Li Longji nodded and watched Gao Lishi turn to the layman, with an unusual meaning in his eyes. Young as he was, he was far more mature than a young man of his age, and he had begun to seize every opportunity to attract available people. By the Yishui River, the fish float on the sparkling water suddenly sank. Yang Fan's wrist was lifted in a hurry, and a silvery fat fish jumped out of the water. Yang Fan quickly put the fish in front of him, picked up the hook and put it into the fish basket. Then he got on a fish worm and threw the silk thread into the river. He said calmly, "Now that everything is ready, let's do it!" Ren Wei stood behind him and said respectfully, "Yes!"! In the suzerain's opinion, who should be the first to launch an attack? Carrying a fishing rod in his hand, Yang Fan replied indifferently, "Wu Chengsi's mind is cunning. He won't bite the hook easily. Let's call the prince first." "Yes!" Yang Fan looked back and said, "The people on the prince's side have been almost killed by the emperor. The remaining people are very hidden. Even we can hardly know who else is loyal to the prince. Take this opportunity to keep an eye on those who come out, and then follow the clues to see who are usually in close contact with them. Keep an eye on them together.". These people, who are friends today, may not be our enemies tomorrow! "As you wish!" Ren Wei made a long bow and turned to leave! The next morning, as soon as Empress Wu Zetian sent troops to Liaodong to suppress the rebellion, she asked Yao Chong, the assistant minister of the Ministry of War, about the progress of the deployment. Then a little eunuch came forward to report to her: "Your Majesty, Ji Luzhong, the imperial censor, wants to see you!" The official position of the imperial censors was not high, and they were not qualified to accompany the court. However, they were imperial censors,Silver Travertine Slabs, and if they wanted to impeach anyone, they could go to court at any time. Therefore, as soon as the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty heard that there was an imperial censor who wanted to see them, they immediately understood that this was to impeach the minister. There was some commotion in the civil and military classes. Wu Zetian was a little surprised. "Tell him to come in," she ordered. Ji Luzhong was over sixty years old, and he was already an old minister. Although there were as many officials as cattle and horses in the capital, few of the ministers in the court could recognize him, Ji Luzhong had been in Yushitai all his life, and Yushitai supervised the officials,Agate Slabs Countertops, so there was no official who had been in this Yamen for a long time who did not know the dignitaries in the court. Ji Luzhong's official voice was incorruptible, and he was highly respected by the government and the public. In the past, he was impeached, but there was not a single thing that was based on hearsay and without evidence. Moreover, this man never attached himself to the powerful, and only worked for the court. Even Wu Zetian respected this loyal old minister very much. In a moment, the decree was passed down, and Ji Luzhong strode up to the temple. As soon as all the civil and military officials saw Ji Luzhong holding court clothes, official hats, and wearing a cloth robe, they were all in a daze. Wu Zetian narrowed her presbyopic eyes and saw Ji Luzhong's appearance clearly. She felt a little strange in her heart: "What is Lao Ji going to do?"? Do you want to retire and return home? Without looking on, Ji Luzhong walked up to the main hall and bowed to Wu Zetian. Wu Zetian couldn't help laughing and asked, "Ji Qing, you don't wear court clothes. Why did you come to the hall like this?" Ji Luzhong said, "The old minister is going to the temple today to impeach Jing Zhaoyin Lai Junchen."! The old minister knew that Lai Junchen had always been trusted by His Majesty and had great power in the court. If he could not sue Lai Junchen today, the old minister would be killed by him in the future. So, bareheaded, white impeachment, White Marble Mosaic ,Calacatta Nano Glass, if not against him, the old minister is willing to resign immediately and return home, Lin Quan died of old age, from now on no longer participate in the government! As soon as Wu Zetian heard this, she was displeased and scolded, "Ji Qing's words are too shapeless!"! It is the right given by the imperial court that the imperial censor supervises the officials, hears the news, holds the national criminal constitution and regulations, and rectifies the court. No matter whether there is solid evidence or not, who can blame you? Has Lai Junchen ever been so domineering. You can speak out boldly, and I will decide everything for you! "Thank you, Your Majesty," said Ji Luzhong in a loud voice! Your majesty, I impeach to handsome minister, is Wan Guojun, Huang Jingrong and other cruel officials slaughter exiles, forced against the frontier wasteland behind the scenes! I impeach him again with ferocious for obeying the law, to follow the inspection, harm people's hearts, exposed bone bleeding, many, the voice of injustice, full in the sea. The minister three impeached to handsome minister, was demoted to the same state period, pressure colleagues, forced his wife, for their own, shameless, the people's resentment boiling! The four ministers impeached Lai Junchen. When he was a judge in Tongzhou, he accepted bribes from the rich gentry and sentenced the plaintiff to the grain of the official treasury. He should be beheaded according to the crime. I impeach, piece by piece, or witness, or material evidence, is not a false accusation, but also ask your majesty to investigate! Ji Luzhong's words were loud, and the whole room was in an uproar. Unexpectedly, someone dared to impeach Lai Junchen, which undoubtedly poked the prosperity of the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty, but. Tell Lai Junchen? No one was optimistic about Ji Luzhong, and some officials who had a good impression on him looked at him with compassion on their faces, as if they had seen the tragic future of the old Ji. Wu Zetian always knew that Ji Luzhong was honest and prudent, and would not impeach officials easily. Once she impeached officials, she must have solid evidence. The members of Yushitai brought about unjust imprisonment in southern Xinjiang in order to make the imperial court pay attention to their role again. Wu Zetian knew this very well long ago. Lai Junchen was fond of married women. She also heard Goro and Rokuro laughing in the harem. If you think about it, I'm afraid all the charges Ji Luzhong impeached are true. Wu Zetian now has few pawns to use, really do not want to take this obedient watchdog operation, for a time can not help but hesitate, I do not know whether to take the case. If not, Ji Luzhong even put on the posture of retiring and returning home, so obvious to protect, don't have the virtue of a good man, let the officials laugh at their own injustice. If the next, if Ji Luzhong on the spot to produce real evidence, then to Junchen governance is not governance? As soon as Lai Junchen heard that someone had impeached him, he had to go bareheaded and stand in the front of the class according to the rules. He hung his head and listened. He gnashed his teeth in the bottom of his heart and secretly planned how to return the favor. When Wu Chengsi saw that the empress looked hesitant, his heart was dark, and he lost his composure. He had planned to let others take the lead first and wait and see before deciding his own advance and retreat,white marble slabs, but now he was eager to find out his aunt's attitude toward the heir, but he could not care about that. He immediately gave a wink to Zhang Jiafu, a member of the Fengge family.