'No Wonder the person who gets a key has a chance. ' Le Qianmo said to himself, 'But where did they get here?' She came out of the five rooms without any gain, because nothing in them was what she wanted. She went to the crack where the pig-like animal was stuck, took out her knife and slowly cut it along the lines of the crack. There were a few more inches in the crack, and the small animals inside crawled out, humming and rubbing kindly around Le Qianmo's trouser legs. She looked at the knife in her hand, the blade had been rolled up, and there were many cuts in the place where the blade was cut. She threw the knife aside. 'My stuff is broken for you little thing.' The small pig-shaped beast gave a hum, and then went into a cave on one side of the stone pedal in the room. After a while, it held a long box in its mouth and put it at the foot of Le Qianmo, and then hummed. Le Qian Mo opened the box, which contained a pair of dark steel knives. Le Qianmo left Mangshan Mountain and returned to Xijingli. As soon as she led the black horse into the city gate, a red-faced strong man blocked her way. The strong man folded his fists and said, "Dare you ask if you are Miss Yan'er?"? My name is Boerhu, and I am the attendant of the Iron Childe. "Oh?" Le Qianmo looked at the man in surprise,fake ficus tree, then pulled the black horse to a place where there was no one by the wall and said to Boer, "Why are you here?" "Miss Yan'er, I've come to the West Capital to check on the situation in the city." Bor answered suddenly. Are you going to move here? Le Qian Mo asked. Miss Yan'er really has a single eye! Boer suddenly said, "All these things depend on the meaning of the Iron Childe." "Oh," Le Qianmo thought and asked, "where is the Iron Childe now?" "He's still on the prairie,fake ficus tree, and I'm afraid he can't meet Miss Yan'er." Boer suddenly said, "Miss Yan'er has something that I can help you convey." "When are you going back?" Le Qian Mo asked. I guess tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! Boerhu said. "Oh," Le Qianmo looked at him and said, "maybe we can get together." "Does Miss Yan'er intend to visit the Iron Childe?" Bor asked suddenly. No, a friend of mine's caravan is going to Chita. It will leave from here tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Le Qianmo explained, "Are you alone?" "Chita!"! It's very close to the Iron Childe. Boer suddenly smiled and said, "There are several brothers who came to Xijing City together. They are now having a drink in the restaurant. I was waiting for someone at the gate of the city just now. I didn't expect to meet Miss Yan'er." "Are your brothers going with you?" Le Qian Mo asked. No, they will leave the city of Xijing after drinking. Bor suddenly answered. Can you do me a favor? Le Qianmo looked at Boer and asked, "Do you know the treasure of Langshan Mountain?" "邙山 ? Is Miss Yan'er talking about the key treasure? Boer suddenly looked at Le Qianmo in surprise. Yes Le Qian Mo nodded his head. You found the treasure? "What's in it?" Asked Bor. "You and your brothers hire some carts and pull all those things to the Iron Childe." Le Qianmo said calmly. OK Bor nodded suddenly. Watching the procession of chariots and horses gradually go away, Le Qianmo and Boer suddenly returned to the West Capital together. In the'Mirma Restaurant 'in the city, I saw Jing Zhaolun and several escorts waiting. Are you back? Is Langshan interesting? Jing Zhaolun asked with concern. Not bad Le Qianmo nodded and pointed to Boerhu and said to Jing Zhaolun, large ficus tree ,faux grass wall, "This is my new friend. Without his help, maybe I can't come down from the mountain." "Thank you, brother!" Jing Zhaolun folded his fists and saluted Boerhu and said, "How dare you ask your name?" "My name is Boerhu, and I am a hunter of Mangshan Mountain." Boer suddenly said, "I've always wanted to see it outside, and it's my good fortune to meet Miss Yan'er." "Great!" Jing Zhaolun guided Le Qianmo and Boer to a private room. Quan Zhi sat in the private room with Hou Yong and several other escorts, drinking wine with each other. When he saw Le Qian Mo coming in, he stood up and bowed. Le Qianmo smiled back and said, "I'm late and let Mr. Quan wait for a long time." It's all right. "All know to say politely," Miss Yan'er this trip to Langshan, can you have a harvest? " "Yes!" As he spoke, Le Qianmo introduced Boer to several people sitting in the private room. Everyone sat around the wine table in the private room, and the waiter in the restaurant served a lot of food and wine. From a small box beside him, he took out a few jade bottles and put them on the table. "I'm not used to drinking the wine of Xijing City, and I always feel that there is a taste of cattle and sheep.". If any of you don't like it, you can eat the wine I brought with me. "What kind of wine is Mr. Quan's?" Le Qian Mo asked. Yellow rice wine brewed in my hometown. Quan said with a smile, "I didn't intend to share it with you, but Miss Yan'er arrived, you can't be so stingy!" "Mr. Quan laughed. I don't like wine very much. I appreciate your kindness. I'm afraid all of you here will have to help eat these good wines." Le Qian Mo said. Hmm? "If I had known Miss Yan'er didn't drink, I wouldn't have made a fool of myself." Knowing the expression of heartache on his face, he held the mouth of the flagon tightly in his hand and said, "Miscalculated!" Jing Zhaolun went to Chita's Escort Team. There were more than a dozen carts in the Escort Team, and there were still many boxes on the carts. Le Qianmo no longer cared what was in those boxes, but she kept thinking about it in her heart. Boerhu's arrival made her feel that Temujin's conquest was gradually increasing, and if she could not make use of his relationship, she was afraid that there would be no chance to fight for territory. All the way to the north of the Escort Team is very dull, because of the joining of Boerhu, the Escort Team of Jingzhaolun has entered the territory of Mongolian grassland instead, and the journey of the Escorts Team is more smooth. A month later, the escort team arrived safely at Chita Mansion. At the gate of Chita City, Le Qianmo, riding on a black horse, saw Temujin dressed in a scholar's brocade clothes, waiting for her arrival on a white horse. Le Qian Mo urged the horse to go over,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, "Iron Childe, I didn't expect you to be here?" "Yan'er can come to my grassland, no matter what is more important than your arrival." Temujin said with a smile. hacartificialtree.com