the morning exercise, Mo Shangyun's eyelids jumped. Vice Company Mo, you're just in time. Lang Yan waved to Mo Shangyun, while the other hand was still tapping the keyboard. Look as usual. Mo Shangyun walked over calmly. After waiting for her to approach and pausing for several seconds, Lang Yan stopped tapping on the keyboard and looked up at Mo Shangyun. I have to catch up with a report and go to the regiment for a meeting in the afternoon. Can you help me with the recruit company? Lang Yan asked, his eyes sincere. Isn't there a platoon leader? Mo Shangyun raised his eyebrows. Li Liang they can,glass cream jars, however, "Lang Yan slightly, then said," since you show your skills twice, they are very much looking forward to seeing you more before the next company. Today is Sunday. There is nothing to do in the company. Can the talented and capable deputy company commander Mo help you with such a small favor? In the end, Lang Yan had a little more flattery on his face. OK Mo Shangyun shrugged his shoulders and agreed very readily. Lang Yan froze and was surprised that she was so straightforward. What do you need me to do? Mo Shang Yun asked. I looked down at my wristwatch. It was almost nine o'clock. Lang Yan thought about it, handed over today's training plan, and then explained to Mo Shangyun: "Go and watch, and educate you by the way." "Good." Mo Shangyun took the training plan, waved his hand and left. Lang Yan looked at Mo Shangyun incredibly. Sure enough. Very reliable. Chapter 281, go to the recruit company to lead the soldiers? Complete abuse! [2] At 9:10, Mo Shangyun arrived at the recruit company. The temperature of 30 degrees is very hot, but the two recruit companies are standing in military posture. When Mo Shangyun walked over, Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle ,Oil Dropper Bottle, they all stood sweating, the sweat as big as beans fell down, and their coats were basically soaked through, but there was no sign of laziness. They are all holding their breath and paying attention to their movements and looking ahead. Swept a circle, Mo Shangyun could not help but be happy. Earlier I heard that Lang Yan's soldiers were well led, but I didn't think that there was really no one who played tricks. However, she did not know that when Lang Yan left at eight o'clock, he had already informed the recruits that Mo Shangyun would come back to lead the troops. In view of the fact that they were really too curious about Mo Shangyun, even the hedgehogs, who were usually the best at making trouble, behaved themselves and dared not make the slightest mistake. Four platoons, each led by a platoon leader. Mo Shangyun came to the first platoon and shouted to the platoon leader, "Li Liang." "Here!" Li Liang immediately ran over. Mo Shangyun stood facing the sun, Li Liang ran closer, with the help of the height gap, the shadow so hung down, so Mo Shangyun inadvertently turned a direction, so that Li Liang's shadow smoothly and intimate contact with the earth. I hear you have some very good soldiers in your company? "Yes." Li Liang answered decisively. Unscrewing the cap of the mineral water bottle, Mo Shangyun took a sip of water, then walked slowly and said, "Tell me about it." Li Liang followed and began to introduce those outstanding recruits to Mo Shangyun. Mo Shangyun has not been to the recruit company, do not know how much the situation, but she also knows how high the probability of a platoon with two or three physical ability comparable to the veterans-after all, a large Ancheng Army Academy, a few top-notch freshmen, ability is just like that. What's more, it is said that two of these recruits were very good at fighting before they joined the army. One was a martial arts champion, and the other learned martial arts at an early age. In addition, there is a very powerful shooting-but compared with the legendary existence of the women's company, Gu Yinglan, there is a certain gap. Li Liang dutifully talked to Mo Shangyun, and also pointed out the location of the other side with Mo Shangyun one by one, so that Mo Shangyun could clearly match people with deeds. As for whether Mo Shangyun could remember, Li Liang said he was not worried at all. After all, Mo Shangyun is a pervert who can remember the names of all the soldiers in a short time. After turning around, Li Liang and Mo Shangyun returned to the starting point. What about the women's company? Mo Shangyun looked at the women's company not far from the next door. This Lin Qi is quite clear. Li Liangdao. Mo Shangyun shrugged his shoulders and then asked, "Do you think Tong Lianchang is interested in Lang Lianchang?" “……” A careless, Li Liang was almost choked to death by Mo Shangyun. He coughed twice and then patted his chest. What's the matter Mo Shangyun is baffling. After looking around, Li Liang approached her under pressure and then whispered, "Commander Lang has been very close to a female military doctor recently." "You know that, too?" Mo Shangyun looked at him derisively. …… Mmm. Li Liang looked up at the sky. Hooking his lips, Mo Shangyun asked, "So it's impossible for the two of them?" "If nothing else, yes." To get an accurate answer,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, Mo Shangyun nodded slightly, and then clapped his hands as if to unload the burden. Ok. You can play freely. You won't be.. Li Liang hesitated to make a sound. Uh Mo Shangyun narrowed his eyes and looked at him doubtfully. What are you up to? Li Liang asked carefully, controlling himself to remove the word'ghost 'from this sentence.