Liao Shi should be basically satisfied with this daughter-in-law for the first time, only feeling that her temper is too soft and quiet. Such a temper is both good and bad. The advantage is to let oneself handle, and is matched with his son, not to suppress him, the disadvantage is that although he is now prosperous, but sooner or later also let her take the place of his own head of the family, afraid that when the time comes can not support the facade. I wanted to take her out for more experience, so now I heard her say no. I didn't nod. I just said, "You've been married for two months. Because of Bangda's body, I haven't taken you out before. This is just an opportunity.". Let me go and get to know all the people who are familiar with me. Every family will come and go in the future. When she first saw her mother-in-law say so, she nodded. Liao Shi immediately arranged for someone to stay to serve Guo Tai and Qing Ying Guo'er, and Chu Nian took Cui Chai with her. The Buddhist service is set up in the main hall of Huang Dahu's house. Huang Dahu had already received a message that his courtyard was going to be requisitioned. Because of this kind of thing, every time an emperor and empress Dowager died, his family would happen once, so very experienced, in the early years, they specially transformed the home into a separate small courtyard, striving to make the ladies in their own home this night to live comfortably. At this time, the whole family had already moved away and cleaned up inside and outside for fear of not being well served. The main hall has long been decorated like a Buddhist hall,D BHB Factory, with a treasure table, an incense table, a few incense sticks, a white curtain, and brilliant incense and candles. Countless wives and grandmothers in the city of Jinling also came one after another. First read accompany sitting in the side of the Liao, and the side of the people talk. Without saying a few words, the topic turned to the matter of Princess Liping getting into the carriage of the Xu family in the daytime. Mrs. Shen,L Methylfolate Factory, confident of her friendship with Mrs. Liao, leaned over and said, "What's wrong with your old lady today? I'm afraid there's something wrong with this.". After all, it's better to avoid suspicion. Liao Shi is poked in the heart disease, see this matter has spread as expected, forced smile: "Just give a ride on the way, can have what thing." Since she said so, Mrs. Shen also followed her tone. "That's true," he said. Speaking of which, there is an imperial concubine in your house now, and there will only be more favors in the future. The new queen Fang is the cousin of the new emperor. They are childhood sweethearts, and their love is needless to say. But apart from the empress, the imperial concubine of the Xu family was indeed the most powerful in the harem. When Liao saw that everyone was echoing, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Thyroid Powder Factory, he felt more comfortable and said a few words of modesty. "I heard something about Yanjing," a woman interjected, "saying that King Ping favored a lady named Song in Yanjing, and that his son was six or seven years old. In the past six or seven years, Princess Ping has only brought a prince with her in Jinling. Speaking of which, he is also a poor man. She sighed, but there was a certain amount of schadenfreude in her expression. Such rumors are no longer a secret. They were reminded of this and talked about it for a while. Mrs. Shen looked at Chu Nian, who had been silent, and asked, "Didn't she ride with you for half a day?"? But what did he say? Sometimes it's not so complicated for a person to have a good impression on another person. It's just a matter of a glance. For example, the first reading of this Princess Ping. Perhaps it was because she knew in advance how her husband would end up at the top of the empire, and it was another woman who shared the glory with him hand in hand, and she and her son had been sacrificed early for this day; or perhaps it was just because of the woman's calmness and ease that she felt a little conflicted when she heard people talking about her. When asked, he raised his eyes and said calmly, "I didn't say a word to her." She's telling the truth. But they did not believe. After a few more confirmations, Mrs. Shen said, "That's right.". It's all like this. There's no mood to speak. Chu Nian sneered in his heart and lowered his head. The women in the Buddhist temple continued the kind of party they were accustomed to. They waited for a long time for the first time, but it was not over yet. Finally, they could not hold back. They whispered to Liao, "Niang, I feel a little uncomfortable. I want to go back earlier." Liao Shi was in high spirits when she took a look at her and saw that her face was really not good. She was a little unhappy. She thought that she was so young that she was sick after a day's ride, but she had to ask Mrs. Shen, who came out with her, to send her with her. The road is not far, and there are guards at all the entrances. Borrowing the white lanterns hanging high all the way, the courtyard where the women lived could already be seen. When Mrs. Shen saw that she was about to arrive, she was concerned that there was no one on the side of her master to serve her. After a few words of advice, she stopped and returned. Chu Nian and Cui Chai walked a few more steps, and when the flower wall separating the inner and outer courtyards was in front of them, suddenly there was a burst of crickets on the side, and several times in succession. Cui-chai hesitated for a moment, then peeked at her for the first time. Seeing that she was unaware of it, she suddenly covered her lower abdomen and frowned, saying, "Second Daughter-in-law, I seem to have eaten something bad.". I'm not used to the clean bucket at the end of the room. I saw a room over there before. I'll go back. Would you like to go in first? The first thought did not doubt it, took the lantern in her hand. Cuichai lowered her head and covered her stomach. Chu Nian watched her back disappear in a hurry and looked up at the full moon that had climbed to the top of the tree on the east wall. Tonight, the moon is beautiful and the wind is clear. I don't know how many times more comfortable it is than before in that Buddhist temple. He took a few deep breaths and was about to go inside when suddenly there was a rustling sound in the bushes overhead. Looking up, he suddenly saw a dark figure hanging upside down from a branch with a golden hook, swinging like a swing in front of him. Chu Nian was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat on his back. His heart was pounding wildly, and he almost didn't jump out of his throat. He suddenly stepped back and raised the lantern in his hand. When he saw that it was a half-grown teenager, he was now hanging upside down on his legs in a tree, with a weed in his mouth. When he was giggling at himself,Sex Enhancement Powder, he suppressed the anger that rose from his heart after being frightened, and scolded: "Who are you from?"? Why are you so naughty? Where is your adult? The boy didn't seem to have expected her to fall out. He stopped laughing and somersaulted down from the tree. He stood still and spat out the grass in his mouth. Then he said, "Are you scared?" 。