The two golden swords hit each other in midair in an instant. As if two peerless swordsmen fought again and again, Luo Feng and the man in yellow had manipulated the golden sword to the point of being superb. The golden sword was already fast in the air, with only two golden silk threads that were difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. The two golden silk threads were constantly stretched and spread all over the air. Fight again and again. Very tragic. This scene caused the group of immortal gods who watched live on the screen to tremble completely, which was the performance of the eighth "Golden Sword Chopping the Void" when it reached its peak. There was no golden sword at all, only a golden thread. This thread is also caused by the cutting space. Luofeng, yellow clothes people are'domain master level nine 'strength, so just make space leave sword marks, if they are the master of the world, the power of mind is thousands of times stronger in quality. Use the Golden Sword to cut the void, which is absolutely the same as cutting tofu. This is also a very small number of world masters can have the ability, but Luo Feng has this ability in the ninth rank of the domain master. Ha ha, it's ferocious and perfect. "Not bad." After fighting for dozens of rounds in a row, Luo Feng finally burst out laughing after finding out all his opponent's abilities. At the same time, the amplitude of his mind increased sharply from OO to R/>. "Whew!" A golden silk thread was faster, passing through the body of the man in yellow in an instant,interactive panels for education, so fast that the man in yellow had no time to dodge. The body of the man in yellow clothes was instantly decomposed into hundreds of pieces like tofu blocks, and in an instant it was cut into pieces of meat by the sharp sword gas contained in the Golden Sword, and the core of life was pierced.. The twelfth floor! Through! "The thirteenth floor!" Luo Feng took a deep breath, with a trace of desire and a trace of madness in his eyes. (Hand-typed Chinese website 724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-typed novel m) "Rumbling ~ ~ ~" The bridge deck, which had already come to an end,smart board whiteboard, continued to extend out of the planet. The tenth, eleventh and twelfth layers are fighting in the core, magma layer and surface of a planet respectively. The so-called three layers of a checkpoint. 13th floor.. The bridge deck of the overpass leads directly to the star in the sky, and it is obvious that the battlefield has moved to the star. A star? Luo Feng smiled along the endless bridge deck and the fiery star leading to the overpass, and quickly flew along the overpass and began to rush to the thirteenth floor. On the central island of the plane space of the bridge. Eighty-six immortal gods watched Luofeng on the screen fight with his opponent for dozens of rounds and then kill his opponent, almost all of them. The twelfth floor, the twelfth floor of the overpass! This Luofeng is still a very disadvantageous controller specially selected. Did he succeed? Long jade king heart shock, she is really shocked, Luo Feng this progress has been fast to the point of incredible, completely out of her understanding. Difficult, difficult. Long jade king looked at the screen Luo Feng continued to March toward the thirteenth floor, 75 smart board ,interactive digital whiteboard, eyes can not help but full of shock, "he also rushed to the thirteenth floor?" At this moment, not only Longyu King, but also all the immortal gods present, including Luofeng's teacher, Zhenyan King, were shocked. Zhenyan King also murmured to himself: "Luofeng usually consults me in front of me. I feel that he can barely get through the twelfth floor.". But it looks like. It's not too hard for him to get through the twelfth floor. Can he get through the thirteenth floor? Not likely. It's, it's not likely. "Impossible." "How is that possible?" A group of immortal gods could not believe that Luofeng would continue to break through the thirteenth floor, but no one dared to guarantee 100%, because Luofeng had broken through the eighth floor to the twelfth floor in a row before, even five floors, that kind of calm, natural, are fighting dozens of rounds and then a hit to kill. () This calm confidence completely infected them and made them uncertain. Whether Luo Feng can break into the thirteenth floor. But intellectually, everyone thinks it's impossible! …… There is a big checkpoint on every three floors of the overpass. Obviously, the first layer is a big difficulty, which is very difficult to break through, and the degree of difficulty is also great. Luo Feng broke through the overpass this time. Many immortal gods believe that Luo Feng has even passed the first floor. You should know that the first level of the'Primitive Secret Land Members' is only the first level, and most of those old people have been practicing for tens of thousands of years. How long is Luofeng? That's sick! Break through the first floor also just, don't Luo Feng also want to cross a big checkpoint, break through the first floor? The Skybridge spans the sky and connects directly from a planet to a star. Luo Fengxun flew to the surface of the star. Choose your opponent, the warrior, the master, or the illusionist. Choose one and defeat him to pass the thirteenth level. A deep rumbling sound came from the whole star. The one in control. Luo Feng held his breath. On the thirteenth floor, I'm not sure. Understand o 8 kinds of essence to be able to be comparable to the ability of the 12th floor of the overpass. Now I only understand o kinds of space essence. In terms of space law perception, it is actually the ability of the 11th floor of the overpass. Depending on the amplitude of the mind, the opponent is on the twelfth floor. And the opponent on the thirteenth floor. The strength is really against the sky. Can you still win? "Spare it, try your best, and look at my achievements in the past 90 years in Chaotic City." Luo Feng stared ahead. Boom! The blazing flame on the surface of the star suddenly burst into a flame, which was suspended directly above the bridge and then condensed into a man in a mask of fiery red armor, with a fiery red armor, a fiery red head, a dark golden stick on his back and a dark cloud shuttle on his feet. A pair of golden eyes looked at Luo Feng. The domain master actually came to break through the first floor of the overpass, which has not been passed for a long time. The man of the Flaming Armor looked at Luo Feng with a loud voice. Then I'm here to break the record. Luo Feng smiled. The second level is much,65 inch smart board, much harder, little guy. I hope you can hold on. Flame Armor Man smiled, "I believe you have guessed that I will use the last of the nine layers of Yan Shenbing- 'Immortal can also be the enemy'." Luo Feng's pupils shrank. Unexpectedly This guy can actually use the most powerful move of Yan Shenbing.