"Dead girl, little whore!"! She thought she was the master of her own house? Climb on my head to shit, bully people home! Think I'm a soft touch, don't you? I'm not Chinsy! Let her pinch! If I don't give her a strong one now, what should I do if she is pregnant later? Will we still have a way to live? "Now it is so strong that even the way to make money by planting trees in the garden will be cut off for me!" Mei Xiang's words surprised Zhu Er: "What's the matter?"? Is Aunt Qing really so cruel? No one has ever dared to interfere in this matter! She doesn't even know that? "Yes!"! Who doesn't know this is my beginning and end?! Who dares not give me this face! Grandpa also turned a blind eye to see, she is good, come up to shovel the root of human life! If I don't kill her, it's okay! Tell her to be proud and see how she can talk to people after she has really become a householder who only holds a nest but does not lay eggs! Mei Xiang was so thirsty that she picked up the tea and drank it. Then she remembered something and called Zhu Er, "Yes, you go and run again and ask Qi Mo to speak." The fifth chapter green plum tends to put in the cold. The fifth chapter green plum tends to put in the cold. Sitting on the edge of the Kang, Qi Zi listened to Qi Mo's words. She raised her eyes and asked carefully, "Did she really tell you that?" Qi Mo nodded and said, "Aunt Mei said so much that her eyes were shining. She said that as soon as she mentioned the big milk, Zi Gui's face changed. She must have been afraid. What else did she say? When the tiger returned to the mountain, how could the monkey not abdicate?" Chess posture is silent, silently in the heart, Qi Mo waited for a moment, can not help but urge: "In the end how?"? Auntie, make up your mind! The chess posture is still silent, at this time pomegranate elder brother son climbs from the Kang to the side, the mouth babbles: "Niang, Niang!" " Small hand fat whir ground, stretch to come over to pull the clothes corner of chess posture. The chess posture hears him to call, the heart flower all opens out, hurriedly hugs in the hand, kisses the fat face, teases. Auntie, don't worry about playing. Will you write to Big Milk and ask her to come over? Qi Mo saw that he seemed to have the intention of shirking, so he urged him to ask again. You are also silly. Can you really listen to Mei Xiang's words? She was so angry with Zi Gui that she asked me to carry the jar for her? Besides, what was the situation when we came out of Qingxi County? Big milk doesn't hate me! Now is good, I also go to recruit her to come over, is not to make trouble for oneself? Moreover, the uncle knew that I called, from now on I will not have a good life, also do not want to get a good look, when the time comes, what about my brother's future?! The chess posture was forced to be unable, so he had to tell the whole story. Qi Mo Wen Yan, slowly sat down, after a meeting or nodded. Chess posture knew that his words were reasonable and moved the other side, then continued to say: "Now we two sisters in general, I have something to hide from you.". Zi Gui, I think it's all right, but Mei Xiang is not a good man. If it weren't for my luck, temperature scanning kiosks , I'm afraid there wouldn't be a pomegranate today. Qi Mo was frightened and asked why. Qi Zi sighed and said, "At that time, my uncle doted on me. He always came to my yard several times a month. The plum was fragrant. But, as you know, there were her people in the kitchen. She had a bad heart and asked someone to drug my food so that I couldn't conceive a baby.". God had eyes. That day I had abdominal pain. I ordered the little girl in the room to go to the kitchen to ask for fennel soup. She happened to see Mrs. Han put something in the dish. When she saw it, she came back and told me to know. I was careful. From then on, I didn't eat the food cooked in the big kitchen. I specially asked people to open a small kitchen in the back and get it for myself. But half a year later, I was pregnant with my brother. ” Qi Mo shook her head and said, "Aunt Mei is too cruel!" Chess posture nods: "Can be to say?"? I asked for a pulse afterwards, and the doctor said after seeing it that it was good to take good care of yourself in time, otherwise I'm afraid I won't be able to live all my life! "Why didn't you tell me you knew?" Said Qi Mo? "Aunt Mei is too sinister!" Qi Zi sighed, "I was busy trying to hold my uncle. I thought I knew it anyway. When she saw that I had set up my own kitchen, she must have had a pretty good idea. In that case, why should I make trouble and embarrass everyone?"? As you know, with her own face, she won't be driven away by her uncle anyway. There are many people in her family, and they are all local people. I'm alone, and I only have a pair of eyes. How can I beat her? Later, when she was pregnant, she was even less able to guard against her. How dare she provoke her? Qi Mo looked sympathetically at Qi Zi and said, "I didn't expect my aunt to suffer so much. It's hard for you. It's not easy for this brother to come!" Chess posture nods, sad way: "You say very much.". Now that Mei Xiang and Zi Gui are against each other, why should I help her? Let's just look at it in the dark. If one side is in power, we'll go to the water and let him die on the other side. Just pour one, count one! Qi Mo nods: "This one action is clever, sit on a hill to watch a tiger fight, do not hurt oneself, can see good play steadily again!" "That's right," he said with a slight smile. "Don't you have to live like that in this garden?" In the courtyard of Zi Gui, Chang Xinzheng replied to Zi Gui, "Auntie Qing, hurry up and pack up. Let's go. We're waiting at the gate of the sedan chair." Zi Gui said with a smile, "I'm a footless cat who can't stand on the stage. I can't see the big scene. You can ask the uncle to find someone else to accompany me. I'd better not go.". Besides, there's a lot going on in the garden, and soon the women will be talking back and forth. Don't you see I'm getting ready to look at the lunch menu? Chang Xin gave a cry and said with a smile, "I know Auntie has a lot of things to do, but my uncle said that taking a concubine is a big event in the capital today. He also said that he doesn't need anyone else except Auntie Qing.". Auntie, tell me, how can this be called a slave? Auntie just thought it was because she felt sorry for the slave's legs and feet, so she didn't have to run once or twice, so she followed the words and dressed up quickly. Then she called to the cuckoo, "Hurry up and pack up the things my aunt wants to use, and you'll be bright. Go!" When the cuckoo heard that she could go out for a stroll, she was itching in her heart. She couldn't help peeking at Zi Gui. When Zi Gui saw it, she knew that Chang Xin was right. She was softhearted and had no choice but to answer, "Little dog, you can talk!"! I'm just going. You have to remember this one! Chang Xin Le Dao: That's right! I, Changxin, have accepted the love of Aunt Qing today! Keep it in the future! The cuckoo, excited, went straight into the inner room and opened the box to look for clothes for Zi Gui. hsdtouch.com