"Depend on-Yang Taiyi sees really accurately!" I want a daughter. When can I have a daughter? Yin Zhen looked at his daughter-in-law dumbfounding: "You can't let Yang Taiyi cheat us, can you?" "It's all right. I don't believe I can't have a daughter if I have a chance to have another child in the future." Su Wanchun is to compare this true son, say what also want to give birth to a daughter! "The doctor said that you had to recuperate for two or three years before you could regenerate." "That's all right. It'll give me a break." "I think so." Mammy Ann and Mammy Chun came in with the baby in their arms. Su Wanchun was helped to sit up by Yin Zhen. "Oh, my God, these two children don't look so much alike." "It doesn't look like it's just right, so we can recognize it." Yin Zhen can be really afraid to look exactly the same, when the two mischievous people shirk each other how to do? "Yes, too." Su Wanchun reached out and picked up her son, and when she saw the two children sleeping so soundly, it really didn't matter what they had suffered. Hong Hui walked in from the outside like a little adult: "My mother!" "Hong Hui, come up quickly and see if your brothers look like monkeys." Su Wan said unscrupulously. Hong Hui climbed into bed, stared at his brothers for a while, and shook his head: "Not like a monkey." "Ha ha ha-" Yin Zhen and Su Wanchun smiled. Mammy Ann and Mammy Chun sighed, "It's enough for a child to stand on such parents!"! Su Wanchun's confinement was quite good, the room was not so hot, nor was it so uncomfortable. Therefore, Su Wanchun thinks that he is very powerful, the time to give birth to a child is quite right! Dafujin came over when she washed three. She looked at the two little elder brothers in the bed and said enviously, "I don't know if my first child is elder brother?" "Yes." Su Wanchun said with certainty. You only know how to comfort me. If so, I'll give you a big gift. Dafujin is about to be three months old, and you can immediately see whether it's a man or a woman. That's good. I got the advantage. The more Dafujin looked at the little elder brother, the more he liked it. He reached out and hugged him for a while. He reluctantly put it down again: "It looks so good. Wan Chun,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, you really know how to give birth." “……” Su Wanchun. Sanfujin has completely broken up with Su Wanchun, sent Mammy to send a gift, and did not come over. The same is true of the Crown Princess, who has now come together with Sanfujin and can be said to be holding together. In the words of Wu Fujin, that is, when sinister people get together, honest people can bear it. In the twinkling of an eye to the Chinese New Year, Hong Hui two years old, at the same time Su Wanchun also out of the month. Kangxi gave the second son of Yinzhen and Su Wanchun the name Hongyun, and the second son's name was Hongshi, which was exactly the same as in history. What Su Wanchun despises most is Qianlong. If she hopes to have another son in the future, don't call him Hongli! Kangxi in the full moon when holding two little grandson, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, or like very much, he can not say why, is like Yin Zhen's children! Out of the month, Su Wanchun's figure recovered well, and when she saw the Crown Princess coming, she chatted with them with a smile on her face. Today, the Empress Dowager and Kangxi are both here, and the Crown Princess and Sanfujin are naturally not sour with Su Wanchun. The child of Dafujin was repeatedly confirmed by Yang Taiyi that she was indeed pregnant with the elder brother! Therefore, Dafujin gave Su Wanchun a big gift. Crown Princess has not been pregnant again, she also gave up the birth of a legitimate son, single-minded education of Hong, is also no different from their own birth. Then three months later came the election! Chapter 334 eloquence. Guo Luo Luo Ruoning went to the palace to participate in the general election, because she was covered by a concubine, she was the most overbearing among all the beautiful girls. However, people will disguise, in front of Yifei like a little sheep. Yin spares no effort to encourage Yin and his cousin together, not to come to a kiss. That day, Su Wanchun took Honghui's hand and took two young sons who were just 100 days old into the palace. The flowers in the imperial garden are blooming. The imperial concubine and the queen mother are holding Hong Yun and Hong Shi to bask in the sun, while Hong Hui is playing with Hong Yun. The concubines came over unexpectedly and saluted the Empress Dowager and the Concubine De respectively: "The concubines pay their respects to the Empress Dowager and the Concubine De." It's rare for you to come out today. Sit down and talk. "The Empress Dowager is very sympathetic to the concubines. I don't blame the woman in front of me for what happened at the beginning. I blame the man for his uprising!"! Su Wanchun saluted the good concubine and sat aside. The concubine sat down and came straight to the point and said, "Empress Dowager, I have something to do with you today." "Go ahead." Just when Hong has been laughing at the queen mother, the queen mother is in a particularly good mood. The good concubine brewed for a while, but chose to come straight to the point: "Empress Dowager, Empress Yi has always wanted Yin to marry Guo Luo and Luo Ruoning, but Yin really doesn't like her at all. The concubine also told Concubine Yi about this. Concubine Yi was very unhappy, and her words were all about her dissatisfaction." "It is reasonable to say that Guo Luo Luo's status is indeed very high, and it is not a loss for Yin to marry her." Said the queen mother. But Guo Luo Luo Ruoning's temper, Yin really does not like. Good concubines also understand this truth, but marriage is a lifetime thing, two people can not live like enemies, right? The Empress Dowager sighed and handed the Hongshi in her bosom to Su Wanchun. Then she said to the good concubine, "Why did you go out of the palace to look for the Ai family today? The Ai family knows in their hearts that the Ai family will let the emperor consider this matter, and they will never let Yin suffer." "The concubines thanked the Empress Dowager for her grace." The concubine was relieved at this time. Su Wanchun looked at the cautious appearance of the good concubine, knowing that she had made a great determination, otherwise she would never come to find the queen mother. Niang, give you a flower. Hong Hui held the flower and handed it to Su Wanchun. Su Wanchun took the flower and put it on her head. "How is it? Is your mother beautiful?" "My mother is the most beautiful!" Hong Hui's mouth is really sweet. The Empress Dowager pursed her lips and said, "The smelly boy is getting better and better at talking. He has coaxed you so much that you can hardly find the north." "Hee hee,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, Huang Mafa is coming!" Hong Hui saw Kangxi with sharp eyes and rushed over. Slow down and don't fall. De Fei exhorted. Hong Hui obediently slowed down his pace, and when he ran to Kangxi, he stumbled and saluted: "Pay your respects to Huang Mafa." 。 pioneer-biotech.com