Exile, in fact, the dead is a very common thing. Half of them died on the road, and in the other half, most of them could not stand the rules and training of the army. There are so many exiles every year that three or four out of ten of them can survive. Such a simple and casual thing, but Ye Cheng just did not die, that can only go another way. Want to let him reasonably die in the camp, Cui Yang did not find any chance, but if die in the mountains, there are many ways to go unnoticed. Mountain patrol is not a good job. In the barracks, although the daily training is a little strict and the rules are a little more, at least in the fixed camp, hot water and hot meals are available. But in the mountains can be different, each sentry left ten people, eat and drink are their own solution, but also go out to patrol the mountains. The winter of Tiger Roaring Pass is particularly long, not afraid of wild bears, snakes and insects, but the weather of Tiger Roaring Pass, burning charcoal stoves in the house,face recognition identification kiosk, are inevitably shivering with cold, let alone in the wild. If change a person, the day falls suddenly this difference, must cry out hapless. But Ye Cheng is fine. Although he adapted well to life in the army, he was inevitably a little stuffy when he stayed in the same place every day, and it was good to change the map. To his surprise, he met Ji Fangze in the mountains. Ji Fangze did not know that Ye Cheng had come here. He had come out to collect herbs. Huxiao Mountain is located in the north of Xinjiang, but it is rich in products,thermal imaging camera, and mountain people usually come to collect herbs, hunt, or cut firewood. But in this weather, the breath is like ice, and people who go into the mountains are much less common. Ji Fangze carried the medicine basket on his back and walked all the way, a little tired. He found a flat stone to sit on and put the empty medicine basket aside. It was not the first time he had gone to Huxiao Mountain to collect herbs, but it was the first time he had met such an unfortunate situation. After walking for half an afternoon, he found nothing. Not to mention Gastrodia elata and ginseng, I didn't even see a piece of Bupleurum. He was sitting and resting when suddenly a shadow came over him. Ji Fangze, startled, suddenly got up and took two steps back, looking up at the past. On the tree he had just leaned against, a man was hanging upside down from a branch with his legs, his hair shaking and his eyes full of smiles: "Robbery." Ji Fangze's eyes were suddenly stained with brilliance, smart interactive whiteboard ,outdoor digital signage displays, and he tried to suppress the upturned corners of his mouth: "No money." Ye Cheng jumped down from the tree and circled around Ji Fangze: "If you have no money, give me something else." Ji Fangze showed him the empty basket: "There is nothing, and the medicine has not been collected." Ji Fangze was only a little surprised at the beginning that he had not collected the medicine, but he was not disappointed. But now that he saw Ye Cheng, he suddenly felt that not collecting the medicine had become a great grievance. Ye Cheng was slightly surprised: "So miserable." He knew that this was already the interior of the mountain. Ji Fangze walked all the way, but he didn't pick anything? "But there are rules in every line." Ye Cheng is very sincere, "I can't let you go so easily because of your pity.". How can we do business in the future? He quite naturally adapted to the role of the king of the mountain. Ye Cheng circled around Ji Fangze twice and said, "I think the little master is as beautiful as flowers and jade. He looks better than Pan An.". As it happens, my family has a big business and numerous brothers, and there is still a lack of a lady to press the village. According to Ye Cheng's idea, at this time Ji Fangze should speak righteously and struggle to resist. But what Ji Fangze and Ye Cheng take apparently is not a script, he nods very calmly: "Then go." "But I have to work first." Although the little master did not resist, but Ye Cheng had not reached the point of forgetting the public, he touched his nose, "Little master, stand here and don't move, wait for me to patrol the mountain, and then tie you back to get married." Chapter 56 The little master did not stand in place and wait as Ye Cheng told him, but staggered a few steps and followed Ye Cheng not far or near, probably because he was afraid that the hard-won "King of the Mountain" would run away. Ye Cheng noticed that Ji Fangze was behind him and did not look back, but slowed down a little. The two men, one behind the other, walked in the mountains with one foot deep and one foot shallow. Ye Cheng, after all, is an outsider who has not yet established deep feelings with several people who live with him. So every time he came out to patrol the mountains, he was alone. Patrol in the mountains, although the conditions are more difficult, but the degree of freedom is also large. There are two patrols in the morning and two in the afternoon. As long as you finish and hand over to another sentry, there are no more restrictions. Usually at this time, everyone is willing to go back to the house early, because it is too cold outside. When he met Ji Fangze, Ye Cheng was almost finished with today's work, so he soon reached the range of another sentry, and then walked back side by side with Ji Fangze. There is not much crisis in the mountain forest in winter, but it is very cold. Ji Fangze is usually very white, looking at today, but particularly a little less blood. Ye Cheng's heart moved slightly and touched his hand, which turned out to be cold. Ye Cheng immediately the whole person is not good: "What are you looking for? Write a list to me. Anyway, I am wandering in the mountains every day. By the way, I will find it for you and take it back when the time comes.". You go back early and don't go up the mountain again these two days. It's really cold on this mountain, and the heavy snow before is still leaving traces in the mountains. Ye Cheng himself lives in the mountains and has a deep understanding of the cold wind in the mountains. He has a plug-in bonus, and when he patrols the mountains, he occasionally feels a little frozen. Not to mention Ji Fangze, who doesn't look very healthy. But Ji Fangze shook his head. "Didn't you say you were going to take me back to the mountains to be the lady of the village?" Ye Cheng changed his expression, and his tone was full of helplessness forced by life: "To tell the truth, in fact,touch screen kiosk, this mountain is not mine.". I am a little boy under the king. I have eaten the last meal without the next meal. I really can't afford to support another person. Just go down the hill and go home. Ji Fangze hid his smile in the bottom of his heart, but his eyelashes drooped slightly on his face. He looked resigned: "But my family is conservative. Since you robbed me, I am your man.". It doesn't matter if you are poor. I can collect herbs to support you. Ye Cheng carried Ji Fangze's empty basket and poured it down. Nothing came out. He laughed at his boyfriend very straight: "Do you support me with this?" 。 hsdtouch.com