The "Xueshu Courtyard" was empty, and the "Qingyuan Courtyard" was empty. His third brother missed every possibility with his cousin. In the sunshine, the lake was rippling, and Lu Xian's eyes seemed to be sad, staring at the beautiful girl smiling under the bridge. Everything is different, and everything seems beautiful. The third brother firmly expressed his willingness to appear in this "Flower God Selection", and his cousin Luo was also in Jianye, and was confident to participate in the competition. And because Lu Xianyin always pays attention to his dream, he has already found out that Zhou Yangling, a girl from Zhou, has also come to Jianye. But unlike in the dream, in reality, Chen Wang Liu Qi, as if. Lost Miss Zhou? It's really hard to understand: how can you not pick up someone? Below Luo Lingyu disappointed: "Second cousin?"? What happened to you? Do you refuse to give me the quota like your third cousin? "Ah, no, I can give you," Lu Xian hurriedly way, just hesitate, "cousin, you really want to run? Why don't you wait until next year? There are a lot of outstanding girls this year, and the odds are too small. You are not very familiar with Jianye Lang Jun and the girls,temperature screening kiosk, so why not wait for one more year? When you're more confident? Sincerely, he said, "Cousin, you will be elected as the Flower God.". But this year, I'm afraid.. There is Zhou Yangling this year. Although the dream and reality seem to be completely different, Lu Xian has not yet figured out whether the dream and reality have any relationship, but at least the dream in some places, can give Lu Xian hints. For example,smart whiteboard price, Lu Xian knows the works prepared by Zhou Yangling and Luo Lingyu in the "Flower God Selection". In the dream, Luo Lingyu chose the dance of "E running to the moon", and it is the same in reality. Then Miss Zhou wants to be the same. Although Lu Xian is closer to Luo Lingyu in his heart, he must admit that at least in the "Flower God Election", Cousin Luo is not as good as the girl Zhou. If she had run in the same year as that girl Zhou, her cousin Luo would have lost miserably. Because of that girl, she won, not only talent, but also mind, integrity. Ancient celebrities, love is like this. This kind of thing is not on Luo Lingyu. Lu Xian advised, "Cousin, will you compete again next year?" Next year, the day Lily will be cold. Luo Lingyu disagreed: "No." Cousin, it's just for fun. Are you afraid that I will lose? It doesn't matter if I lose. I don't care. Cousin will vote for me at that time. She did not believe that she would lose to Chen Xiu and Princess Liu Tang of Pingning. Apart from these two women, touch screen digital signage ,digital whiteboard price, Luo Lingyu felt that no one could threaten her, and she believed in her own means. She was determined to become a "flower God" and let celebrities paint for themselves, on the "ladies" of celebrities. It's Xunmei Jushi Lu Yun. Maybe you'll be surprised and paint for her. She breathed a sigh of relief and wanted Lu Sanlang to look up to herself. She wanted him to know that she was much better than he thought. He's the one who can't afford it, not her. It was impossible for Lu Xian to persuade Luo Lingyu, and finally he was persuaded by the sharp-tongued Luo Lingyu to help her canvass for her husband. As soon as Lu Erlang thought about it, he naturally pulled Liu Mu, the king of Hengyang, into his goal. Liu Mu originally did not intend to get involved in their "flower God election" anything, who would have thought that Lu Erlang was sick and ran to his house every day to tell him how good cousin Luo was. Behind his back, Liu Mu scolded, "Is Lu Erlang crazy?"? He liked his cousin Luo so much that he begged to marry himself. Why did he always chase Gu? Mr. Kong is so wise that he is equally puzzled. "Flower God Selection" lasts for five days, and the music and dance are on the third day. After breakfast at home, Luo Lingyu took Lian Qiniang to the "Hualin Garden" in a long eaves car. Hualin Garden was originally a royal garden, but in order to "choose the flower God", the royal family specially lent the place to these famous men and girls. It was the first time that Luo Yun's wife had gone out with her sister since she came to Jianye. Sitting on the oxcart, snuggling up to his sister, Luo Yunyi lifted the curtain of the cart and looked at the scenery outside curiously, secretly alert himself to be careful not to cause trouble to his sister. As it was still very early, there were no pedestrians on either side of the street when their oxcart came out of Wuyi Lane. Luo Yunyu could not help but lift the curtain to look outside, and Luo Lingyu followed her with great interest and occasionally glanced at her. Suddenly, Luo Lingyu saw her sister staring in one direction for a long time, and the big eyes on her little face were full of entanglements. Luo Lingyu went over and looked along her sister's line of sight. She saw a thin man kneeling on the ground on the bank of the Qinhuai River, not moving for a long time. Luo Yun bit his finger and said, "What a pity." I want to save people. But I'm afraid of causing trouble for my sister. Luo Lingyu's eyes lit up: Look at Lang Jun's clothes and the temperament revealed by his back. It must be the husband of the family! In the heart a move, Luo Lingyu hurriedly: "Stop the car, go to see that Lang Jun..." Luo Yunyi stared in surprise and turned his head to see his sister busily ordering him to stop and let someone go to the Qinhuai River to save Lang Jun. Rescuing the car, Luo Lingyu looked down and saw that the other side had long eyelashes like black, red lips and white skin, temperament like orchid and bamboo, and was a handsome young man with a beautiful face. She was even more relieved. Lang Jun of a famous family has always been outstanding in appearance and temperament, and this Lang looks like this. It must be a rich and powerful family. Luo's daughter's dream of marrying into a famous family never woke up. Girl, does this husband seem to have fainted from heatstroke? Lingyu, the maid, hesitated and opened the window lattice to look at the sun outside. "The sun has just come out, isn't it hot?"? Can you suffer from heatstroke? Luo Lingyu didn't care about that. She just stared at the handsome young man who was taken to the car by them. "Don't worry about that. Give him some water quickly.". Lang Jun must have suffered. Luo Yunyi: "… …" The oxcart continued to move leisurely, and after a long time, the man who had been saved by them woke up leisurely. Her eyelashes trembled gently, like a swift waking up. When he opened his eyes, he saw that his eyes were clear and bright. The young man was so weak that he leaned against the wall of the car and sat up with difficulty. His long hair was scattered on his face, but it was beautiful. He looked like this, and all the people who were used to seeing beauty, including Luo Lingyu, were stunned for a while. Young Lang Jun sat up and smiled at them sheepishly: "Thank you for your kindness …" I've been weak since I was a child, and I'm not polite. The beautiful young man sat against the wall of the car, and the light outside was shining on him through the curtain, and the spots were flowing like water. When he spoke, the young man lowered his head slightly,digital signage kiosk, his voice was low and soft, his eyes were flowing, and there was a kind of beauty between male and female.