Compared with the big girl, the big girl would rather sit there in a daze and doze off every day. The little girl is diligent and eager to learn. In such a long time, your little daughter still has to study. Your little daughter has a clear mind. In her case, she can really read a good book. My child, you are forced to read according to it, and in the end, you will get a diploma. Chapter 155 of the main text is a bomb. Patient's words, let Qiao Dongliang Leng, then lost in thought. For a long time, Qiao Dongliang looked at Qiao Nan and asked, "Nannan, can you really understand these things?" "7788." Qiaonan, who was already immersed in the translation work, did not lift her head. She read the whole article carefully, and after trying to figure out the meaning for eight or nine minutes, she typed the draft several times in her mind, organized the language roughly, and finally put it down to translate into Chinese. Because of Qiaonan's seriousness, all of a sudden, Qiao Dongliang stopped chatting with his fellow patients and kept quiet silently. For a while, the whole ward heard the sound of Qiaonan turning over the paper from time to time, as well as the sound of writing when the tip of the pen fell on the paper. When Qiaonan wrote a full piece of paper, it was already two hours later. Qiao Dongliang and fellow patients are also strange, so staring at Qiaonan,temperature check kiosk, who do not feel bored. Watching Qiaonan turn the tadpole characters they didn't know into familiar Chinese characters, the two big men were amazed, especially the patients, whose eyes were full of freshness. It was not until Qiaonan stopped writing that Qiao Dongliang asked in a daze: "Nannan, are you helping people translate?"? Translate foreign characters into Chinese characters? "Mmm." Qiaonan twisted her neck. She was too attentive before. For two hours, she kept the same posture and became stiff. Qiaonan immediately stood up, twisted his neck, shook his hands, kicked his feet,digital signage screen, and turned around. Last life, Qiaonan is because of the importance of this point, so the body has been fairly good, and not too many occupational diseases. Nannan, can you really do it? Qiao Dongliang gasped and felt something was wrong: "Nannan, do you know the situation of the Zhai family?"? Although our family owes money to the Zhai family, you are still a child. Don't worry. Dad will pay it back. It's not that Dad doesn't believe you, but it's too hard. At least we can't help more and more, right? Translator, in the eyes of Qiao Dongliang and his fellow patients, is such a lofty job. At least Qiao Dongliang had never thought in his life that he could produce a translator at home. As the patient said, this job is not a high school student, even college students, not everyone can do it. Qiao Dongliang is very worried, with the identity of the Zhai family, it is estimated that the Zhai family out of things, are very important, face detection android ,interactive kiosk price, in case the little daughter did not do well, what can be done to delay things? Think of the content he just translated, Qiaonan heart is also a little hesitant, these contents, Zhai eldest brother to her really rest assured ah! Qiaonan pulled the corners of her mouth and said reluctantly, "Dad, you don't have to worry. Brother Zhai's English level is also very high.". When I finish translating, Brother Zhai must read it again. Whether it passes or not, Brother Zhai has the final say. It won't be a big problem. "That's good." Qiao Dongliang breathed a sigh of relief and was really appeased by Qiaonan. Qiao Dongliang is at ease, Qiao Nan is not at ease, especially not at ease with the information he brought and the content he translated. This is not just an ordinary translation. She's holding a time bomb. Fortunately, she is only NOBADY, not SOMEBADY, otherwise, with these things in her hands, she would have been stared at one hundred and eighty times. Brother Zhai, this is challenging the limit of her heartbeat! Had it not been for the suspicion of Qiao Dongliang and his fellow patients, Qiaonan would have wanted to put the two English and Chinese contents in his arms and hide them. Even if Qiaonan is two generations of people, but she is timid, is an ordinary citizen, has not seen the big scene, guilty ah. The more he thought about it, the more nervous Qiaonan was, wishing he could go home immediately and return everything to Zhai Sheng. Some things, she can help, some things, she can not answer ah, is this an ordinary translation? As her father said, if she made a mistake in translation and messed things up, when the time came, she would not only be sorry for Brother Zhai, but also ruin the reputation of the Zhai family. She would become a sinner of the country. Why are you? Where is your sister? Ding Jiayi, who just came from work in a hurry, saw that it was not Qiao Ziqi but Qiao Nan, and her tone was a little bad. Yesterday, Qiao Dongliang clearly told Ding Jiayi that if Ding Jiayi wanted Qiao Ziqi to rest early, she would come early and change shifts with Qiao Ziqi. Ding Jiayi was also afraid that Qiao Ziqi would take care of Qiao Dongliang too hard and too boring. As soon as she got off work, she rushed to the hospital without returning home and changed shifts with Qiao Ziqi. Without saying a word, Qiaonan silently collected all the information and did not let her mother see anything: "My sister and I take turns to take care of my father one day at a time." "That's more like it." Ding Jiayi nodded with satisfaction: "Since you are here, I will go home to take a bath and have a meal first, and I will take your place later." Now the person who takes care of Qiao Dongliang is Qiaonan. Ding Jiayi is not in a hurry at all. She also wants to go home to wash and take a nap. When she has enough energy, she will come to Qiaonan at about nine or ten o'clock. You've come, don't go back, Nannan, you go back. Qiao Dongliang saw through Ding Jiayi's careful thoughts at a glance and shouted Ding Jiayi directly. In the past, Qiao Dongliang turned a blind eye to this kind of thing, but now, no! "What are you doing? After a day's work, I'm all sweaty and my clothes smell.". Don't you mind if I take care of you like this? "I don't mind." Qiao Dongliang answered stiffly, "Nannan, you go back. It's rare for your mother to come back early. Then you go back early. Don't wait until it's dark. It's not safe to go back like that." "All right, Dad, I'll go back first." Qiaonan is anxious to burn the buttocks, Qiao Dongliang a word is equal to the release of Qiaonan. Without saying a word,information kiosk price, Qiaonan held all the information firmly in her arms, and after greeting the adults in the ward, she ran as fast as a rabbit.