Her heart suddenly ached! "Wait." The pain in his heart made Yin Xiamo call him. ~ Novel Txt, Tang Chapter 14 (2) Luo Xi did not seem to hear, got up and walked to the door, even the corner of the eye did not look at her. Yin Cheng faintly heard some noise, came out of the kitchen, see Luo Xi to. Go, stunned in surprise. Hold on Yin Xiamo took his hand, raised his face, bit his lips tightly, and for the first time let himself show a pleading look in front of him. Okay, she's giving up. No. Want to struggle and resist, do not want to stab him like a hedgehog, but also stab herself, she lost to him. Her hands were cold. And his hands are cold. Quietly. She clenched him. His fingers trembled, and he slowly turned and looked down at her. She smiled at him. There was a faint hint of forgiveness in his smile. Xiao Cheng, bring the beer. She said softly to Yin Cheng at the kitchen door. After a while, Yin Cheng brought over two cans of beer. She loosened Luoxi and hooked her finger on the beer pull ring. Some foam came out, and she threw back her head and drank the wine in one breath. Sister.. Yin Cheng said uneasily. He knew that his sister was not a good drinker, and every time she finished drinking, she would have a stomachache late at night. She opened another can. He raised his head and drank it. Bring some more. Yin Xiamo calmly said to Yin Cheng, Yin Cheng looked at his sister's expression, hesitated for a moment,faux ficus tree, and had to take two cans from the refrigerator, this time with alcohol. The brand with the lowest concentration. What are you doing?! Luoxi held her hand in amazement and stopped her from drinking. She smiled faintly, tried to break away from his hand, and whispered, "The ones that hurt you." Then let me drink them all as wine, shall I? If she can't bear to hurt him any more, if she can't bear to hurt him every time, she will suffer doubly. So,large palm trees for sale, that's it. Things in the future Love she can not predict, perhaps the heart will bleed, perhaps a mistake, or even destroy her hell. But from this moment on, she would never hurt him again, unless he betrayed her. Yin Cheng silently walked into the kitchen again and left the living room space for them again. Wine makes Yin Xia foam fundus a little more charming, her cheeks faint blush, looking at Luo Xi, "forgive me, okay?" Voice gently, like a Sigh. Luoxi did not speak. He gazed at her with a moist mist in his eyes for a long time, and whispered: Is it really that hard? Like me Is it really so hard to like me without being vigilant and defensive? Isn't it People like me and you, used to be If you have been hurt and abandoned by the world, you will never be able to trust and accept love. “……” Her pupils were as confused as amber glass. …… I also want to be happy. Want to be able to completely rely on.. Want to love and be loved without reservation.. But I'm afraid.. Luoxi Do you understand.. I'm afraid.. There is nothing in this world that is completely trustworthy except oneself. When you start to lean and lose your legs The ability to stand, when the person you lean on leaves, falls to the ground.. "I understand." Luoxi took a deep breath, silk ficus tree ,artificial banyan trees, how could he not understand, so he preferred to pretend to be excellent and gentle, but refused to be approached by anyone. He crouched down and used the fiber. The long fingers gently touched her cheek and cupped her face. "But let's try it once." “…… Why www/xiaoshuotxt.co m Chapter 14 (3) "Because I like you." There is a touch of bitterness in his beautiful smile. "Maybe you don't believe it, but I like you. I have been away for five years." Never forgot you. You are like a poppy. You can hurt me, hurt me, even make me die, but I can't leave you. Away from your pain, unexpectedly But it's more unbearable than being hurt by you. It's the same feeling. Yin Xia Mo blankly thought, he is the poppy, ah, clearly know that it is dangerous, but can not be far away from him, but again and again by his temptation, as in. In the whirlpool, he was pulled to him involuntarily. He kissed her on the lips. She was slightly stunned. Look at him quietly. He was as beautiful as if he didn't exist. There was a starry mist in his eyes. His lips were cool. He kissed her tenderly. Gentle lingering, from her lips, penetrated her. Blood and veins, bit by bit, imprinted on her heart. With a low sigh. Quietly hugging his back, she kissed him back, thin and lingering, kissing his slightly cool lips, as if she wanted to warm herself, which was not warm. Warm him. The night seeped through the curtains. The herbal tea has cooled down. In the kitchen, Yin Cheng looked at the soup stewed slowly on the gas stove, thick soup, fragrant overflowing, rolling with tiny bubbles. I can't hear anything in the living room. He was stunned, then smiled again, as long as she felt happy. By the sea in the morning. The golden sunshine shines on the blue sea, sparkling waves, bright and dazzling, waves of waves, delicate golden beaches. Azure In the sky, on the vast sea, the little mermaid swims happily in the sea. She has long hair like seaweed, beautiful eyes like sea water, and beautiful golden fish. Tail. The golden sunshine on the sea. The figure of the Little Mermaid is like a picture and a dream. The sun shines over the sea. The little mermaid's smile is happy and beautiful. ok!” Director Chen shouted to the loudspeaker with satisfaction, and with a wave of his hand, all the lights and cameramen stopped working. In the sea, Yin Xiamo also slowly swam back to the shore. As soon as she went ashore, Jane, who was waiting there, immediately draped her with a large bath towel. In the early morning of autumn, the cold sea breeze blows in the face, although there is Bath towel, all wet Yin Xia Mo still hit a heavy shiver. Ou Chen in the distance saw the eyes. He stood far away on the beach, leaning back against the sports car, holding a crystal wine glass in his hand,outdoor palm trees, his figure was a little lonely, and the transparent brandy scattered faintly in the glass. With the smell of alcohol, the green lace on the right wrist was blown up by the sea breeze. hacartificialtree.com