Anglet withdrew the shadow of the giant, ran with the woman in black in one hand, held a new green skull in the other hand, and was talking with a solemn face. Bones, something has happened to the beholder. You'd better take care of it. The space-time whirlpool must not be sealed, or we can't all go back! "What!"! Didn't the beholder guy have Nim with him? Why can't you even get a Poseidon!? Bones' deep voice of amazement came from the skull. Then I'll go there quickly! Where are you now? Anglie smiled bitterly: "I am now in a corridor of time and space, and I need to follow a fixed time and route to crack it!"! There's no way to get there. It's up to you! He can't say that he's just cannon fodder. 461 Weirdo 2 "Oh, I forgot, you haven't recovered yet.". Then I'll go first. Damn it! The beholder promised that nothing would go wrong before he left! The bone demon's swearing voice sank slowly. Ah Another scream rang out from Anglie's telepathy. Ibrus!! You're crazy! Nope The beholder roared wildly one after another. If I kill you, I can guarantee the peace of the world of Linghu for 100,000 years! It's worth losing millions of people and my life and soul. An old voice came slowly. Anglie quickly ran forward along the nearly endless corridor. After more than ten minutes, he suddenly stopped. His palm was on the left wall, and a small door opened on the wall. Anglie did not hesitate to get in, and the place where he appeared was the corridor where he first came in. Speeding up along the corridor, Anglie did not stop at all, and in two minutes he rushed into the previous library, and the whirlpool cave behind him slowly closed. Standing in the library, Anglie sniffed, and a trace of surprise appeared on his face. Fear is growing in the air.. The smell of fear in Anglie's nose was like a thick cream fragrance,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, and it also triggered a faint sense of hunger in his body. He could smell fear before, but not nearly as much as he does now. There was silence around the whole library, and there was no movement outside the door. Anglie strode to the door and pushed it open. It was quiet outside the door, and the old white cat with two heads had disappeared. Well, what's the matter? Then the woman in black under Anglie's armpit seemed to wake up. God damn it! You put it, boom! Anglie withdrew his hand with an expressionless face and slightly lifted up the woman who had fainted again. Left and right looked around, the body instantly turned into a virtual shadow, disappeared in place. Not long after he rushed out, he stood directly in the shadow of the temple hall. Outside the hall, there was a faint roar of monsters and the screams of the crowd, Glass Cream Jars ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, the cries of children, the roars of men, and the sounds of gold and iron when weapons collided with each other. The fear in the air was getting stronger and stronger, and it was like smearing hot cream directly on the tip of Anglia's nose. What's wrong? When it first came, there was no such strong fragrance and hunger. Angley was a little confused, as if he had been particularly sensitive to this emotional atmosphere as he absorbed the message of the scorpion woman given by the woman. It seems that some body organ has been activated in the process of this kind of transmission of information. This woman's strength is not very good, but also sealed, should be what special ability! Anglie came to a vague conclusion. His eyes suddenly lit up with blue light, which was scanned by the woman God fool. Withdraw the line of sight, Anglie immediately some clear. Can continuously absorb high concentrations of negative emotions, and can also be naturally purified and strengthened! No wonder it was sealed and suppressed by the temple in the depths of the time and space corridor that isolated everything. Just now he entered the corridor of time and space, and it seemed very simple and easy to catch people out. In fact, it would take more time to replace it with creatures such as bone demons with insufficient knowledge. This is the fundamental difference between a top researcher who only knows how to use talent and a wizard. To deal with the corridor of time and space, Anglie has no less than ten ways to easily solve the problem and achieve the goal. It is estimated that the Eye Demon and Bone Demon can only be destroyed by violence, unless there are special talents and abilities. But it's impossible to be as relaxed as Anglie. In fact, purely in terms of the amount of academic knowledge and the speed of calculation, whether in the wizard world or in other worlds, it is estimated that the old dragon who likes to collect books can be compared with him, and other wizards and intelligent life can hardly be compared. At least not yet. The ability of chips to absorb a large amount of new knowledge in a very short time is extremely powerful in learning. Angri moved quietly in the shadow of the temple with the woman in black. On the ground of the whole temple, there were some white armor temple guard corpses lying in disorder. The hand of the idol was surrounded by black bats and dragons in the air. Lurking on the edge of the idol's hand, Angri leaped lightly, right on the back of a giant black bat. Inspector?! The bat spoke with a hint of surprise. What are you doing here? Anglie doesn't care about it either: "Go to the direction of the space-time vortex. I don't care about anything else. I need to go back right away!" "Yes!" The bat belongs to the bone demon legion array, and has long received instructions from the inspector, Lord Phoenix, to mobilize the Jehol troops below a legion at will. So he immediately turned around and flew to the direction of Baiyin City without hesitation. Haw! Haw! The black bats constantly send out a sound wave to spread out, which seems to communicate with the black bats around them. A group of black bats who were ready to intercept and help immediately flew back, as if they had learned about the situation here. Angri grabbed a tuft of black bristles on the back of the black bat. Flying fast into the distance. As time went on, Angelique felt more and more fear and negative emotions around him. At first it was just fear, and then tyranny, madness, sadness, pain,Serum Bottle With Dropper, and all the other emotions quickly converged on him. Specifically, he was under his arm with a woman in a coma. These negative emotions could not be seen by any other creature, but Angelique could clearly see layers of black smoke lingering around the woman and burrowing into her body.