Half an hour later, the company turned three bends and seven turns, but just out of the last turn, suddenly heard a loud noise, from the top down a row, as high as twenty feet in front of the gate, blocking the way. This sudden change made Zhongyu three people, startled, hurriedly dodged and stopped, and looked up. The wooden fence was made of large rice trunks connected in parallel, nothing special, just clumsy, but in the middle of the wooden shed hung a piece of white cloth about four feet wide and eight feet long, colorful and fluttering in the wind. A pair of long and thin red ghost hands are painted on the top, and in the center is written: "If you want to cross the Yinyang Lake, you will enter the gate of death." Ten big characters, on both sides of the word is painted: one red and one black grimace, very ferocious terror, the lower end of the painting is a carp, is spraying water upward. As soon as Zhongyu and others saw it, they were much calmer, because in the strange mountains, they did not know that there were people who only saw horrible phenomena and traces. At that time, fantasy sprouted, and they were indeed a little afraid. But wait to see the real man-made objects, think of each other are people, since the evil devils cluster, with the strength of three people can sweep thousands of troops, still afraid of what? Therefore, they feel calm instead. When moving, Zhongyu gave a sneer and said, "After all,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, this scary ghost Mingtang has appeared. It's good to let these non-people and non-ghosts go to the gate of death on the way, so as not to scare people later.." Embroidering as if he had realized something, he said, "Why, is the Yinyang Lake just ahead?" Brother Yu, we have to be careful. Two months ago, I heard a rumor in Jianghu that there was a monster in Yinyang Lake. The water in the lake was highly poisonous and festered when it touched the body. And there was a.. What heaven devotes to the soul of the dead, likes to drink human blood, and has very high martial arts.. "This is really an evil door!" Surprised, Shen Fang interjected, "Why are there still people in Jianghu who are called the dead of Tianfu?" And drink human blood? Obviously, she has not seen enough and her experience is too shallow. Zhong Yu gave a cry of hatred and said,Blue Bottle Serum, "Now that this strange man has appeared here, he has come to exterminate him when he was young." With that, he leaped slightly to the front of the woodshed, clutching the white cloth and shaking. There was a hissing sound, and the piece of white cloth, with a tremor of his internal force, split into several pieces and was thrown to the ground. Followed by a slight setback step, single palm cohesion spit out, discharge a huge and incomparable strength, such as strong winds and waves, straight to the wooden shed. Strong wind in the past, smoke and dust billowing, then heard a "boom" a loud noise, that as high as twenty Zhangs of the wooden shed, it was like smashing, sawdust flying. Embroidery pattern several times Zhongyu, performed this skill, and in "Yuxian Youwan", his skill was more than ten times better. When I saw it, I couldn't believe it. He was so accomplished. He met in the Peach Blossom Spring two or three months ago, and they were still tied for victory or defeat. Now, it seems that it is difficult to defeat fifty strokes. Therefore, Amber Dropper Bottles ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, surprised and happy, with bright eyes, looked at Zhongyu, and looked at the sawdust on the ground. She was amazed at the internal force of the Yilang, which had reached a high level. Suddenly she heard Zhongyu say, "Sister Wen, Sister Fang, the climate here is extremely cold. Now she is moving the True Qi through Zhou Tian, wandering through the eight veins of the extraordinary tendons, and filling the twelve towers. We will rush forward by the way." Xiuwen and Shenfang, as soon as Zhongyu prompted, at the same time lightly, then stand on the ground, step on the Sichuan word step, two hands overlapping upward, steady mind, destroy the tune of True Qi, silent work. Moments later, at the end of the exercise, Zhongyu suddenly raised his head to the sky with a clear roar, like a dragon singing in the sky, and sent out the Xuanmen Qigong of "Nine Days Wonderful Sound" taught by the cold-faced ghost mother Wei Hanying, shaking the rocks tottering and the surrounding trees flying. Then three figures rose in the air at the same time, like meteors in the air, shooting straight ahead. The three of them leaped in a gust of wind and lightning, and the speed was really fast to the extreme. At the end, they had reached the end of the corridor, but in front of them was a small lake with black waves. As a result, Zhongyu and others stopped and looked at the famous Yinyang Lake. I saw this strange lake, covering an area of no more than four hundred acres, surrounded by broken rocks and walls, like a barrel-shaped, dark green lake water, set off not too big waves, and in the waves, there seem to be many huge reptiles, swimming and rolling. There are three floating pavilions in the lake. From this side, they are about twenty feet apart to the other side. They are like three blockhouses on the water. The pavilions seem to be hexagonal in shape made of bamboo. The other side is not small, and they are painted with red columns and green roofs. From a distance, they look like beautiful studios. From this shore to the other shore, through the hexagonal pavilion, there is a buoy in the shape of a pin on the water, which is only used for Qinggong to cross the lake and pad the feet. However, with a fist-sized buoy and pad the feet, it is obvious that Qinggong needs to be quite hot, otherwise it will not only be difficult to cross, but also may be buried in the lake. The three of them observed for a while, but they couldn't see anything terrible. For example, it was not easy to fly across the lake with their excellent martial arts. Besides, the lake water was poisonous. All three of them could fall into the water with their feet, and the sky was effortless. Besides, how could the buoy with its power make the lake water splash on their bodies? That's why they didn't take the poisonous Yinyang Lake to heart at all, especially Shen Fang. Earlier, she heard how poisonous Yinyang Lake was, and there was a dead soul of Tianfu who did a lot of evil here. She was really a little frightened, because she had never heard of it before. Yinyang Lake was surprisingly poisonous, and the dead soul of Tianfu was terrible to draw blood. Now when she saw the lake, it was just like a big pond, with three bamboo pavilions in the middle and buoys to cushion the feet. There was no need to be careful. So she chuckled and said, "Sister Wen, this must be the strange lake. I thought it was so dangerous and terrible, but it's just like this. People in Jianghu are really making a fuss. What's so terrible about it?" Said Jiao body a twist, the arrow step flies the body, will fall to the shore first buoy. Xiuwen saw that she was really reckless. She had to try five things she didn't believe. Since there were rumors in Jianghu that the poisonous name of Yinyang Lake would not be passed on by words, there must be a reason. This girl didn't know the depth of heaven and earth. After a while, Xiuwen said coldly, "We are in a dangerous place, and our safety is unpredictable. If you act so recklessly, what should we do in case of an accident?" Shen Fang hung her head in silence and did not say a word, like a magnetic Guanyin tree standing on the ground. Her shy and ashamed appearance made Zhong Yu laugh secretly. Of course,oil dropper bottle, she knew Zhong Yu was laughing at her, but in front of Xiuwen, she didn't do it well. penghuangbottle.com